5 Essential Tips for Moms Returning to Work

With a change in work practices, there is also a change in the competitive work environment. Here are 5 action tips every mom should adopt before returning to their workplace.
5 Essential Tips for Moms Returning to Work
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There is not a single person who has escaped the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, but the most affected are probably moms. But the scenario has changed and moms are returning to active work, thanks to a drastic upheaval in work culture.

In 2020, just between March and April, nearly 3.5 million mothers with children who were going to school had to quit active work, according to a report by the US Census Bureau. By January this year, almost 10 million American moms with school-age kids were not actively going to work. Now with kids going back to school and the country’s economy reopening, several mothers will want to go back to active jobs with regular incomes.

Why More and More Women Are Working Today?

Women who were not working before the pandemic are also considering joining work. With remote and flexible work opportunities opening up and becoming the norm, many women are returning to the workforce in the post-pandemic era.

With a change in work practices, there is also a change in the competitive work environment. The job market is more intense than before and moms will have to be extra efficient and stand out from the rest if they want the kind of jobs that they are looking for.

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Top 5 Tips for Moms Returning to Work

Here are 5 action tips every mom should adopt before returning to the workforce.

Refresh Your Profile

Update your resume. You may have developed several new skills or done a course or simply expanded your repertoire of hobbies. Add them all to your CV. Expand your LinkedIn profile. Enhance your outlook with new recommendations and prepare yourself by practicing your interview skills.

Start Your Search Early

Even if you don’t intend to return to work until late summer or fall, you may want to start applying for jobs right away.

The reason: The process takes time. It pays to have an early start. The job search process takes a minimum of a month at the very least and the vetting process can easily go for three to four months, especially if the applications are for senior and executive positions. The interview process itself could stretch for days and you might have to move through multiple interview rounds. Have a head start. Get the process rolling sooner rather than later.

Track Hiring Seasons

Hiring chances are high at certain months of the year. It isn’t consistent across the year. Fall is a great time. So is January.

The start of the New Year sees companies start with new budgets and looking for new recruits. Fall will see many organizations relook at their budget and recruit more employees before the year closes out. The months of January and September are usually the most active hiring months and are ideally a good time to send your feelers out, start networking and build your contacts.

The months in between, like December and summer are slow months. Use the time to prep for jobs and work on your skill set.

Market Yourself

Companies are not just looking for anyone and everyone. The market is for experts. So no matter what field you are applying in, you need to be visible as an expert in your industry.

Being a generalist makes selling yourself difficult. Find niche areas that are your strong points and interest you the most to help you level up your skills and enhance your experience.

No matter what your domain is, find a niche and build a story around it. Recraft your resume and LinkedIn to reflect the same. Show your recruiters that you are worth investing in.

Gaps are Important Too

As moms of growing kids, a break in your career is inevitable. Don’t hide them. Flaunt them! Taking time off to take care of your kids is equally, if not more, important to your resume. It shows that you care for your family and are loyal. Most recruiters look for more than just educational or skilled qualities.

Mention the gap in your experience or cover letters and highlight that you made use of the break to enhance your skills by dabbling in volunteering work, civic involvement and any other relevant or interesting professional or educational opportunities. Show that you developed skills and build your experience during this time. We wish all the moms out there the very best! Go out there and make a difference.

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