Loans Like Viva Finance

Where can I locate loans comparable to Viva Finance? Look into traditional banks, online lenders, and peer-to-peer lending sites for various borrowing choices. Here is how you can find the best one for your needs.
Loans Like Viva Finance
Loans Like Viva Finance
Learn how to choose the best loan for your needs. Determine your financial demands, examine your credit score, and compare loan rates from numerous lenders. Read more!
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Securing a loan has become vital to effectively managing personal and business finances. One notable player in the lending arena is Viva Finance. However, a myriad of alternatives with distinct features and offerings are available. This comprehensive guide delves into the best loan options akin to Viva Finance, catering to diverse financial needs. Whether you seek top lenders for varying credit scores or specialized options for debt consolidation, home improvements, and more, this blog is your ultimate resource for informed borrowing decisions.

Best Popular Loans Like Viva Finance

In the realm of personal finance, securing the right loan is paramount. Viva Finance has established itself as a noteworthy player, but many alternatives exist. Explore the best popular loans akin to Viva Finance, each offering unique features and tailored solutions to meet diverse financial needs.


Beem App logo

In the dynamic landscape of financial solutions, Beem emerges as a noteworthy alternative to traditional avenues like Viva Finance. With a focus on providing instant cash advances without the constraints of credit checks, interest, or income restrictions, Beem offers a user-friendly platform for addressing emergencies and unexpected expenses. This innovative service allows subscribers to access verified bank deposits early and introduces a unique rewards system, Boost, encouraging responsible financial behavior. As we delve into the features of Beem, it becomes evident that this platform aims to redefine how individuals navigate and leverage financial resources in times of need.

Key Features of Beem in Finance:

  • Everdraft™ Instant Cash Advance: Withdraw $5-$1000 of verified bank deposits early for emergencies. No credit checks, interest, income restrictions, or due dates.
  • Subscription Access to Funds: Subscribe to the Plus or Pro plan for instant access to verified bank deposits. Multiple withdrawal options are available.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Available to anyone in the United States or its territories above 18 years old.
  • No Additional Fees or Interest: No extra charges for late payments or due dates associated with Everdraft™.
  • Flexible Repayment: Repayment occurs automatically when a cash inflow is in the linked bank account.
  • Varied Withdrawal Options: Instant transfers to bank accounts, gift cards, prepaid cards, and more.
  • No Impact on Credit Score: Everdraft™ does not affect the user’s credit score, offering a risk-free financial solution.


avant App Logo

Avant, a reliable alternative to traditional lenders like Viva Finance, provides accessible emergency loans with swift decisions and rapid fund disbursement. Its user-friendly application process, unaffected credit scores, and competitive terms make it a standout choice for those seeking quick financial assistance.

Key Features of Avant in Finance:

  • Easy Application Process: Avant’s user-friendly application takes only a few minutes, and checking rates won’t affect credit scores.
  • Fast Fund Disbursement: Approved borrowers may receive funds as soon as the next business day, addressing urgent financial needs promptly.


Seedfi App Logo

SeedFi, a distinctive financial solution, is a noteworthy substitute for mainstream lenders like Viva Finance. Tailored for low or no-credit borrowers, SeedFi prioritizes credit building by reporting monthly payments to major credit bureaus, fostering potential credit score enhancement. Acquired by Intuit in 2023, SeedFi’s Credit Builder loan, available through Credit Karma, remains a robust option for individuals aspiring to boost their creditworthiness.

Key Features of SeedFi in Finance:

  • Credit Building Emphasis: SeedFi’s products are tailored to low- or no-credit borrowers and focus on credit growth.
  • Monthly Reporting to Credit Bureaus: SeedFi reports monthly payments to all three credit bureaus, contributing to credit history.


Upgrade App Logo

Upgrade, a prominent player in the financial domain, emerges as a compelling alternative to traditional options like Viva Finance. Upgrade offers a range of innovative financial products and prioritizes customer benefits and flexibility. From the Rewards Checking Plus account with up to 2% cash back to personal loans of up to $50,000, Upgrade positions itself as a comprehensive financial solution. With features like fast funding, competitive rates, and no annual fees, Upgrade seeks to empower users with accessible, rewarding, and efficient financial services.

Key Features of Upgrade in Finance:

  • Rewards Checking Plus: No monthly fees and up to 2% cash back on purchases, providing a rewarding checking account option.
  • Personal Loans up to $50,000: Borrowers can access loans with fixed rates, predictable payments, and no prepayment penalties.


Commonbond App Logo

Since its inception in September 2015, CommonBond has been at the forefront of innovative student loan solutions. It introduced a Parent PLUS loan refinancing program and partnered with Prodigy Finance to provide international post-graduate students with U.S. business school education funding.

Key Features of CommonBond:

  • Parent PLUS Loan Refinancing: Introduced a unique program allowing parents to refinance federal Parent PLUS loans for their children’s undergraduate education.
  • International Partnership: Formed a strategic partnership with Prodigy Finance, offering funding solutions for international post-graduate students pursuing business school education in the U.S.


HoneyBee App Logo

Corporations are elevating 401(k) plans with robust financial wellness programs in the ever-evolving employee benefits landscape. Acknowledging that a 401(k) alone is no longer a competitive edge, companies are addressing the broader financial well-being of their workforce. As employees seek more comprehensive support, Honey stands out with its innovative approach, offering Honey Funds for debt relief, Honey Academy’s educational webinars, and Honey Therapy’s personalized 1-on-1 sessions. These features redefine corporate benefits, catering to the diverse financial needs of today’s workforce.

Key Features of Honey’s Financial Wellness Programs:

  • Honey Funds for All Employees: Access to no-cost, 0% funds on-demand, providing financial assistance for debt repayment and daily expenses, regardless of credit status.
  • Honey Academy’s Educational Webinars: Live and recorded webinar series offering financial education for employees and their families, fostering financial literacy and empowerment.


candidly app logo

Embarking on the borrower journey can be overwhelming, but with Candidly, it becomes a journey of informed decisions and financial empowerment. As an AI-driven student debt and savings optimization platform, Candidly revolutionizes the entire lifecycle of education expenses. From funding with trusted lending partners to optimizing repayment strategies and building financial resilience, Candidly ensures innovative, practical actions at every step. Experience an average monthly savings of $358, five years of cumulative savings, and a confidence boost of 77%.

Key Features of Candidly:

  • Innovative Funding Options: Candidly taps into a network of trusted lending partners, helping users choose the best-priced option and make informed decisions when taking on student debt.
  • Debt Repayment Optimization: Candidly empowers borrowers to optimize debt repayment strategies, reducing payments, refinancing at lower rates, and accelerating repayment to minimize the overall cost of borrowing.

SoFi at Work


SoFi at Work is more than just a financial platform; it’s a comprehensive suite of programs designed to enhance your financial well-being. From tuition reimbursement and 529 Payroll Contribution to the Student Loan Contribution Program and PTO Conversion, SoFi at Work caters to various aspects of your financial journey. With user-friendly processes, detailed guidance on each program, and quick enrollment options, SoFi at Work empowers you to take control of your finances and make informed decisions.

Key Features of SoFi at Work:

  • Tuition Reimbursement: Easily submit and track tuition reimbursement requests, supported by detailed guidance on necessary information and contacts for assistance.
  • 529 Payroll Contribution: Seamlessly manage contributions to 529 plans with quick updates and options for adding beneficiaries or modifying contribution amounts.

Opp Loans


Discover a hassle-free approach to personal loans with OppLoans. Our online application ensures a quick and easy process without impacting your FICO® credit score. Enjoy same-day funding upon approval. Choose OppLoans for speed and affordability with a low APR, top-notch customer service, and a mobile-friendly experience. Plus, applying won’t result in hard credit inquiries, securing your credit score.

Key Features of OppLoans:

  • Quick Approval and Same-Day Funding: Receive a fast decision and, if approved, get funds in your account as soon as the same business day.
  • Affordable Installment Loans: Benefit from installment loans with an APR of less than half the average payday loan, ensuring affordability.

Possible Finance


Possibly, your financial ally challenges the undervaluation in the current system. With 91 million Americans lacking timely financial access, Possible offers a fair alternative.

Say goodbye to payday loan traps and credit card fees. Borrow up to $500 instantly with no late or penalty fees. Opt for flexible installment plans to minimize debt and build credit history, ensuring a brighter financial future. But if you need more that $500, you can try other best apps like possible finance.

Key Features of Possible:

  • Instant Borrowing with Fair Repayment: Borrow up to $500 instantly with a fair repayment plan, avoiding payday loan pitfalls.
  • Transparent and Affordable Credit Limit: Access a $400 or $800 credit limit instantly with a straightforward $8 or $16 monthly fee.

OneMain Financial

Unlock the financial support you need swiftly with our Loans. Apply online for amounts ranging from $1,500 to $20,000, and receive the funds as soon as one hour after closing. Tailor your loan with 24 to 60-month terms and fixed rates between 18.00% and 35.99% APR. Whether secured or unsecured, quickly embark on your path to a brighter future.

Key Features of Personal Loans:

  • Flexible Loan Amounts: Choose from $1,500 to $20,000 to suit your financial needs.
  • Versatile Loan Terms: Enjoy loan terms spanning 24 to 60 months, offering repayment flexibility.



Welcome to ZayZoon, a financial platform reshaping how you access your earned wages. With ZayZoon, say goodbye to traditional pay cycles and embrace financial flexibility. Access your earned wages when needed and experience new financial freedom.

Key Features of ZayZoon:

  • On-Demand Wage Access: Access your earned wages instantly, breaking free from rigid pay cycles.
  • Financial Flexibility: Enjoy the flexibility to manage your finances on your terms, enhancing control.



Discover College Planning Solutions with Accolade, where financial wisdom meets educational aspirations. Save an average of $40,000 per student with strategic planning and guidance. Accolade transforms the college journey into an affordable and rewarding experience, ensuring a brighter future for aspiring students.

Key Features of Accolade:

  • Financial Wisdom: Benefit from expert financial guidance tailored for college planning.
  • Cost Savings: Save an average of $40,000 per student through strategic planning.



Welcome to HealthEquity, your partner in financial well-being and healthcare empowerment. HealthEquity revolutionizes the way you manage health expenses, providing personalized solutions for optimal financial health. From savings to investments, unlock a comprehensive approach to healthcare financial management.

Key Features of HealthEquity:

  • Financial Well-Being: Partner with HealthEquity for a holistic approach to financial well-being.
  • Healthcare Empowerment: Experience empowerment through personalized solutions for managing health expenses.



Discover smart savings on health costs with Optum Financial, empowering you to allocate more for the things you cherish. Benefit from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) ready for immediate use and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allowing pretax funds for your family’s well-being. Navigate the Optum Store effortlessly, accessing eligible products with exclusive discounts, all while simplifying transactions.

Key Features of Optum Financial:

  • Smart Health Savings: Optum Financial ensures intelligent savings on health expenses, providing more financial freedom for your priorities.
  • Ready-to-Use HSAs: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are available whenever needed, catering to immediate needs or future health costs.

Top Loan Lenders for Bad Credit, like Viva Finance

Explore financial options with top loan lenders for bad credit, akin to Viva Finance. These platforms offer tailored solutions, accommodating diverse credit backgrounds for those seeking accessible and flexible loan opportunities.

Low Credit Finance

Start your loan search with Low Credit Finance, a platform catering to individuals with bad credit. Offering loans from ₹7,500 to ₹350,000, the repayment period spans 3 to 24 months. Enjoy instant approval and structured automated debits for hassle-free repayments, ensuring a smooth borrowing experience.


CocoLoan is the go-to platform for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit, connecting them with lenders who don’t conduct credit checks. Ideal for those facing financial challenges, CocoLoan provides a solution to obtain funds without the hassle of traditional credit evaluations.

Big Bucks Loan

Big Bucks Loan ensures instant loan approval for individuals with bad credit, offering up to ₹350,000. Tailor your repayment period based on your initial amount and financial capacity. This platform accommodates diverse financial backgrounds, providing a flexible solution for needy borrowers.

Heart Paydays

Heart Paydays stands out with its versatile loan options, ranging from ₹7,000 to ₹350,000. It caters to small and more significant financial needs with 3 to 24 months of repayment terms. Offering online loans for bad credit, Heart Paydays provides competitive interest rates, starting at 5.99% and going up to 35.99%.


iPaydayLoans specializes in short-term loans for urgent financial needs. They connect borrowers with fast payday loan options through partnerships with reputable lenders. Operating similarly to other loan-finding platforms, payday loans streamline the borrowing process, efficiently matching borrowers with compatible lenders.

Top Loan Lenders for Good Credit 

Let’s understand the top loan lenders for good credit with the table below:

Loan ProviderRatingCredit RequirementAPR RangeLoan Amount RangeSpecialization
LendingClub4.5/5Good (600+)9.57-35.99%$1,000-$40,000Flexible payments, Small loan amounts
Achieve Personal Loans4.5/5Good (620+)8.99-35.99%$5,000-$50,000Multiple rate discounts, Good credit
Happy Money4.5/5Good (640+)11.72-17.99%$5,000-$40,000Credit card consolidation, Fast funding
First Tech Credit Union5.0/5Good (660+)8.99-18.00%$500-$50,000Joint loans, Favorable rates
Discover Personal Loans5.0/5Good (660+)7.99-24.99%$2,500-$40,000Low rates, Fast funding
Table 1. Top Loan Lenders for Good Credit 

This table provides a snapshot of each loan provider’s rating, credit requirements, APR range, loan amount range, and specialization. Please note that specific terms may vary based on individual eligibility and other factors.

Loan Lenders for Debt Consolidation 

Here are some of the best lenders available for debt consolidation; let’s check out

Upgrade: Best Overall

Upgrade is a premier debt consolidation lender that provides direct payments to creditors and offers multiple rate discounts, effectively reducing overall interest payments. This lender extends its services to individuals with a credit score of 560 or higher.

SoFi: Best for No Fees

SoFi excels in debt consolidation loans by eliminating required fees, including late fees. Tailored for individuals with good or excellent credit (690 score or higher), SoFi offers additional perks such as unemployment protection and complimentary financial advising.

Happy Money: Best for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Specializing in credit card consolidation, Happy Money streamlines the process by consolidating multiple credit card debts into a single monthly payment. With a credit score requirement of 640 or higher, it handles the payoff directly, simplifying the borrower’s experience.

Best Egg: Best for Secured Loan Option

Best Egg introduces a unique option for borrowers seeking a secured loan for debt consolidation, utilizing home fixtures or a vehicle as collateral. Alongside facilitating direct payments to creditors, Best Egg maintains a minimum credit score requirement of 600.

Achieve: Best for Rate Discounts

Achieve takes the lead in providing rate discounts for its debt consolidation loans. Offering three avenues for discounts, including a direct pay discount when funds are sent directly to creditors, Achieve sets a minimum credit score requirement of 620.

Best lenders for installment loans 

Here are some of the best lenders available for installment loans; let’s check them out.

US Bank

US Bank offers personal installment loans with a flexible range of $1,000 to $50,000 for existing customers, extending up to seven years. No origination fees, prepayment penalties, and an autopay rate discount make it customer-friendly.

TD Bank

TD Bank provides personal installment loans ranging from $2,000 to $50,000, available to residents in Washington, D.C., and 15 states. No origination or prepayment fees, but late payment incurs a small fee.


Upgrade’s installment loans accommodate credit scores starting at 580, offering flexibility in borrowing amounts from $1,000 to $50,000. With a two to seven-year repayment period, Upgrade considers various financial factors and online management is convenient.


PenFed specializes in small loan amounts, offering installment loans from $600 to $50,000 with an APR range of 7.99% to 17.99%. The repayment term spans 12 to 60 months, making it suitable for various financial needs.

Reach Financial

Recognized for debt consolidation, Reach Financial provides installment loans from $3,500 to $40,000. With an annual percentage rate (APR) range of 5.99% to 35.99%, the payback duration is from 24 to 60 months, making it ideal for people looking to consolidate and manage their debt.

Best Loan Lenders for Home Improvements

Here are some of the best lenders available for Home Improvements, let’s check out 

US Bank:

  • APR Range: 8.24% – 24.99%
  • Loan Amount: $1,000 – $50,000
  • Loan Terms: 12 – 84 months
  • Pros: Quick funding, no origination fees, available to average credit, competitive rates.

Patelco Credit Union:

  • APR Range: 8.95% – 17.90%
  • Loan Amount: $300 – $100,000
  • Loan Terms: 6 – 84 months
  • Pros: Competitive APR, rate discount program, prequalification available.

Regions Bank:

  • APR Range: 9.24% – 29.99%
  • Loan Amount: $2,000 – $50,000
  • Loan Terms: 36 – 60 months
  • Pros: Same-day funding, no origination fees, auto-pay rate discount.

First Tech Credit Union:

  • APR Range: 9.74% – 18.00%
  • Loan Amount: $500 – $50,000
  • Loan Terms: 24 – 84 months
  • Pros: Easy to join a credit union, no origination fees, and the option to defer first payment.

Navy Federal Credit Union:

  • APR Range: 8.99% – 18.00%
  • Loan Amount: $250 – $50,000
  • Loan Terms: 6 – 180 months
  • Pros: Flexible loan terms up to 15 years, no origination fees, borrow as little as $250.

Best short-term loan lenders 

Here are some of the best lenders available for short-term loans; let’s check out 

Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo, rated 3.5 by Forbes Advisor, provides personal loans with a minimal credit score criterion. Borrowers can access a broad range of loan amounts from $3,000 to $100,000, with an APR range of 7.49% to 23.24%, including an autopay discount.

US Bank:

US Bank, also rated 3.5 by Forbes Advisor, maintains a minimum credit score requirement 650. Its loans, available to existing customers for amounts up to $50,000, feature an APR range of 8.24% to 24.99%, with autopay options. Non-customers can borrow up to $25,000.


Oportun stands out for not requiring a minimum credit score for loan applications. The prequalification process involves a soft credit inquiry, allowing applicants to check potential terms without affecting their credit scores. Oportun provides loan amounts ranging from $300 to $8,000, possibly allowing co-applicants.


Earnin distinguishes itself as a fee-free app with no interest charges. Members can borrow up to $100 per pay period, potentially increasing the limit. Eligibility is based on sending over 50% of the paycheck to a linked checking account, maintaining a consistent pay schedule, and having a steady working location.


Affirm provides an alternative to credit cards for retail purchases, partnering with various online retailers. Borrowers may benefit from rates starting at 0% APR, though the actual interest can vary based on the merchant and creditworthiness. Affirm offers three to 48 months repayment terms, with the potential for down payments and a no-fee promise. Affirm won’t pause the account for missed payments but if you want to pause your account for exceptional reasons you can prefer loan like affirm options

Best Alternatives for Emergency Loans 

Here are some of the best lenders available for emergency loans; let’s check them out. 


Regions offer secured loans with a flexible APR range of 9.24% to 29.99%. While the minimum credit score isn’t disclosed, borrowers can access $2,000 to $50,000 for their financial needs.


LendingPoint excels in repayment terms, featuring an APR range of 7.99% to 35.99%, suitable for borrowers with a credit score of 660 or higher. Loan amounts range from $2,000 to $36,500.


OppLoans provides loans with an APR range of 160.00% to 179.00% for those needing fast funding without a credit check. Borrowers can secure $500 to $4,000 in emergency funds.

TD Bank:

TD Bank stands out for fast funding, offering loans with an APR range of 8.99% to 23.99%. With a minimum credit score requirement of 300, borrowers can access $2,000 to $50,000.

Patelco Credit Union:

As the best credit union option, Patelco Credit Union provides emergency loans with an APR range of 8.95% to 17.90%. With a credit score of 640 or higher, borrowers can secure $300 to $100,000.

Best for military members

Here are some of the best lenders available for military members; let’s check out 

USAA: Best for Military Members

USAA is the top choice for military members, offering various financial services, including loans. With exclusive benefits for military personnel, USAA provides competitive rates, flexible terms, and personalized customer service. Eligible members can access various loan options tailored to their unique needs, making USAA the preferred financial partner for those who have served or are currently serving in the military.

Where to get loans like Viva Finance

Here are some of the best alternative institutes or options for getting loans, like Viva Finance. 

1. Traditional Banks:

Traditional banks, both national and regional, offer unsecured installment loans. Existing customers may benefit from lower rates or more favorable borrowing requirements.

2. Online Lenders:

Online lenders cater to a diverse clientele, providing excellent and bad-credit borrowers options. Prequalification allows borrowers to compare rates without affecting their credit score.

3. Credit Unions:

Credit unions cap APRs at 18%, potentially offering low-rate installment loans. Membership history and credit profiles are considered, enhancing the chances of qualification.

4. Peer-to-Peer Lending:

Peer-to-peer lending platforms connect borrowers with individual investors. Borrowers can explore various loan options and find competitive rates tailored to their financial needs.

What are the Banks Offering Loans like Viva Finance?

Several banks, including Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Bank of America, and Truist, offer loans akin to Viva Finance. National and regional banks provide unsecured installment loans, with some introducing small-dollar loans that cater to short-term financial needs.

Credit unions like Patelco may provide access to low-rate installment loans with APRs capped at 18%. Online lenders like LendingClub and OppLoans offer diverse options, serving borrowers with varying credit profiles. Customers can explore these institutions for competitive rates, flexible terms, and suitable loan features.

What are the loan eligibility and requirements? 

Loan eligibility and requirements vary by lender. Generally, they assess factors like credit score, income, and debt-to-income ratio. Some lenders may include minimum credit score requirements, while others consider alternative data. Typical requirements include proof of income, valid ID, and address verification. Checking with specific lenders helps determine eligibility criteria and necessary documentation.

How do you choose the right loan for you?

  • Assess Your Needs: Choose the purpose of the loan and the amount required.
  • Check Your Credit: Understand your credit score to gauge loan options and interest rates.
  • Compare Lenders: Research and compare terms, interest rates, and fees from various lenders.
  • Review Terms: Examine loan terms, repayment plans, and associated penalties.
  • Budget Wisely: Ensure the monthly payments fit comfortably within your budget.
  • Read Reviews: See customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the lender’s reputation and customer service.


Selecting the appropriate loan involves careful evaluation of your requirements, credit status, and the choices at your disposal. You can make a well-informed decision by examining lenders, terms, and repayment options. It’s crucial to adhere to your budget and explore reviews to ensure a trustworthy and fitting borrowing experience.


Are there loan lenders like Viva Finance?

Yes, there are other loan lenders similar to Viva Finance that offer personal loans.

How hard is it to get a loan with Viva Finance?

Viva Finance has varying approval criteria; credit score and income influence loan eligibility.

Is Viva Finance a direct lender?

Viva Finance is a loan marketplace that connects borrowers to a network of lenders rather than a direct lender.

Do other loan lenders provide the same loans as Viva Finance?

Different loan lenders may offer similar types of loans, but terms and conditions can vary; it’s advisable to compare options.

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