7 top tips to squeeze the most out of your salary every month


Salary being credited to the account is one happy moment. The next second, it disappears.

Bills, unexpected expenses, and emergencies are always around. Here are 7 ways to maximize your salary.

1. Create a budget and track your expenses with an app like Beem. Identify areas you are overspending.

2. Credit card balances can add to high-interest debts. Minimize debt and don’t carry over balance.

3. Be a smart shopper. Use cashback apps, loyalty programs, and discount codes when you shop.

4. Eating outside is fun, but expensive. Recreate dishes at home and enjoy on a budget.

5. If you’ve been loyal to certain cable or internet companies, try negotiating your bills.

6. Reduce automated subscriptions for streaming and grocery delivery. Use what you need.

7. With your income, squeeze in some amount for savings that will help in the long run.

Use the Beem app to budget better, plan your expenses, and maximize your savings.