10 best snacks to boost you on your Black Friday shopping spree


1. Energy bars are convenient and packed with nutrients for sustained energy during Black Friday.

2. Have a box of mixed nuts as a protein-rich mix for a quick and filling snack.

3. Keep a customizable blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits handy in your bag.

4. Pick fresh fruits from your local grocery store for a natural and refreshing energy boost.

5. Pop in a bar of dark chocolate as a sweet treat as well as a mood-enhancing boost.

6. Grab a few granola bars; they are easy to carry and a great source of fiber and energy.

7. For a balanced combo for a quick and satisfying snack, you can have cheese and crackers.

8. Try the yogurt parfait filled with layers of yogurt, granola, and fruit for a tasty pick-me-up.

9. Light and whole-grain, a satisfying option for long shopping hours is popcorn.

10. For a healthy, crunchy and nutritious break, have vegetable sticks with hummus.

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