How to Save Money on Coffee

That pumpkin spice latte surely makes your day but also strains your wallet. If you are a coffee lover and looking for some tips to save money, this blog will help you. Read on to explore many ways to cut down your coffee expenses.
How to Save Money on Coffee
How to Save Money on Coffee
Look for promos and cashback offers before placing your order. Many coffee roasters and retailers offer online discounts or subscription pricing to retain customers.
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Hey, coffee lovers! You surely know that feeling – the blissful morning jolt or the cozy pick-me-up on a rainy afternoon. However, those daily café visits can cost you a lot over time. We are here with a guide that will serve as your secret recipe for brewing amazing coffee at home, without burning a hole in your pocket. This blog will discuss budget-friendly hacks and tricks to turn you into a coffee connoisseur, all on a shoestring budget. So grab your favorite coffee mug and get ready to discover the wonderful world of economical caffeine experience.

Best 20 Ways to Save Money on Coffee  

Brew coffee at home

This one’s obvious but life-changing if you’re used to hitting Starbucks every morning. Invest in a decent drip machine, some quality beans, and you’ll be brewing barista-level cups from the comfort of your kitchen. No more $6 lattes!

Buy coffee beans in bulk

Scout out deals on larger bags of your favorite whole-bean coffee. Grocery stores often have solid bulk pricing, or you can sign up for an online subscription service to get those big bags delivered regularly at a discount.

Use a reusable filter

Ditch those wasteful paper filters and grab a reusable mesh one instead. It’s better for the environment and your bank account—those paper filters really add up over time!

Limit speciality coffees

As much as you may love a good pumpkin spice latte, those specialty drinks are a budget killer. Stick to basic brews like drip coffee or Americanos to save money.  

Use a thermos for on-the-go

For all you on-the-go coffee drinkers, get yourself an insulated thermos bottle. Brew a few cups at home then you’re set with affordable, fresh coffee all day instead of overpaying for crappy gas station sludge.

Buy store-brand beans

Believe it or not, lots of store-brand coffee is solid these days and usually cheaper than big-name beans. Give it a try, you might be surprised!

Reduce coffee waste

How often do you brew a whole pot only to pour half of it down the drain? Such a waste! Pay attention to how many cups you actually drink each morning and only brew what you’ll realistically consume. No more coffee down the drain means no more money down the drain.

Avoid single-use pods

As tempting as those single-serve pod coffee makers are, they’re an unnecessary expense (not to mention mega-wasteful). Stick to a standard drip brew setup – it’s cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Sign up for loyalty programs

If you’ve got a favorite local coffee shop that you just can’t quit, at least get their free rewards membership. Those things often score you discounted or free drinks just for being a loyal customer.

Look for coffee deals online

Before hitting ‘add to cart’ on your usual coffee order, see if you can score a promo code or cashback rebate online. Many coffee roasters and retailers offer online discounts or subscription pricing to keep customers coming back.

Reuse coffee grounds

Don’t just trash those spent grounds from your morning brew. You can repurpose them in various ways, like as a natural fertilizer, odor absorber, or even exfoliating body scrub. Cutting waste is equal to cutting costs!

Invest in a good coffee maker

While a high-end drip machine is pricier upfront, it’ll pay for itself over time. Look for solid, worthy features like programmable settings and thermal carafes.

Learn to make your favorite drinks at home

Missing your overpriced Starbucks order? Get the gear to recreate it at home for way less – a milk frother, some syrups, maybe a little practice, and bam! Homemade lattes and caps for a fraction of the cost.

Reduce the amount of coffee per cup

If you are likely a heavy-handed caffeine addict out there using about a quarter cup of grounds per cup of coffee, you can scale back a bit without losing flavor. Tweaking your grounds-to-water ratio can save you a ton.

Share bulk purchases with friends

Peep an insane Costco deal on an industrial-sized bag of beans? Go halfsies with some fellow coffee-loving homies, so none of that good stuff goes stale before you can drink it.

Use cashback apps for coffee purchases

If you’re not using cashback apps like Ibotta and Rakuten for your coffee runs and bean stock-ups, get on that! They’ll rebate you a percentage of your spending, which adds over time.

Drink less coffee

Scaling back your daily coffee consumption even a little can equal huge yearly savings. To cut costs, mix in some tea, matcha, yerba mate, or other tasty caffeine alternatives.

Skip add-ons like syrups and creams

All those syrups, whipped creams, and dairy creamers cost at least an extra buck or two per drink. To save money, stick to milk or half-and-half, or skip them altogether.  

Make your own coffee syrups

If you need to have your vanilla latte or caramel macchiato fix, make the syrups at home! You can find easy recipes online, and they’ll cost you pennies compared to Starbucks’ sugar bombs.

Use milk alternatives at home

Ditch the habit of ordering pricey oats or almond milk at the cafe. Get yourself a few cartons of the shelf-stable stuff, and you’ll have affordable milk alternatives for iced coffees, lattes, and more.


We have spilled all the secrets to help you live your best budget-friendly coffee life. From simple tips like brewing at home and buying in bulk to more creative tricks like reusing grounds and making your syrups, there are many ways to keep that coffee money from pouring down the drain. Sure, you may have to skip the sugar bomb Frappuccino occasionally, but this is only in the best interest of your personal finance and health.

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How can I save money on daily coffee?

You can brew your coffee at home using quality beans and a solid drip machine. Ditch the pricey cafe drinks and use an insulated tumbler to take your coffee on the go. Also, check if your favorite spots have a rewards program or look for online deals and cashback offers to save even more.

How do I stop spending money on coffee?

As painful as it sounds, the best way to avoid spending on coffee is to let go of the addiction. Consider transitioning to cheaper alternatives like tea or yerba mate. But if you can’t do without coffee, try to brew it at home instead of overpaying at cafes.

How can I drink coffee cheaper?

Buy those beans in bulk from the grocery store, use a reusable filter, skip the fancy espresso drinks, make your own flavored syrups, take advantage of cashback apps and loyalty programs, and the list goes on! The key is finding little daily hacks to cut down that cafe spend.  

Does making coffee at home save money?

Yes, it surely does! Even an inexpensive drip machine plus bulk beans will cost you way lesser annually than a daily Starbucks ritual. Make it a weekend habit to brew a few days’ worth at home and watch those savings add up.

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