How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

Wedding bells ringing soon? If you are a bride or groom wondering, “How to save money on wedding flowers?”, we are here to help. Read on for tips and tricks!
How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers
How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers
Non-floral centerpieces for guest tables, opting for a greener venue and using large flowers to fill space are some of ways you can save money on your flowers budget.
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Weddings are all about love and celebration, but let’s be honest, they can also be expensive. A good chunk of the wedding decor budget is taken up by flowers alone. However, with some creativity and planning, you can have beautiful wedding flowers without breaking the bank.

In this blog, we will explore 15 practical tips and creative ideas to help you save money on wedding flowers while achieving the breathtaking ambiance you have always dreamed of. From choosing in-season flowers to embracing DIY arrangements, we will guide you through the options to make your floral dreams a reality without spending a fortune. 

Best 15 Ways To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

1. Choose seasonal flowers

Opting for flowers that are in season during your wedding can significantly reduce costs. Seasonal blooms are more abundant, making them less expensive than off-season varieties.

2. Opt for more greenery

Incorporating greenery into your arrangements is a cost-effective way to add volume and texture. It’s also a stylish trend that can give your wedding a modern, natural look.

3. Use larger blooms to fill space

Selecting bigger flowers, such as hydrangeas or peonies, can fill more space with fewer stems, reducing the overall number of flowers needed.

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4. Consider non-floral decorations

Think outside the box with alternatives like lanterns, candles, or fabric drapes. These can add visual interest to your venue without the expense of additional flowers.

5. Repurpose ceremony flowers for the reception

Maximize your floral investment by using ceremony arrangements as decorations for the reception. For example, aisle flowers can double up as centerpieces.

6. Buy flowers wholesale and DIY arrangements

Purchasing flowers in bulk and arranging them yourself can lead to substantial savings. Gather friends and family for a fun DIY session.

7. Pick a naturally beautiful venue

Choose a location with its natural beauty, such as a garden or beach, which requires minimal additional decoration.

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8. Use potted plants as centerpieces

Potted plants can be a charming and cost-effective alternative to traditional floral centerpieces. Guests can also take them home as memorabilia of your special day.

9. Limit the variety of flowers

Sticking to a few types of flowers can reduce costs, as bulk orders often come with a discount. It also creates a cohesive look.

10. Opt for simple bouquets and boutonnieres

Choosing simpler designs for bouquets and boutonnieres can lower expenses while maintaining elegance.

11. Use silk flowers for certain arrangements

High-quality silk flowers like high-up decorations can be a budget-friendly alternative for areas where guests won’t closely inspect them.

12. Borrow plants or decorations from friends

Reach out to friends and family to see if they have plants or decorations you can borrow. It’s a great way to save money and add a personal touch.

13. Focus floral decorations on high-impact areas

Concentrate your floral budget on areas with the most visibility, such as the altar or head table, while simplifying other spaces.

14. Skip flowers for guest tables

Consider non-floral centerpieces for guest tables. Options like candles, lanterns, or books can create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

15. Negotiate package deals with vendors

When working with florists or event decorators, inquire about package deals or discounts for bundling services. This can lead to significant savings.

These tips offer a practical way to achieve stunning floral arrangements without overspending, ensuring your wedding is beautiful and budget-friendly. You can also use the Beem Super App to make your money grow, and save money on taxes. Secure your financial future with the Beem app and use it to track all your expenses and bills in one place with smart budgeting tools to make life affordable for you and your loved ones.


Creating a breathtaking floral ambiance for your wedding doesn’t have to strain your budget. By embracing creativity, flexibility, and a bit of DIY spirit, you can adorn your special day with stunning arrangements that are both affordable and memorable. From choosing seasonal blooms to repurposing ceremony flowers, the possibilities for cost-effective floral decor are endless. Remember, the beauty of your wedding is not measured by the price of your flowers but by the love and joy that blossoms on your special day.


How to make cheap wedding flowers?

Consider choosing the flowers in season as they are more reasonably priced. Incorporating greenery can add volume and texture to your arrangements without the cost of additional flowers. Opting for larger blooms can also help fill space more efficiently, reducing the number of stems needed. Additionally, creating your floral arrangements or taking the help of friends and family can further reduce costs.

How can I save money on a bouquet?

Saving money on your bouquet can be done by simplifying its design. Limiting the variety of flowers and incorporating more greenery or filler flowers can reduce expenses. Opting for a smaller bouquet or a single statement flower can also be a cost-effective choice while maintaining a beautiful and elegant look.

Is it cheaper to do wedding flowers yourself?

Doing your wedding flowers can be cheaper but requires careful planning and a willingness to invest time and effort. Purchasing flowers wholesale and arranging them yourself can lead to significant savings. However, it’s important to consider the time commitment and any potential stress that may arise, especially as your wedding day approaches. If you are organized and enjoy hands-on projects, DIY wedding flowers can be a rewarding way to save money.

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