9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024]

For individualized tax solutions, explore beyond TaxAct. To ensure a practical and customized tax preparation experience, diversify your options to better match demands, costs, and assistance.
TaxAct Alternatives
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024]
Explore a world of options for tax preparation by going beyond TaxAct. Choose the options that will work best for you to ensure a smooth and customized filing process.
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Venturing beyond TaxAct’s boundaries presents a plethora of opportunities when it comes to tax planning. This article explores several platforms with unique features, costs, and customer service to meet specific tax filing needs. Come along on this journey to see which option best suits your demands about money management.

9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling

While TaxAct is a commendable tax preparation software with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, individuals and businesses must explore alternative options.

Diversifying choices allows users to find a platform that aligns better with their needs, considering pricing structures, customer support, and unique functionalities. Embracing alternatives can lead to enhanced customization and optimization, making the tax filing process smoother and more tailored to individual requirements.

Diversifying your choices ensures you find the ideal tax preparation solution that aligns seamlessly with your preferences and financial situation. Below is a list of some of the best alternatives to TaxAct, offering diverse features and options to cater to various tax preparation needs:

1. Beem’s Online Tax Filing

trybeemapp logo
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 10
FeaturesBeem’s Online Tax FilingTaxAct
Online Filing AssistanceOffers online tax filing assistance for missed deadlines or extensions.TaxAct may offer support for extensions, but specific terms vary.
Maximum Refund GuaranteeGuarantees maximum refund or 100% money back, reimbursing up to $250 if a higher refund is obtained elsewhere.TaxAct may not explicitly guarantee a maximum refund.
All Combinations SupportedSupports multiple states and all combinations, including W2, 1099, single, joint, etc.TaxAct also supports various tax forms and filing situations.
IRS Penalty ProtectionIt provides $10,000 IRS penalty protection and promising error-free returns.TaxAct’s level of penalty protection may vary.
Security MeasuresUtilizes 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication and adheres to IRS standards for data security.TaxAct also follows security standards, but specific details may vary.

2) H&R Block

H&R Block
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 11
FeaturesH&R BlockTaxAct
Free Online VersionOffers a Free Online version covering simple returns and educational tax breaks.TaxAct may offer a free version, but specific coverage may vary.
User-Friendly System Features a well-designed, interview-style system to minimize potential mistakes.TaxAct may have a different user interface, potentially with variations in smoothness.
Online AssistanceProvides online assistance for virtual tax assistance, including screen sharing.TaxAct may offer online assistance, but the level and methods can differ.
Document Upload OptionsAllows quick W-2 upload and supports file uploads for various forms and expenses.TaxAct may support document uploads, but specifics depend on the version.
Brick-and-Mortar OfficesBoasts about 9,000 physical offices across the U.S. for in-person tax assistance.TaxAct is primarily an online platform, lacking a physical office presence.

3) FreeTaxUSA

Free Tax USA
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 12
Pricing StructureFederal returns are free, but charges apply for state tax returns.TaxAct may have a different pricing structure, including potential federal or state filing fees.
Importing and AmendingOffers options for importing previous tax returns and filing amendments.TaxAct may also support importing and amending returns, but features can vary.
Deluxe Version BenefitsThe deluxe version includes priority live chat, customer support, and access to tax specialists.TaxAct may offer similar premium versions with additional features, but specifics may differ.
Audit ServiceProvides access to tax specialists and an audit service for addressing IRS notices.TaxAct may offer audit support, but the level and methods can vary.
Live Chat and Support          Offers priority live chat and customer support for Deluxe version users.TaxAct may provide customer support, but the level and access can differ based on the version.

4) Cash App Taxes

9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 13
FeaturesCash App TaxesTaxAct
Pricing StructureOffers entirely free tax preparation with one federal and one state return.TaxAct may have different pricing structures, including potential federal or state filing fees.
File ImportingLacks file importing, requiring manual data entry for tax information.TaxAct may support file importing for a smoother data entry process.
Tax Situation ComplexityIt is recommended for users with relatively simple tax situations and a few forms.TaxAct caters to a variety of tax situations, including more complex scenarios.
Restrictions on ReturnsThere are no multiple state returns, foreign income, and limits in community property states.    TaxAct may have fewer restrictions on the types of returns it supports.
Professional Tax Support          Lacks professional tax support, suitable for users confident in handling their taxes.TaxAct may offer professional tax support, depending on the version.

5) TaxSlayer

9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 14
Pricing StructureOffers low-cost tax preparation with four service levels, ranging from free to $60.TaxAct may have different pricing structures, including potential federal or state filing fees.
Self-Employed Tier BenefitsSelf-Employed tier provides tax preparation support from a tax professional for $90.  TaxAct may have a self-employed version, but specific benefits and pricing can vary.
Restrictions on Free Version Simply Free is restricted to filers with less than $100,000 in taxable income.          TaxAct’s free version may have different eligibility criteria and restrictions.
State Return ChargesCharges $40 for each state return for the paid tiers, with one free state return in Simply Free.TaxAct may have different charges for state returns, depending on the version.
Interface and Help ContentInterface and help content may not be as polished, but it offers budget-friendly prices.TaxAct may provide a more polished interface, but features and pricing can differ.

6) Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 15
FeaturesTurbo TaxTaxAct
Free Tiers          Offers a free edition for simple filers with limitations on itemization and schedules.TaxAct may offer a free version with its limitations and eligibility criteria.
Paid PackagesVarious paid packages like Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed cater to different needs.TaxAct also offers different paid tiers to accommodate various tax situations.
Pricing StructurePricing varies based on the package chosen, with additional costs for state filing.TaxAct may have a different pricing structure, with potential federal or state filing fees.
Live AssistanceTurboTax Live offers live assistance, advice, and a final review for an additional cost.TaxAct may provide live assistance with different features and pricing.
User Experience and GuidanceTurboTax is known for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive guidance, and expert support.TaxAct’s user experience and guidance may differ, with variations in interface and support.

7) Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 16
FeaturesJackson HewittTaxAct
Pricing StructureThere is a flat rate of $25 for one federal return and unlimited state returns.TaxAct may have a different pricing structure, with potential federal or state filing fees.
Service TiersOffers a single price for all users, regardless of the complexity of tax situations.TaxAct provides various paid tiers to accommodate different tax needs.
Additional GuaranteesIncludes free IRS audit assistance and a Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee®.TaxAct may offer guarantees, but specifics can vary based on the version.
Website FunctionalityLags behind competitors with limited website functionality (no file uploads).TaxAct’s website functionality may differ, with features like file uploads depending on the version.
In-Person Filing OptionsAllows in-person filing at Walmart or Jackson Hewitt offices for one-on-one assistance.TaxAct primarily operates online, lacking a physical office presence.

8) IRS Free File Program

IRS Free file
9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 17
FeaturesIRS Free File ProgramTaxAct
Pricing StructureOffers free federal tax preparation for eligible taxpayers.TaxAct may have a different pricing structure, with potential federal or state filing fees.
Eligibility Criteria Available for individual tax filers, with no specific income restrictions.TaxAct may cater to a variety of tax situations, but eligibility criteria can vary.
Filing OptionsProvides guided tax preparation or Free File Fillable Forms for electronic filing.TaxAct offers various tax preparation options based on user needs and preferences.
Additional GuaranteesOffers free IRS audit assistance and a Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee®.TaxAct may provide guarantees, but specifics can vary based on the version.
In-Person Filing OptionsPrimarily an online platform, with no mention of in-person filing options.TaxAct is an online platform without a physical office presence.

9) Taxfyle

9 TaxAct Alternatives for Online Tax Filling [2024] 18
Service TypeOn-demand digital tax services connecting users with licensed tax professionals.TaxAct provides tax preparation software for users to file their taxes independently.
Filing OptionsUsers can complete their returns 100% through the Taxfyle app with the help of CPAs or E.A.s.TaxAct offers a digital platform for users to file taxes independently without the assistance of professionals.
Expat FilingTaxfyle offers expat filing services, making it convenient for users outside the U.S.TaxAct may not explicitly mention expat filing services; its focus may vary.
Pricing StructureTaxfyle’s pricing varies based on the level of service, starting at $70 for basic individual filing.TaxAct may have a different pricing structure, including potential fees for federal or state filings.
Audit ProtectionTaxfyle provides an optional audit protection add-on for any package, but the cost is not disclosed.TaxAct may offer audit protection features, depending on the version chosen.

Which Alternative to TaxAct is Right for You?

Choosing a suitable alternative to TaxAct depends on your specific needs. If you prefer a user-friendly interface and comprehensive guidance, TurboTax offers various packages based on your tax situation.

H&R Block is an excellent option with a well-designed system, ideal for simple to complex returns, and features in-person filing options. FreeTaxUSA provides mostly free federal tax services, making it budget-friendly.

For a fully online experience, TaxSlayer offers no-frills, low-cost tax preparation, which is especially beneficial for freelancers.

What is Tax Software, and How Does it Work?

Tax software is a digital tool designed to streamline income tax return preparation, filing, and management. Users input their financial information, and the software calculates tax liabilities, deductions, and credits.

It automates complex calculations, provides step-by-step guidance, and offers a user-friendly interface. Users can often e-file their returns directly through the software, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Tax software ranges from basic versions for simple returns to advanced solutions catering to complex financial situations, making the tax preparation process accessible, convenient, and less inclined to errors than manual processes.

Who Should Use Tax Software?

Tax software is ideal for individuals and businesses seeking an efficient and accurate way to prepare and file income tax returns. It caters to those with straightforward financial situations, including W-2 employees, and those with more intricate needs, such as self-employed individuals, freelancers, and small businesses. 

The software provides step-by-step guidance, automates calculations, and helps users maximize deductions and credits.

Additionally, it benefits expats, investors, and those with multiple income sources. Anyone looking for a streamlined, user-friendly, and often cost-effective solution for tax preparation can benefit from using tax software.

Who Shouldn’t Use Tax Software?

Individuals with highly complex tax situations, such as extensive investments, intricate business structures, or unique tax scenarios, may find tax software limitations.

High-net-worth individuals with numerous deductions, credits, and international considerations might prefer professional tax advice. 

People uncomfortable with technology or those seeking personalized, face-to-face interactions may also opt for traditional tax professionals. Additionally, anyone facing legal or IRS-related challenges may benefit from the expertise of a tax professional. 

Those with highly specialized financial situations or a preference for personalized guidance might find tax software less suitable than professional assistance.

How to Choose the Best Online Tax Software?

To choose the best online tax software:

  1. Consider your financial complexity, preferred features, and budget.
  2. Assess if the software accommodates your tax situation, such as self-employment, investments, or expat filing.
  3. Look for user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive guidance, and accuracy guarantees.
  4. Compare pricing structures, ensuring transparency regarding any additional fees.
  5. Read user reviews for insights into reliability and customer support.
  6. Check for security measures to protect sensitive information.

Popular options like TurboTax, Beem, H&R Block, and TaxAct offer diverse features, allowing you to select based on your precise needs and preferences.

Why is Tax Preparation Software Important?

Tax preparation software is crucial in simplifying and optimizing the often intricate filing of income tax returns, and several vital advantages underscore its importance:


Tax preparation software significantly reduces the time required for manual calculations and form-filling. Automation streamlines the process, guiding users through each step and eliminating the need for extensive paperwork.

This efficiency benefits individuals and businesses with tight schedules, ensuring a quicker turnaround in completing tax-related tasks.

Highly Accurate

Accuracy in tax filing is paramount to avoid errors, penalties, or audits. Tax software leverages sophisticated algorithms and up-to-date tax codes to perform precise calculations.

The chance of human error is minimized, ensuring that deductions, credits, and other financial details are accurately accounted for. This accuracy contributes to the overall reliability of the tax return.

Less Expensive Than a CPA

Engaging a certified public accountant (CPA) for tax preparation can be costly. Tax preparation software provides a cost-effective alternative, offering a range of packages to fit different budgetary considerations. This affordability makes it accessible to a broader spectrum of individuals and businesses, democratizing access to professional-quality tax assistance.

E-Filing Facilities Recognized by the IRS

Most tax preparation software platforms facilitate electronic filing (e-filing), a method endorsed by the IRS. E-filing not only expedites the submission of tax returns but also ensures secure and timely delivery to tax authorities. The IRS encourages e-filing due to its efficiency, reducing the likelihood of errors associated with paper submissions.

Simple Record Keeping

Tax software often includes features for digital record-keeping, allowing users to organize and store relevant financial documents electronically. It simplifies the documentation process and ensures all necessary information is readily available during tax preparation. Digital record-keeping also contributes to a more organized and audit-ready financial profile.


In conclusion, tax preparation software is a vital tool that combines efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility in managing income tax returns. Automating calculations, offering user-friendly interfaces, and enabling e-filing simplify the complex tax preparation process. 

It saves time, lessens the risk of errors, and provides a cost-effective alternative to engaging a certified public accountant (CPA). With digital record-keeping features, tax software contributes to organized and audit-ready financial profiles. Tax software is an indispensable asset for individuals and businesses, enhancing the overall tax preparation experience.

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