Top 7 tips to make the holidays safer for your pets


The holiday season can be risky for pet owners as pets can be pampered with too much sweets.

1. When there is a get-together, keep food away from your pets and request your guests to do the same.

2. Avoid excess treats that contain chocolates, grapes, raisins, onions, and other harmful foods.

3. Don’t leave your pet alone in a room with candles, decorated trees, or potpourri.

4. Mistletoe, lilies, and other holiday plants must be kept out of their reach as they can try to eat them.

5. If you have a cat, be careful of tinsel. Consider leaving it off your tree as they may choke on them.

6. Secure and barricade your Christmas tree. Pets may be tempted to jump or climb them.

7. Create a safe space for your pets to escape when they get scared or if you have guests at home.

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