How to Support Small Business Saturday: Shop Local

People support small businesses by buying from such stores. However, how to be more creative and lure customers? Here are a few ways you can promote your small business.
How to Support Small Business Saturday: Shop Local
Small Business Saturday 2022 is here and people have set up their stores. Why don’t you take a look at their shops to buy what you need this holiday season? Read on to know how you can help them.
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With the onset of the holidays, small business owners know it’s time for Small Business Saturday 2022 so go out there and lend your support. November 26, 2022, is here! With sales and deals put up by stores online and offline, it can be a struggle to establish, promote or profit from your small business. But you know what can be better?

To help one another, join as a community, collaborate and build good companionship with fellow small business people. The way we support small businesses is by buying from their stores, but how to be more creative and lure customers? Here are a few ways you can promote your business.

Lend a Helping Hand

Small business people need financial support that will help them get on their feet. If you come across such notices, you can help them by tossing in a few bucks. Having someone to fund a business can be of great help to them. The little you lend will mean a bit more to them, so give them as much as you can.

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Social Platforms

Instagram reels and TikTok videos are the trends. So, you can make use of this feature and can create short videos, or share a post about your shop, the sales, business, deals and discounts. Try to be creative and use tools to get the attention of the crowd.

Drop a Positive Note

From small restaurants and cookie stalls to the boutique store at the corner of the street, recall all of them and how much you enjoyed getting things from there. Take time to share a positive review on social media platforms so that others can go and shop from them. This will boost their business and will make a big difference.

Swap Black Friday for Business Saturday

Though Black Friday sales can be attractive, you can try shopping at small businesses. Maybe this year you can skip shopping on Black Friday and instead invest in buying something at these small stores. It may be hard to miss those huge discounts and deals, but at the end of the day, you can assure yourself that you spent your money where it mattered.

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Appreciate Them

Adding on to giving reviews, you can post about their products and their service as your post on social media. This will help people following you get to know about the business and they can reach out to them. Promote their business, add a photo and tag them in stories with the products you purchased from them. Appreciate their efforts and advertise for them.

Build Your Network

You can work with local influencers. This will help you advertise and make people know about your brand and is cost-effective. You can also develop and connect with small business owners.  Building connections will help you even in the future to help other businesses that are developing.

Small Business Saturday is very important for people who are developing their businesses and brands so this year, visit their stores, shop from them, show your support and make a difference!

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