10 best vegan alternatives for your Thanksgiving dinner this year


1. You can cook vegan stuffed portobello mushrooms for a satisfying, savory main dish.

2. Make a lentil and vegetable shepherd's pie as an alternative to the meat version.

3. Wrap a vegan Wellington with layers of plant-based goodness in flaky pastry.

4. An alternative to the traditional gravy is mushroom gravy, which is rich in flavor.

5. You can roast and season some Brussels sprouts for a delicious side dish.

6. Try fresh cranberry quinoa salad to give a protein-packed addition to your meal.

7. For healthy soup options, prepare a Vegan Pumpkin Soup added with fall flavors.

8. A plant-based twist on a classic dish is the vegan green bean casserole for the meal.

9. A stuffed acorn squash is filled with a flavourful mix of grains, nuts, and dried fruit.

10. Try a vegan version of the pecan pie without dairy or eggs to finish with a dessert.

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