‘Take Care of Maya' verdict: Jury finds hospital liable for $220M.


John Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Florida is found liable for the wrongful death of Beata Kowalski.

The hospital was also found liable for the fraudulent billing of Jack Kowalski, Maya’s father.

The Kowalski family was awarded more than $211 million in damages.

The ordeal of Beata, who died by suicide, was covered in Netflix documentary ‘Take Care of Maya’.

Maya was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that causes pain in response to touch.

In 2016, Jack and Beata faced tremendous hardships when 10-year-old Maya was admitted to the hospital.

Maya was placed in state custody. Beata killed herself after not having been allowed to meet Maya for 2 months.

The documentary debuted on Netflix in June. Its popularity helped the trial.

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