Sustainable Side Hustles: How to Make Money and Save the Environment

As the green economy is booming, there are many side hustles in sustainable industries to consider while keeping your main job. We’ve compiled a list of favorable side hustles you can do to earn more money while being kind to Mother Nature.
sustainable side hustles
Sustainable Side Hustles: How to Make Money and Save the Environment
Sustainable side hustles don't just make you a more conscious person, but they also help you generate good money. Here are top 5 sustainable side hustles that will help in financial growth while making eco-friendly choices.
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Did you know that the Green economy is booming with opportunities? More and more companies are looking for green solutions and service providers to strengthen the green economy. Over the last few years, the number of jobs in Renewables and Environment increased by 237%, according to LinkedIn’s Green Economy Report 2022.

Amid these favorable transformations, jumping into the sustainable marketplace has become easier than ever. There are many sustainable side hustles in green industries to consider while keeping your main job. A side hustle is any additional job or income stream you pursue along with your primary source of income. It’s time to go green and breathe clean, while making a livelihood. Let’s explore more!

Top 5 Sustainable Side Hustles That Will Make You Money and Save the Environment

Sustainable side hustles don’t just make you a more conscious person, but they also help you generate good money. You’ll sleep peacefully after a good day’s work, knowing you’ve contributed positively to the environment and community. It’s all about believing in recycling, using renewable resources, and prioritizing energy-efficient practices. Here are the top five sustainable side hustles you can practice in your free time:

Blogs or Videos About the Environment

In today’s world, where every single person is on social media, you can create educational yet fun videos and blogs about the environment. You can cover a wide range of environmental topics, including sustainable living, renewable energy, and how to recycle.

You can also discuss all the global issues related to planet Earth and how humans are polluting it. By raising awareness, you are making everyone more cautious about what they throw out mindlessly. It’s a great way to focus on giving eco-friendly tips. 

Be a Tour Guide for the Eco-Conscious

Sustainable Side Hustles That Will Make You Money and Save the Environment

If you live in a lush green area, consider a side hustle as a tour guide for eco-conscious people. Select lodges and hotels for your tourists, where they can practice sustainability and purchase locally sourced fruits and vegetables. 

In addition, you can design your itinerary to “go green”, where you and your tourists participate in eco-conscious activities like snorkeling, hiking, and bird watching. Encourage your travelers to respect local customs, traditions, and wildlife habitats. Ask them to participate in such eco-friendly activities even when they return home. 

Farming Profits From an Organic Garden

Another great way to earn money is through farming. If you have a mid-sized garden, you can cultivate and sell your own produce. Furthermore, due to its demand, organic produce often dominates the market with higher prices. This is because organic products are free of chemicals and pesticides. 

By selling organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, you can fetch premium prices compared to conventionally grown counterparts. You can put up your own stall when a farmer’s market is happening and sell directly to your customers. Or you can also open an online page to expand your market areas. 

Plant-Powered Produce

Plant-powered produce means fruits, herbs, and other vegetables that classify as plant-based food. These food items must contain essential nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and other antioxidants. They include various good foods, like spinach, kale, cauliflower, root vegetables, and berries.

If you have the means to buy from a vendor and double the price to generate a side income, you can grow your own. You can also open your own little shop or sell online and encourage people to incorporate a variety of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits into their diet. 

Consulting for the Environment 

Sustainable Side Hustles That Will Make You Money and Save the Environment

Many big companies want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, which will give their business a good image. You can earn some extra money by offering consulting services to such companies. You can discuss their utility bills and how they can reduce their waste. 

Plus, you can help businesses identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact while improving their eco-conscious lifestyle. You can also become a consultant for event planners and help them reduce waste by incorporating reusable decoration items. These consulting side hustles allow you to expand your expertise while increasing your passion for the environment. 


These sustainable side hustles will help you contribute meaningfully to the environment. Whether you want to offer your consulting services or want to grow your own produce and sell it to people, the potential for profit in such businesses is high and will generate good income as time goes by. As residents of this Earth, we need to become more aware of what’s harming the planet and what’s good for it so we only have win-win situations and save nature for our future generations. As you move towards sustainable living, Beem can help you save money in the long run with insightful financial recommendations.

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Is recycling a good side hustle?

Recycling is a good side hustle for those looking to earn extra money while saving the environment. You can collect recyclable materials like aluminum, plastic bottles, soda cans, cardboard, and water bottles. However, one thing you need to note is that profitability may vary, depending on market demand and your dedication to this project. 

How to be an eco-friendly business?

To start or turn your existing business into an eco-friendly one, you need to set sustainability goals and offer green products and services to your customers. You also need to reduce waste, conserve energy and water, and support sustainable supply chains. Meanwhile, educate your consumers to become environmentally conscious, as this will benefit them in the long run. 

How to go green as a business?

To go green as a business, continuously improve your company policies and practices. You can foster a culture in your office where people keep learning new things about nature and how they can also go eco-friendly quickly. They can purchase plant-based food items from vendors who locally source them. Also, educate your employees, keep them engaged with exp-conscious talks, and show them how you can progress in this feat. 

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