Top 10 crazy facts about 'Stranger Things' you didn't know


1. Over 1000 kids auditioned for 'Stranger Things', with Gaten Matarazzo landing his role as Dustin.

2. The show was initially titled 'Montauk' before the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, took center stage.

3. The eerie alternate dimension “Upside Down” was almost called the “Nether”.

4. Indiana Jones inspired Chief Hopper's iconic hat to make David Harbour look like a hero.

5. Over 361,000 people binge-watched the second season of 'Stranger Things' in just 24 hours.

6. Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike, filmed his audition tape from his sickbed and still aced it.

7. Millie Bobby Brown contemplated quitting acting before landing the role of Eleven.

8. The Duffer Brothers faced over a dozen rejections before Netflix took over the show.

9. Not all 'Stranger Things' stars are from the US. Charlie Heaton is from the UK, and Millie is Spanish-born.

10. Eleven started with just 42 lines in Season 1, getting more talkative in subsequent seasons.

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