New York Tax Forms in 2024

Understand how to efficiently obtain and complete New York tax forms for 2024, including where to find them and how to maximize tax credits and deductions. This guide ensures you have the information needed for accurate and compliant tax filing.
New York Tax Forms
New York Tax Forms in 2024
Obtaining New York tax forms can be done easily through several methods. Read on to know where to find these forms, how to download them, and the best practices for completing and submitting them.
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Living in New York brings both opportunities and challenges, especially when it comes to processing the state’s stringent tax regulations. Understanding New York Tax Forms is essential for managing your financial obligations, whether you’re a new resident or a long-time New Yorker. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the intricacies of New York’s tax system. We’ll cover the key tax forms, how to obtain them, and how to make the most of available tax credits and deductions. With this information, you’ll be well-equipped to handle your taxes efficiently and take full advantage of the benefits available to you in the Empire State.

New York Income Tax Forms

Here are some common types of tax forms available in New York City for its taxpayers:

Full-year resident forms

These forms must be filed by a full-year resident only. Form included in this sections are IT-2, IT-6, IT-195, IT-196, IT-201, IT-225, IT-229 and many more. 

Part-year resident forms

Some New York Tax forms are specially designed for part-year residents. These forms are IT-182, IT-2, It-196, IT-6, IT-203, IT-260, and IT-558. Several other forms are also available for part-year residents. 

Nonresident forms

The non-resident forms are tax forms specially designed for nonresidents of New York. This includes information about them regarding their source of income and tax payments in those states. The forms number included in this sections are IT-2, IT-6, IT-182, IT-195, IT-196, IT-203, IT225, IT-227, IT-260, IT-2664 and IT-2663. 

Credit claim forms

Credit forms help eligible taxpayers get credit for a specific reason. New York State provides credit for low housing, employment, capital tax, green building, investment, noncustodial parents, Empire State Child, and real property tax. Multiple other credits are also available for taxpayers that New Yorkers can explore to minimize their tax liability. 

Other personal income tax forms

Personal income tax forms are not limited to single forms, but they come with a variety of forms. Forms such as AU-217, DTF-281, CT-33-D, DTF-620, DTF-664, DTF4157, IT-2, IT-59, IT-135 and IT-227 all are part of personal income tax forms. 

Extension requests

Taxpayers can request extensions by filing two New York tax forms. IT-370 allows taxpayers to get an automatic six-month extension, and IT-370-PF specialized in providing extensions for partnerships and fiduciaries. 

Estimated tax forms

Estimated tax payment forms include underpayment, vouchers, and estimated New York tax forms for non-resident individual partners. These forms allow one to explore the estimated income tax and tax penalties for nonresident real property. 

Withholding allowance forms

Withholding allowance certificates are forms that provide an allowance for taxpayers. Such forms include IT-2104, IT-2104-E, IT-2104-IND, and IT-2104.1. They include withholding allowance certificates for all residents and military service personnel. 

Amended returns

Amended returns for full-year residents and other residents are different. Full-year residents must file an Amended income tax return, which is form IT-201-X, and other residents must file IT-203-X for amended returns.

Nonresident group and team returns

In the Nonresident group and team returns section, forms include information about group affidavits in schedules A, B, and C. It must be filed by non-residents to obtain group returns. 

Fiduciary tax forms

Fiduciary forms include a Summary of W-2 statements, fiduciary allocation, New York state modifications, and allocation of estimated tax payments. These forms also include IT-2663 and IT-2664 for non-resident estimated income tax payments. 

Partnership and LLC/LLP forms

Partnership and LLC forms are specially designed for corporates and include certificates of exemption from partnership returns. This also includes forms such as IT-2658-E for non-recent partners and New York’s S corporation shareholders. 

How to Obtain New York Tax Forms

Obtaining New York tax forms can be done easily through several methods. Here’s how you can access these forms:

  1. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Website: Visit the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website.
  1. Local Tax Offices: Tax forms can be picked up at a local New York State Tax Department office. The locations and hours of operation for these offices are on the Contact Us page.
  2. Public Libraries and Post Offices: During tax season, many public libraries and post offices in New York stock state tax forms. It’s advisable to call ahead to ensure they have the forms you need.
  3. Request by Phone: To request that tax forms be mailed to you, call the New York State Tax Department at (518) 457-5431.

Tax Credits and Deductions in New York

New York taxpayers enjoy different tax credits and deductions to maintain their lifestyle in the state. Here are some tax credits offered by the state for its residents:

  • Earned income tax credit for eligible taxpayers is available up to 30%.
  • Child and dependent care credit is available for up to 110% of expenses.
  • The state also offers taxpayers a college tuition credit, an Empire State Child credit, and a solar energy system equipment credit. 

Here are some standard deductions available to New York Residents:

  • Standard deductions up to $8k for single filers and $ 16k for joint filers. 
  • The state also offers taxpayers itemized deductions up to $10K.
  • In New York, residents can also enjoy Retirement income exclusion, pension and annuity income exclusion, and Medical savings account contributions. 
  • New Yorkers also enjoy state and local tax or SALT deductions up to $10K. 


Every state has a unique set of requirements for its residents, and understanding these can be challenging. While federal taxes are a significant obligation, state taxes add another layer of responsibility, especially with high inflation rates. Taxpayers often struggle to grasp the intricacies of tax laws and may miss important deadlines, credits, and deductions. Federal, state, and local taxes each have different criteria and requirements, creating additional burdens.

Fortunately, tools like Beem can simplify this process. Beem helps you manage day-to-day bills and check your credit score for free. In emergencies, Beem can provide quick funds up to $1000 without any interest rates or due dates. Additionally, Beem’s tax calculator, powered by April’s AI technology, streamlines the tax filing process, offering accurate and user-friendly solutions for both federal and state taxes. With Beem, you can confidently handle your tax obligations and stay on top of your financial responsibilities.

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