What Happens If You Don’t File Robinhood Taxes

Robinhood is often misunderstood as an investment platform that avoids taxes. The consequences of failing to file Robinhood taxes can be severe. Read on to know more.
Robinhood taxes
What Happens If You Don’t File Robinhood Taxes
You can get penalized or jailed if you do not file Robinhood taxes. One should file taxes before the due date to avoid any such penalty.
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There is a myth that online brokerage and stock trading can help people evade taxes. But this might end very badly for you. Robinhood is an online application stock trading with no commission while its users trade.

There are no brokerage fees for buying and selling stocks; it provides an edge to people who want to try their luck in stock trading. But how do you avoid fines and penalties while trading online? And how can evading Robinhood taxes result in trouble for you? In this article, you will learn how to manage a Robinhood trading account. 

What Happens If You Don’t File Robinhood Taxes?

If you don’t file Robinhood Taxes, then you have to face several negative consequences, including:

  1. Penalties and Interest: The IRS will assess penalties and interest on any unpaid taxes. These charges can accumulate quickly and significantly increase your tax liability.
  2. Underpayment of Taxes: If you don’t report your Robinhood income, you may end up underpaying your taxes. This could result in an unexpected tax bill and potential penalties.
  3. Backup Withholding: If you fail to provide Robinhood with your correct tax information, they may withhold 24% of your taxable income. This is a precautionary measure to ensure the IRS collects taxes on your Robinhood earnings.
  4. Tax Audits: The IRS may select you for an audit if they suspect you are not reporting all of your income. An audit can be time-consuming and stressful, and it could result in additional penalties and interest.
  5. Legal Issues: In severe cases, failing to file taxes can lead to legal consequences, including criminal charges.

In short, not filing Robinhood taxes is a bad idea and can have serious consequences.

One should file taxes before the due date to avoid any such penalty. Using an online broker or a traditional broker isn’t a factor. Any investment you make requires you to pay taxes. 

How are IRS Efforts to Catch Robinhood Tax Criminals?

The IRS keeps a close eye on defaulters, who still need to report their earnings by buying and selling stocks using Robinhood. The company is involved with the IRS to help them catch such individuals.

The company has provided information about such people while maintaining the privacy of its other users. Some rumors suggest that the IRS may target audits of specific groups, such as young people or low-income taxpayers.

The Consequences of Not Reporting Robinhood Taxes

Individuals who are caught evading taxes have been charged significantly. They have to pay high taxes on what they owe, and if they fail, the IRS is liable to use legal remedies. Tax evaders can face imprisonment for up to five years and substantial fines. In addition to imposing civil penalties, the IRS may also impose criminal penalties.

Always consult a tax professional or seek assistance like Beem provides online in case of any doubts.

How to File Taxes if You Made Money on Robinhood

One should take extra care about transactions and earnings while using Robinhood. They must file taxes depending on their tax bracket and earning requirements. With accurate, detailed records, they can minimize fines and penalties. One should consult a tax attorney if the IRS reviews your records. 

With practical financial guidance, one can avoid penalties and even worst-case scenarios. 

Report all taxable income

Most people are fined because they fail to elaborate on their taxable incomes. One must collect all transactions and receipts while using Robinhood. Sometimes, small miscellaneous income can add up to a more extensive sum, putting you in deep trouble. 

File your taxes on time

The other mistake people make is filing taxes on the final day. Sometimes, you may miss or forget about taxes due to an emergency. Always file taxes two or three days before the deadline. 

Use the correct forms

Ensure that the form you are using to report Robinhood income is proper. Form 1040 is usually used to report incomes from stocks. Your form might be accepted if you use the appropriate form. 

Keep good records

A good record of transactions always helps with filing taxes and managing money. It will help you understand what you earn and owe in depth. If you like, you can also consult a financial advisor for tips. 

For tax advice or questions, consult a tax specialist

People unaware of their taxes make silly mistakes and eventually pay hefty fines. Always consult a tax advisor or a specialist to ensure you have everything you order while filing for taxes. 


The consequences of failing to file taxes related to your Robinhood activities can be severe. Tax obligations, including late filing penalties and interest accruals, are essential for your financial and legal security.

Robinhood is often misunderstood as an investment platform that avoids taxes. Robinhood users should consult with an experienced tax attorney who can provide individualized advice based on their unique financial circumstances if they use the service.

Remember, you can file personal tax returns on Beem. It’s an easy online process.

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