Jennifer Lawrence net worth: 'No Hard Feelings' on Netflix


R-rated comedy ‘No Hard Feelings’, which hit theaters in June 2023, is streaming on Netflix.

The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, who plays an Uber driver hired to date a shy 19-year-old.

Alongside Lawrence, Matthew Broderick and Laura Benanti play wealthy parents.

The film made $15 million in the first week, while its global gross now stands at  $87.1 million.

As ‘No Hard Feelings’ takes the top spot on Netflix's chart, Lawrence earned $25 million in salary. 

Lawrence’s first role came in 2006, when she was 16, for ‘Company Town’ that never got telecasted.

Lawrence owns a house in Beverly Hills worth $8M and a 5,000 sqft apartment worth $22M.

The Oscar winner’s net worth, which comes largely from films, is $160 million in 2023.

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