Why Pharrell Williams is under fire for $1 million Louis Vuitton bag


Pharrell Williams is facing criticism for a $1 million LV Millionaire Speedy bag, made of crocodile leather.

The bag, part of a made-to-order collection, features bright colors, diamonds and gold hardware.

Pharrell, Louis Vuitton’s creative director, introduced the bag, available only for vetted clientele.

Fashion activists are criticizing the bag as an insensitive display of global north privilege.

Some believe the use of exotic materials like crocodile leather raises ethical concerns.

The luxury fashion industry also faces renewed scrutiny for using exotic skins.

The Millionaire Speedy bag arrives amid ongoing discussions about the nature of luxury fashion.

Pharrell Williams boasts a net worth estimated at an impressive $250-$270 million in 2023. 

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