Corgi Olivia from 'Hammy & Olivia' dies at 8: How the duo rose to fame


Olivia, the Corgi from viral dog duo ‘Hammy and Olivia’, has died at age 8.

On Nov 8, Olivia's owner, Chris Equale, announced she died from kidney failure.

Chris shared the news in a video posted on TikTok, that has over 7M views and 78K comments.

The pet duo became an internet sensation back in 2020.

Their parents, Chris and Sarah, shared videos of them dressing up in adorable costumes.

The couple adopted Olivia five years ago, and Hammy, two years later. 

They created their TikTok channel to cope with boredom and dismay during the pandemic.

They have appeared in hundreds of videos since then and in shows like ‘Access Hollywood.’

The Corgis' fan base consists of 6 million TikTok followers and 1 million Instagram followers.

Hammy and Olivia have an estimated net worth of about $18.27 million.

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