Where’s My Tax Refund – Rhode Island State?

Are you a resident of Rhode Island State and wondering, “Where’s my tax refund?” The Rhode Island Division of Taxation website will give you the necessary answers. Read on to learn more about the nuances of availing a tax refund in Rhode Island.
Where’s My Tax Refund – Rhode Island State
Where’s My Tax Refund – Rhode Island State?
This blog attempts to answer the question, “Where’s My Tax Refund?” that any Rhode Island State resident might have. If you want your refund quickly, ensure you file your taxes accurately and on schedule.
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The deadline for filing the taxes for the financial year of 2023 is near. You have to complete this process before April 15, 2024. It’s time to step up and make prompt decisions. If you’ve already filed your taxes and are waiting for your refund, any delay is bound to cause frustration. Let’s explore how Rhode Island State residents can track their tax refund status.

Look no further than this comprehensive guide that details the process to check your return status. Let’s begin!

Where’s My Tax Refund – Rhode Island State?

You can check your refund for the state of Rhode Island through multiple methods. You can receive an update via call, mail, or taxation website. So don’t worry, because getting information has become effortless. 

Remember to check your refund status at least 2-3 weeks after electronic tax filing. Taxes filed on paper may take longer, and residents should wait 4-6 weeks for them.

How To Check The Status Of Your Rhode Island State Refund Online

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to get an idea of the status of your Rhode Island Refund. 

Step 1: Go to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation website. The link to the website is

Step 2: Find and click on the link “Where’s My Refund?” on any similar option.

Step 3: The website will take you to the refund page, where you must enter details like your Social Security Number (SSN) or individual taxpayer Identification Number (IITN), filing type, and expected refund amount.

Step 4: Click submit or a similar button to receive your refund status.

Step 5: If your refund status shows no update, even after six weeks, contact the Division of Taxation for inquiry. 

Remember, you can always try Beem to file your federal and state taxes without hidden charges and get the maximum refund.

What Can Cause A Delay In My Rhode Island Refund?

You might wonder why your Rhode Island tax refund is delayed. Let’s look at some reasons why this situation could arise. 

Incomplete or missing data or misinformation

If the taxpayer misses out on submitting any data or enters the wrong information, the Division of Taxation takes longer for verification. Income deduction verification and other changes may cause delays as well. 

Paper Tax Filing

Some citizens prefer paper over electronic tax filing. Paper filing often translates to a longer wait for returns and also read

Complex Tax Return Situations

Your deduction calculation and verification becomes complex if you are a self-employed taxpayer or have multiple income sources. Such tax returns may get delayed. 

Claiming Credits

People who claim their credits until at least mid-February may face processing delays. This situation happens due to a law by the IRS that may affect your tax return date (when connected with federal returns).

Pending Taxes

If you owe taxes or have outstanding debt, the Division of Taxation will assist you in settling them before giving you a refund (if any). This process also causes delays.

Rhode Island Tax Brackets

The tax brackets for Rhode Island are near the country average. Let’s check them out.

Those earning between $0 and $68,200 must pay 3.75% taxes.

Those earning between $68,201 and $155,050 must pay 4.75% taxes.

For those earning above $155,050, taxes of 5.99% are applicable. 

Rhode Island State Tax Deductions & Credits

If you are a taxpayer in Rhode Island, you cannot claim itemized tax deductions. However, a standard deduction scheme is available. Here is the required data for tax filers in 2023. 

If you are single, you can claim a deduction of $10,000.

Married taxpayers can get a joint return of $20,050.

Tax credits can help residents lower their tax liability. Here are some credit options that Rhode Island offers.

Research and Development Credit

You can get property credit and qualified research expense credit in Rhode Island. This credit helps incentivize companies to invest in R&D activities happening in the state.

Jobs Incentive Tax Credit

If you are a business and create new jobs in Rhode Island, you can get an annual tax credit depending on the job wages and other criteria. 

Rebuild Rhode Island Tax Credit

With this credit type, you can get help with real estate projects with a minimum cost of $5 million.


Rhode Island State residents might find filing taxes to be a complex task. It helps to fill in accurate information and submit the required documents on time. If you fail, your refund may get delayed. You can check the state website for any updates on your tax refund status.

If you need any help with filing your taxes, try Beem. We can calculate your taxes, file them as soon as possible, and guarantee 24/7 support for any queries. Let Beem help you through an effortless tax filing and return journey.

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