Where’s my Refund Missouri?

Are you a resident of Missouri and wondering, “Where’s my tax refund?” This blog will help you with the answer. Read on to know about the deductions, tax brackets and the reasons for delay.
Where's my refund Missouri
Where’s my Refund Missouri?
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Filed your taxes and eagerly waiting for that much-needed refund? If you are from Missouri, do this step before inquiring about your refund. Firstly, ensure whether or not you have submitted or electronically filed (e-filed) your state tax returns with the Missouri Department of Revenue. 

Where’s My Tax Refund – Missouri State

You can verify the status of your Missouri state tax return through the website you have used to file the return. All you need is to log into your account and check for the submission status. Once it assures you that the submission was successful, you can proceed by checking the current status of the filing.  

If you have used a paper format, you should refer to those sources to determine whether your return has been processed or accepted.

How To Check The Status Of Your Missouri State Refund Online

To obtain the refund status of individual income tax returns in Missouri, use the Missouri Return Inquiry System. While accessing the service, you have to provide the following information:

  1. Missouri refund (indicating that it is a Missouri state tax return)
  2. The first Social Security number listed on your tax return.
  3. Choose the filing status as indicated in your form.
  4. Input the total amount you are expecting for a refund or balance due.
  5. The specific tax year is associated with the return.

Subsequently, click on ‘Check Status’ to know the current status update. Alternatively, you can inquire by contacting 573-751-3505.

You can monitor your refund status by visiting the  Missouri Return/Refund Tracker page.

Email Tax Support:  [email protected]

What Can Cause A Delay In My Missouri Refund?

Several factors may lead to a delay in your Missouri refund, such as:  

  1. Mathematical errors or other adjustments in your return.
  2. Utilizing multiple form types to file your return.
  3. Only complete information in your return.

Missouri Tax Brackets

Take a look at the tax brackets applicable in Missouri state if your salary is about $61,000 and you are filing your taxes individually:

Tax TypeMarginal Tax RateEffective Tax Rate2023 Taxes*
Total Income Taxes20.11%$12,286
Income After Taxes$48,817
Retirement Contributions$0
Take-Home Pay$48,817

Here are two primary purposes for claiming a tax deduction-

  1. To reduce the tax rate 
  2. To lower the taxable income. 

The Missouri state tax refund you receive also depends on the total number of deductions you have claimed.

Missouri State Tax Deductions & Credits

Missouri taxpayers can claim a standard deduction on their state tax return. This condition is applicable only if they choose not to itemize their deductions on their federal tax return. The standard deduction amounts in Missouri align with the corresponding federal standard deduction amounts.

Filing StatusStandard Deductions
Single Fillers and those who are married but filing separately$13,850. 
Joint filers and qualifying surviving spouses$27,700
Head of household filers$20,800
Individuals aged 65 or older or those who are blindCan claim a higher standard deduction.


To track the status of your Missouri state tax refund, ensure its successful submission through the filing platform you have used. Additionally, you can utilize the Missouri Return/Refund Tracker or reach out at their helpline number for further details. 

Be aware to provide all essential details, such as the refund type, Social Security number, filing status, expected refund amount, and tax year. Missing any information can cause delays in refunds. Remember, proper understanding and claiming appropriate tax deductions can impact the amount of your Missouri state tax refund.

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