Will your marriage end in divorce? TikTok reveals how to predict it


How accurate can you be in predicting a divorce with just one piece of information?

It's easy for TikTok users as they seem to have found the secret. Read on to know more.

The analysis is that marriage goes for a toss if the person who proposed did it just to please their partner.

TikTok users are claiming this move means they may not have really wanted to be with their partner.

A marriage therapist has said that it is going to be different for each relationship.

It is important to look at your partner's behavior than the length of the relationship itself.

Look at their history in terms of openness, loyalty, and honesty in their relationship.

If you have a good rapport with your partner and a history of trust, you are less likely to divorce.

If your partner gives you a shut-up ring, have a word with them about your feelings about marriage.

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