10 beauty hacks for dry, winter skin: How to protect yourself


1. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water. This way you will not lose too much water.

2. Harsh cleansers can dry your skin. Use a gentle one to avoid stripping natural oils.

3. Use humidifiers to combat dryness and maintain indoor humidity at home.

4. Select a moisturizer for dry skin. Apply promptly after showering to avoid dry skin.

5. Exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells for better moisturizer and cream absorption.

6. Hot water can worsen dryness. Take a lukewarm bath instead with aromatic oils.

7. Wear protective clothes and shield your skin from the harsh winter winds.

8. Include foods rich in omega-3s in your diet for better skin nourishment.

9. DIY hydrating masks using natural ingredients like honey and avocado for your skin.

10. UV rays continue even in winter, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you step out.

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