How Kim Kardashian became GQ's Man of the Year


Since 1995, GQ has been awarding people who changed the worlds of music, sports, and fashion.

This year, GQ chose internet sensation Kim Kardashian for ‘Men of the Year’ cover.

However, the cover sparked both admiration and criticism, with some questioning the decision.

GQ argued that she represents a new era of non-traditional success in the industry.

Her business ventures, including shapewear brand SKIMS, have contributed to her success.

SKIMS has gathered a total of $669 million in funding from four rounds.

Her ability to turn her reality TV fame into a multi-billion dollar empire is another factor.

She also leverages her 363 million Instagram followers for endorsements and SKKN by Kim skincare.

43-year-old model, actress, and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has a net worth of $1.8B in 2023.

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