How To Get OkCupid Free Trial [Step by Step]

Are you ready to discover OkCupid’s dating world for free? Learn how to create a free profile and connect with possible mates! Are you eager to start dating online using OkCupid? Discover how to join the platform and begin networking now!
How To Get OkCupid Free Trial
How To Get OkCupid Free Trial [Step by Step]
Learn how to access OkCupid's free edition, which allows you to create your profile, view matches, and engage with potential dates without paying a monthly fee. Interested in testing OkCupid's paid features? Continue reading to learn how to get even more benefits and make the most of your dating experience!
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Dating apps have been trending among people, and success stories are heard every day. Do you want to experience the online dating world with OkCupid? If you want to know about OkCupid but are ready to spend, here’s what you should know

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You can create an OkCupid account, curate your profile, and find your potential match without paying a dime. With this article, let’s dive into the accessible version of the dating world!

How to Get a OkCupid Trial [Step by Step]

OkCupid is available as a website and application to its users. You can choose between using the free version (with limited features) or upgrading to Premium with this platform. Here’s how to get OkCupid for free!

Step 1: Website or Application

Open your web browser and visit the OkCupid Website. You can find the OkCupid application on your PlayStore or Apple Store.

Step 2: Signing Up

Click the “Sign Up” option on this platform’s Home Page. You can use your email ID or Facebook account to do this. Follow the screen prompts and enter details when asked to create your profile on OkCupid. 

Step 3: Forming your Profile

You can fill out the necessary information, such as your name and contact details. You can also build your profile by entering hobbies, interests, a bio, etc. 

You can upload a profile picture to increase matching potential. 

Step 4: Explore

You have your free account ready to use and find matches! Browse through other OkCupid users, search for people, and message people that interest you. 

You can upgrade to OkCupid Premium in later stages to access additional features. 

What Is OkCupid’s Trial Offer?

OkCupid does not have a traditional trial offer. You can use the OkCupid website or application to build your profile and access limited features. Here is a list of features included in OkCupid’s free version. 

  • Building a profile and adding a profile picture. 
  • Uploading Pictures
  • Liking profiles and getting likes
  • Answer initial ‘get to know you’ questions and get potential matches based on the same 
  • Search through recommendations
  • In-app messaging

Can You Get OkCupid for Free?

Typically, yes. OkCupid is free for all users to sign up. You can create and set your profile for your potential matches. You can send and receive intros and a limited number of profiles daily. However, here’s what you miss!

  • All available match introductions
  • Unlimited like-sending opportunity
  • No advertisements
  • To view who liked your profile
  • Answering profile questions from other users
  • Profile boosts
  • Viewing more than one intro at one time

How Much Can You Save if You Don’t Subscribe to OkCupid for a Year

Let’s discuss OkCupid’s subscription plan to understand how much you can save. OkCupid has two subscription models. 


  • This plan includes all premium options except Weekly free Superlikes and viewing all question answers. 
  • The basic plan costs $44.99 per month. However, the three-month plan costs $23.33 per month, and the six-month plan costs $14.99. 


  • You can get unlimited likes, deal breakers, intros, no-ad policy, weekly free super likes, and everything else available on the platform with Premium. 
  • This plan costs $54.99 for one month, $28.33 per month for a three-month plan and $22.49 for a six-month plan. 

Now, if you do not avail OkCupid’s subscription for one year, you save between $179.88 and $269.88 per year. This amount can be significant for many and can be used for other purposes like investment, savings, healthcare, etc. 

How To Get a Quick Loan to Subscribe to OkCupid?

Although taking a quick loan may seem like a go-to option, you should not risk your financial portfolio for a daring platform. Here’s why!

  • Quick loans have high-interest rates, and you may have to pay back more than the original subscription cost of OkCupid. 
  • You can maximize your OkCupid dating experience by making the most of the free version without spending money. The free account features, like profile settings and basic search filters, provide the required experience. 
  • You can borrow money from a friend or relative to pay OkCupid’s subscription fee. However, make sure to borrow only if you can repay the loan. 
  • Use the Everdraft features from Beem and draw up to $1000 without credit debts or interest!


Responsible financing is the key to winning in life. Dating platforms like OkCupid have free and paid models. You can benefit from such features and use any free or trial version platform for experience. T

ry Beem! This platform has an Everdraft feature. You can withdraw from $5 to $1000 without income restrictions, due dates, and credit checks. Users have to pay zero interest and can rely on Beem for emergencies. Check out this platform today and experience financial freedom!

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