Trolls Band Together: How to watch NSYNC's soundtrack film


‘Trolls Band Together’, the third installment in the ‘Trolls’ series, hits theaters on November 17.

The movie features Poppy and Branch as a couple, uncovering Branch's secret past as part of the boy band BroZone.

Joining the cast are musical talents Camila Cabello, Eric Andre, Amy Schumer and NSYNC.

NSYNC's song ‘Better Place’ is a highlight of the movie's soundtrack, marking their first release since 2002.

The film promises a mix of holiday cheer, adventure and emotional moments.

The star-studded cast includes Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick with a lineup of returning characters.

The net worth of NSYNC members ranges from $7 million to $250 million.

‘Trolls Band Together’ has already grossed $68.8 million internationally. 

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