Essential Kansas Tax Forms in 2024

Tax season can be daunting, especially with specific state requirements. This blog provides a comprehensive guide on Kansas tax forms, covering essential details on accessing, completing, and submitting them for accurate and timely tax filing.
Kansas Tax Forms
Essential Kansas Tax Forms in 2024
When taxpayers owe more income tax to the Kansas Department of Revenue, they must use the K-40V form to make those payments. The taxpayer's account is guaranteed to receive the money when they submit this voucher. Read on to know more.
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Filing your taxes can be daunting, but understanding Kansas’s key forms and schedules can significantly simplify the process and empower you to take control of your financial future. In this article, we’ll break down essential Kansas tax forms, including the K-40, Schedule S, Schedule A, K-40V, and K-210. Additionally, we’ll highlight important Kansas tax credits and deductions that can help you maximize your refund or reduce your liability. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions on how to obtain these forms, ensuring you’re fully equipped to file your taxes accurately and on time for 2024.

Kansas Tax Forms 

K-40: Individual Income Tax Return

For individual income taxes, like federal, Kansas citizens use federal form K-40. This form resembles the federal form number 1040. To determine the value of taxes you are liable to pay or, more to the contrary, the amount of refund you are entitled to, you must compile all the incomes, deductions, and credits.

  • Name, address, and SSN are examples of basic personal information.
  • Sections are devoted to reporting various income forms, including salary, interest, dividends, and wages.
  • Opportunities to disclose changes that lower taxable income, such as contributions to health savings accounts or retirement funds, are known as adjustments to income.
  • Parts where you can claim different types of tax credits and itemize your deductions.

Schedule S: Individual Income Tax Supplemental Schedule

To supplement the K-40, taxpayers must fill out Schedule S, which details supplementary income, adjustments, and tax credits. This form becomes more significant for taxpayers whose financial situations are more intricate and necessitate more extensive reporting than what is required by the standard K-40 form.

  • Corrections that were not recorded on the K-40 are detailed here.
  • Sections about changes to income, including but not limited to interest on U.S. government commitments, state tax refunds, and much more.
  • Space to claim several state-specific tax credits, such as those for taxes paid to other states and those for adoption costs.

Schedule A: Kansas Itemized Deduction Schedule

Suppose you want to claim your deductions itemized instead of taking the standard deduction. In that case, you must fill out Schedule A. Using this schedule to report certain deductible expenses may lower your taxable income.

  • Excessive out-of-pocket medical costs that surpass a specific income threshold constitute medical and dental expenses.
  • Full payment of all federal, state, and municipal taxes, including real estate taxes.
  • Mortgage interest and investment interest costs are represented by interest paid.
  • Contributions to Registered Charities.
  • Any other tax-deductible costs do not fit into one of the different buckets.

K-40V: Kansas Payment Voucher

When taxpayers owe more income tax to the Kansas Department of Revenue, they must use the K-40V form to make those payments. The taxpayer’s account is guaranteed to receive the money when they submit this voucher.

  • Name, Social Security number, and other identifying details.
  • The amount being paid to settle the tax debt.
  • The tax year for which the payment is being made must be indicated.

K-210: Individual Underpayment of Estimated Tax Schedule

Penalties and interest rates apply in case of failure to pay estimated taxes. The above form, K-210, reveals that several tax penalties and interest rates apply to individuals who cannot pay estimated taxes. Withholding and anticipatory taxes can be categorized as estimates for the entire tax year, and penalties could be imposed on a taxpayer if a certain sum is considered insufficient for tax purposes during specific parts of the year.

  • The estimation calculation intends to determine how many estimated tax payments are required based on a particular taxpayer’s income.
  • Any income statement requires justification of all the payments made for estimated taxes.
  • The calculations carried out under working underpayment penalties will depend on the amount that is supposed to be paid and the amount that has been paid during the undertaking.

How to Obtain Kansas Tax Forms Easily?

Several easy ways exist for obtaining Kansas tax forms:

  • All forms of taxes that must be filled out and downloaded, including K-40, Schedule S, Schedule A, K-40V, and K-210, are available on the official website of the Department of Revenue of Kansas. From the paper work, one can visit the office of the Kansas Department of Revenue.
  • Since they belong to the state, these forms should be found using a free tax-filling software suite. Some can send the forms online to the states, while others give instructional talks on how to fill them out.
  • Information about particular state tax forms and where to obtain the paper version can also be obtained from most libraries and post offices at some point in a fiscal year.
  • If you need help filling out the paperwork, certified public accountants and tax specialists can help.

Tax Credits and Deductions in Kansas

From the above details, the citizens of Kansas enjoy several deductions and credits, which makes their total tax rates relatively low. Here are a few essential credits and deductions:

  • Notably, under this program, only households in the low—and middle-income brackets are entitled to the credit or a refund of the homestead property taxes they have tendered. In addition to the property tax fees we pay to the government, we also pay a rebate of a certain amount.
  • Known as the Food Sales Tax Credit, this program enables food to be sold at a much lower price, and people experiencing poverty can easily afford it as they pay a very minimal amount of sales tax.
  • The Child and Dependent Care Credit is also similar to the federal credit, wherein the state permits you to reduce a fixed amount of the expenses you have spent on the care and custody of your children and other dependents.
  • Another factor is the $2,250 disabled veterans get from the current law, on top of the personal exemptions.
  • One of the available tax credits is the Education Expense Credit, which is intended for qualified educational costs such as tuition fees. Therefore, relief can also be found in school fees and taxes.


Knowing the most important forms and the credits and deductions available helps deal with the Kansas tax codes and forms. Necessary tax forms include K-40, Schedule S, Schedule A, K-40V, and K-210. Correct filing of these forms is essential. Beem offers the highest levels of security, accuracy, and reimbursements.

The Beem Income Tax Calculator and Return & Refund Estimator for 2023-2024 offer a quick and accurate way to estimate your federal and state tax obligations for free, helping you maximize your tax benefits effortlessly. Use Beem to stay informed and take control of your financial well-being. Take advantage of free account roll-over for returning customers, quick customer assistance, and W-2 imports. Use Beem to begin your tax filing for an easy, safe, and fast experience.

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