Your Complete Guide to Texas Tax Forms in 2024

Understanding and managing tax obligations in Texas is crucial for residents. This comprehensive guide details essential Texas tax forms, how to obtain and complete them, and explores available state tax credits and deductions.
Texas Tax Forms
Your Complete Guide to Texas Tax Forms in 2024
Filing taxes in Texas involves understanding and completing several important forms. Read this blog to know some of the most common tax forms you'll need as a Texas resident, to ensure you remain organized and compliant with state regulations.
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Are you new to Texas and finding the state’s tax laws confusing? You’re not alone—many people struggle with understanding the various tax regulations and requirements unique to each state. Texas has its own taxpayer criteria, and navigating these can be challenging. This article aims to demystify the process by providing a detailed overview of essential Texas tax forms and how to obtain them. We will also delve into Texas’s tax credits and deductions, helping you minimize your tax liability. Whether you’re a new resident or just seeking clarity, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to handle your Texas taxes confidently and efficiently.

Texas Tax Forms

Filing taxes in Texas involves understanding and completing several important forms. Here are some of the most common tax forms you’ll need as a Texas resident, to ensure you remain organized and compliant with state regulations:

Sales and Use Tax

Sales and use tax is a type of tax form that taxpayers specify to showcase their sales and their income. If it is not filed electronically, this form must be mailed. 

Franchise Tax

Franchise tax is a type of tax levied on a business or a partnership. It is a state-level tax that is not applicable to franchises, regardless of their name. 

Applications for Tax Exemption

Some forms are specially designed to apply for tax exemptions. Thus, federal Charitable organizations, homeowner associations, and religious groups can apply for tax exemptions in Texas. 

Agricultural and Timber Exemption Forms

Farmers and ranchers who deal with agricultural and timber products can apply for tax exemptions via the Agricultural and timber exemption form. Such forms offer tax exemption to a certain percentage and even offer better returns. 

Fuels Tax, IFTA, and Interstate Truckers

Interstate transportation heavily depends on fuel, and high fuel taxes can greatly affect it. Fuel taxes can help interstate truckers and transportation companies get better tax exemptions and deductions. 

Motor Vehicle Tax

Motor vehicle tax is a type of tax a taxpayer pays if he or she purchases a vehicle. The tax is around 6.25 % of the sales price and is paid to other states if it is bought there and moved to Texas. 

How to Obtain Texas Tax Forms

Obtaining Texas tax forms is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get them:

  1. Texas Comptroller’s Website: Visit the Texas Comptroller’s official website to access the Texas tax forms.
  2. Texas Sales and Use Tax Forms: Go directly to the Sales and Use Tax Forms page and download the necessary forms and instructions.
  3. Local Comptroller Field Offices: Visit one of the Texas Comptroller’s field offices. You can find the nearest location using the Field Office Locator.
  4. Request by Phone: Call the Texas Comptroller’s office at 1-800-252-5555.

Tax Credits and Deductions in Texas

Texans enjoy many perks offered by the local government that can help them maintain their fields and agricultural land. One can benefit from homestead exemptions, agricultural and open space land exemptions, disabled veteran exemptions, and solar and wind energy device exemptions in Texas. Also, various federal tax credits, including earned income tax, child tax, mortgage interest deduction, and energy efficiency home improvement credits, are available to Texans. The local government also offers residents tax abatement agreements and increment financing to minimize the tax burden. 


Every state has different requirements for its residents, including traffic rules, taxes, and government regulations. As a new resident, you must learn and observe these rules before settling down, especially if you are filing tax in Texas and are obtaining Texas tax forms. Understanding how taxes work in Texas is important and while most tax laws can be learned with time and experience, having the right tools can make this process easier.

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