Mother’s Day: 7 low-cost ways to celebrate your mom

Make this Mother’s Day special without burning a hole in your wallet. Check out our 7 top tips on how to make the day grand for your mommy at home without spending beyond your budget. Read on to know more.
Mother's Day
Mother’s Day: 7 low-cost ways to celebrate your mom
Mother's Day is here and that means it's time to look for gifts, plan dinners and do all you can to make the day special. All the moms out there deserve nothing but the best and we're here to help you give them your best.
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Mother’s Day is almost here and hopefully, this year will turn out to be better for both of you than the last. It is easy to splurge on gifts and lose out on the real reason you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day: making the moms at home feel special. That doesn’t require too much out of your budget.

Last year, the pandemic may have thrown a wrench into the plans you had to celebrate your mother. We hope this year’s Mother’s Day which falls on May 8 will be a lot better. Take a look at some really meaningful ways in which you can show your mother you care without emptying your wallet. 

Do chores for your mom

Ideally, this should be something we all do for our moms every day. But if you haven’t been helping her with chores around the house, perhaps doing a few on Mother’s Day will make her feel special and also give her some rest she deserves. The best part is that you don’t have to look very far to find something to do for her. There are plenty of chores to be done around the house every single day. 

If your mom has been telling you to clean up your room repeatedly and you haven’t gotten around to doing it, here’s your best opportunity to do it. Or maybe you can clean out an extra room and turn it into an exercise or hobby room for her. There are plenty of other chores such as helping with garden work or sorting out the attic that you can lend a hand with. 

Take a walk with your mom 

This might seem like a cheap thing to do for Mother’s Day, but never underestimate the power of a long walk. Walks can be therapeutic and you both can spend some quality time together. Taking your mom out for a walk may seem like a simple and easy thing to do and it will cost you nothing. But it will make your mom smile for days. As it is often said, the little things matter a lot. 

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Make a meal on Mother’s Day

Want to show someone you love them? Cook a meal for them. Food has a way of making people connect like nothing else. One of the best ways to make Mother’s Day special for your mom is to make her a nice home-cooked meal, set out just like she likes it. Whether you choose to make a fancy meal or keep it simple, your mom is sure to love that you’re cooking for her. Of course, this applies only if you can cook. If you don’t trust your skills in the kitchen, it’s perhaps a better choice to order food in. 

Take your mom out for a meal 

If you don’t cook or don’t want to order food in, take your mom out for a nice meal. This depends, of course, on whether both of you are vaccinated or not. Keep social distancing rules in mind when you’re outdoors. This idea might be a nice surprise for her especially if she hasn’t been out much since the pandemic. 

Give your mom a memory 

Creating a memory that will bring joy even years down the line can be a very thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. Get the family together for the special day and plan a day outdoors having fun or plan a nice little picnic or family hike. This will give your mom a wonderful memory to carry with her for years. 

Get your mom a subscription gift 

Subscription gifts can be very meaningful and cost-effective too. Gift your mom a year’s subscription to a fitness program, or yoga, or even a magazine she likes. This way, she can use something for the entire year, something that she wouldn’t otherwise pay for on her own. 

Go sentimental on Mother’s Day 

Sentimental gifts are more about the thought behind them rather than the cost. That’s why they make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. Gift your mom something she really likes or something related to her favorite memory or activity. For example, it could be as simple as getting her a music box with her favorite song, a bunch of her favorite flowers, or even a memorable family photo that highlights her more. As an added gift, we have some tips for moms as well.

Schedule for Mother’s Day

Whatever way you choose to celebrate your mother, make sure you plan out the entire day to make it that much more special. Here’s a schedule you can try and work on: 

  • Get her breakfast in bed. Let it be her day off. Instead of your mom fixing breakfast for the family, let it be the other way around for once. 
  • Around mid-morning, take her for a walk around the neighborhood. Spending quality time with her is one of the best gifts you can give her. 
  • Make lunch for her or take her out for an afternoon meal at her favorite restaurant. It could even be a new one you know she will like. 
  • In the evening, do some of those chores we talked about earlier. 
  • If you don’t live with your mom, give her a hug when you leave. If you both live in the same house, why not put on a movie and watch it together?

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