10 hacks to Black Friday shopping: How to shop stress-free


1. Start planning early by researching Black Friday deals and create a shopping list in advance.

2. Set up notifications for your desired items on shopping apps to get online alerts.

3. You can utilize dedicated store apps for exclusive deals and discounts.

4. Don’t be carried away and buy what you see; Prioritize your products to avoid unnecessary stress.

5. Team up and shop with friends or family to divide tasks and maximize efficiency.

6. Shopping can tire you; Stay hydrated by bringing water and snacks to stay energized.

7. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes during Black Friday shopping.

8. Don’t get lost while shopping. Be familiar with store layouts to save time.

9. Don’t waste time in paying cash at stores; Pay digitally for quicker transactions.

10. Be kind to yourself; Take short breaks during the spree to relax to avoid shopping fatigue.

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