How to Get Paramount+ Free Trial

Take advantage of Paramount Plus’s free trial to explore the worlds of “Star Trek,” “Yellowstone,” and more. Follow the steps to begin your trial and explore a large selection of content, including TV shows, movies, and Nickelodeon favorites.
How to Get Paramount+ Free Trial
How to Get Paramount+ Free Trial
Try Paramount Plus for free to explore its many offers and access a wealth of entertainment. With professional advice, learn how to start your trial, choose the best plan, and explore a world of engaging material.
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Are you intrigued by watching this fascinating “Star Trek” universe, this pleasing “Yellowstone” world, or any episode of the Nickelodeon favorites? Paramount Plus is a one-stop point to cater to all of the above, and you can enjoy this at a small price for a noble package. Though you will have to put in some money to get the basic subscription plan tier, the Freeway is the thing for watching Paramount Plus. 

Do you want to know everything about Paramount+’s free trial? Read this article to make the most of what Paramount+ offers clients. Moreover, as this article elaborates, you can do almost everything independently.

How to Get Paramount+ Trial [Step by Step]

Starting your free trial of Paramount+ couldn’t be easier. To begin, please follow these steps:

Visit the Paramount Plus Website

The first step in signing up for Paramount Plus is to visit their official website.

Click “Start Free Trial”

Look for the “Start Free Trial” button, which should be located on the webpage.

Select Your Plan

You can choose between the bare “Essentials” plan and the premium version, which includes Showtime and has no advertising.

Sign Up

In the “Sign Up” form, enter your name, email address, and password.

Submit Payment Details

Submit your payment details to begin the free trial. You can be confident that no charges will be applied until the trial ends.

Get Streaming

After you create an account and activate your trial, you can explore Paramount Plus’s extensive catalog of material.

What is a Paramount+ Trial Offer?

With the trial offer, new customers can try out all the features and content on the streaming platform Paramount+ for a short time, usually 7 days. During the trial, members can enjoy a great selection of movies, TV series, unique content, and live TV without paying a dime. It allows people to try out the platform’s features and see if they suit their entertainment needs and if you are kindle lover then explore about kindle unlimited Free Trial

Can You Get Paramount+ for Free?

Yes, there are several ways to get free access to Paramount+:

7-Day Free Trial

New customers can try a 7-day full-access plan for free. They can opt for the most basic Essentials plan or the premium version, including Showtime. First, go to the Paramount Plus website, sign up for an account, and, finally, choose the free trial offer.

Paramount Plus Essentials Subscription

As a member incentive, Walmart Plus subscribers (who get groceries delivered by the retail behemoth) can enjoy a gratis subscription. For the best savings, watch for sales on Walmart Plus memberships.

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Showtime Channel Subscribers

The subscribers to Showtime’s premium channels through some TV providers (e.g., Spectrum, Direct TV, or Hulu with Live TV) may be eligible for free access to Paramount Plus’s premium, ad-free version. Verify your subscription and get free access to Paramount Plus by logging in with your TV provider credentials.

Paramount Plus Free Episode Library

Browse popular series’ free episodes on Paramount Plus, including “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” and “Billions.” Paramount Plus Watch Free is the official website for watching all this without a membership.

How Much Can You Save if You Subscribe to Paramount+ for a Year?

Anyone thinking about a subscription for the long haul should compare the costs of a yearly plan with those of a monthly one. There are a variety of affordable plans offered from Paramount Plus, with annual members saving a ton of money:

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Monthly Subscription

The “Essentials” package, which is the most basic, costs $5.99 per month. A premium plan, which removes commercials and includes Showtime, costs more. The cumulative cost of a year’s worth of subscriptions can be substantial.

Annual Subscription

By choosing an annual subscription, users can save much more money than paying monthly. The basic plan’s $59.99 yearly price tag results in substantial yearly savings.

How to Get a Quick Loan to Subscribe to Paramount+ 

Getting a fast loan can be a practical alternative when you need Paramount+ immediately but don’t have the money. To get a loan quickly for a Paramount+ membership, follow these steps:

Research Lending Options

Some banks, credit unions, or online marketplaces have speedy approval times. Research reliable lenders that offer reasonable interest rates and good conditions.

Verify Eligibility

Be sure you meet all the criteria for getting a loan, which includes checking your employment status, income stability, and credit score. Before applying for a loan, ensure you can fulfill all the requirements.

Send Your Loan Application

Send your loan application with all necessary paperwork, including identity, income verification, and bank statements. If you want your loan approved faster, explain why you need it, like subscribing to Paramount Plus.

Review Loan Terms

Before you sign any loan paperwork, read and understand the fine print, including the repayment periods, interest rates, and fees. Ensure you know all the costs and responsibilities associated with borrowing money.

Receive Loan Approval

After the green light turns on, the money will be sent to the specified bank account. Then, you can subscribe to Paramount Plus and enjoy all the premium features.

Pay Back Your Loans Responsibly

Pay back your loans promptly to keep your credit score high and prevent financial difficulties. Fulfill your loan commitments by making timely payments using the agreed-upon timetable.


If you want to examine a considerable content collection on Paramount+ but are afraid of ceding your money, check out the free sampling options below. In this instance, you have a variety of methods to access it for zero cost, including trial offers and alternative routes. Paramount+ has something for everybody who loves movies or TV shows, whether this is based on vintage TV shows like “Star Trek” or new productions. 

Problems may arise, though, when trying to understand subscription plans and associated costs. The role of Beem Expert Assistance is to fill that void. Optimizing your streaming experience, helping you choose the right subscription, and discovering affordable options that fit your needs are all areas of expertise for our experts. Beem makes it easy to access Paramount+ and opens you to a world of entertainment options.

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