Trick or Treat: Have a Budget-Friendly Halloween This Year

You can celebrate Halloween on a budget. We’re here to debunk how to plan your celebrations with 7 ways to celebrate Halloween on a budget.
Trick or Treat: Have a Budget-Friendly Halloween This Year
Halloween is right around the corner. Time for the creepy creeps, goosebumps and candies. If you haven’t thought about it already, it’s time to start planning. Everything, from décor to costumes — the sooner you start planning, the better and cheaper.

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With all the spooky costumes and scary stories around this season, Halloween is easily one of the best and most fun holidays of the year. Just because it is a dress-up holiday, that doesn’t mean it won’t take a toll on your wallet. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a budget-friendly Halloween.

Yes, we are telling you that you can celebrate Halloween on a budget. Did you know that with some creative thinking, you can avoid festive money traps? If you didn’t, we’re here to debunk that for you with 7 ways to celebrate Halloween on a budget.

Pull Out That Needle and Thread

Skip the store-hunt for a costume. Instead, save yourself some time and money by looking through the corners of your closet for something you can turn into a Halloween costume.

You could throw on a bright shirt with shorts, sandals, shades and a sunscreen nose that will give you a tourist look. You could even throw on a black scarf as a cape and to look like a vampire — with a touch of goth make-up, you will look like one.

Oh, and yes, speaking of make-up, you get better deals at beauty stores and drug stores instead of party stores. Make way for a budget-friendly Halloween.

Don’t Buy It, Diy It

DIY is easy, but where do you find raw materials for cheap? Dollar stores and thrift shops will work well for you.

We know, those motion-sensor decorations are neat, catch the eye and make the kids jump. But we’ll pass on those prices. Go to dollar stores and find seasonal, minimalist decor for just a few bucks. And don’t forget the raw materials you need to make decor for yourself.

Chuck the Candy

Don’t be a Scrooge (wrong holiday reference, we are aware) and ignore the trick-or-treaters come October 31. But you don’t have to waste money either, by buying bags of fun-sized candy, which may or may not be enough.

Swap the candy for stickers, spider rings or glow-in-the-dark bracelets and so on. The best part is you can save leftovers for next year.

We know that you are highly capable of eating your way through leftover bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups, but do you want all those extra calories (once on your lips forever on your hips, remember?). Or do you prefer a guilt trip from the dentist? You decide!

Don’t Waste Your Pumpkin

You know what, there’s more your pumpkin can do for you on Halloween than just prop your window as an orange lantern decor. Make it a budget-friendly Halloween pumpkin.

You can puree your pumpkin and add it to a pasta dish, roast the seeds, make a planter, or even a pumpkin face mask. Then there’s also the pumpkin spice lattes! Don’t waste your orange-gourd leftovers.

One, Two, Free

Bring your kids to free events. Taking them to haunted hayrides, ghost tours and amusement parks will cost you an admission fee. Entertain them with free Halloween events instead.

Take them to a local fall festival, costume parades, trunk-or-treat events, or even an outdoor movie screening. That’s a great way to keep the Halloween spirit without spending a dime.

Or you could even host a pumpkin carving party with kids and their friends. So, you don’t have to put yourself out there, spending money, to have a ghoulishly good time.

Let’s Talk Halloween Food

Hosting a party? A great way to save money is to make all of the Halloween-themed food. This may take a tad bit of your time and require planning but will do your wallets some extra good.

Moreover, it’s the best way to add your own personal touch to your party. And your options are pretty limitless with creative food ideas for your party. The best part is it will save you quite a bit of money too

Simple is Better, Less is More

Keep it simple, always! Remember that simple is usually better. You don’t need complicated games that require plenty of supplies to have yourself a good time.

Pull out some old classics, like pinning the tail on a donkey, or a spider on the web (you know because it’s Halloween). Simple, but a whole lot of fun. There are many ways to keep celebrating Halloween, but simple is the new sexy, so keep that in mind when planning your party.

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