10 celebs banned from talk shows: Madonna to Donald Trump


1. Madonna, who’s worth $1.2B, is banned from Piers Morgan's show due to a long feud.

2. Joan Rivers, who is worth $150M, was banned from Johnny Carson's show after she got her show.

3. Kathy Griffin, who boasts $35 million, is banned from multiple shows for her controversial behavior.

4. Gary Busey, with a net worth of $100K, is banned from ‘The Howard Stern Show’ for erratic behavior.

5. Gilbert Gottfried, whose net worth is $8 million, is banned from Howard Stern's show for a controversial joke.

6. Howard Stern, worth $900 million, is banned from 'The Tonight Show' for disruptive behavior.

7. Chevy Chase, worth $50 million, is banned from ‘Saturday Night Live’ after hitting a cast member.

8. Dax Shepard, worth $40 million, is banned from Conan for appearing intoxicated on the show.

9. Donald Trump, who boasts a $2.6 billion net worth, is banned from ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’.

10. The Kardashians are not allowed on Anderson Cooper's show due to overexposure.

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