Best Business Savings Accounts

We provide the best options, including features, costs, and interest rates, from Beem to Axos Bank. Find the ideal account to protect and develop your business cash, whether a startup or an established company.
best business savings accounts
Best Business Savings Accounts
This blog dives into the finest business savings accounts, thoroughly examining prominent players such as Beem, First Internet Bank, Capital One, TAB Bank, Axos Bank, etc. Learn about the features, interest rates, and unique services that appeal to a wide range of company needs.
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Regarding entrepreneurship, wise financial management is the cornerstone of sustainable business growth. Establishing a robust savings strategy is prudent and essential for enterprises of all sizes. Choosing the best business savings account becomes pivotal as businesses seek to optimize their financial assets. Check out Beem for the best deals on business savings accounts for your future aspirations.

This comprehensive guide explores fiscal responsibility to identify the best business savings accounts, offering entrepreneurs a guide on safeguarding and growing their hard-earned capital. Whether you’re a budding startup or a seasoned enterprise, this article will equip you with the insights to select the optimal business savings account that aligns with your unique financial goals. Here is the list of the top business savings accounts that you must know of: 


Beem is a progressive player in the business banking landscape, committed to providing innovative solutions and streamlined financial services. You can create fee-free banking with Beem’s Business Checking account. Beem goes beyond the basics, removing transaction limits and opening deposit requirements, offering businesses a simplified and efficient banking experience. You can unlock the potential for enhanced returns with Beem’s Interest Checking account. While it carries a modest monthly fee, this can be waived by maintaining an average daily balance that suits your business needs. Beem assures businesses of the safety and security of their funds through direct FDIC insurance. You can also enjoy a competitive welcome offer as a new customer, adding value to your initial banking experience.

First Internet Bank Business Money Market Savings

The First Internet Bank’s Business Money Market Savings account allows businesses to fortify their financial foundations with a minimum opening deposit of just $100. This account facilitates financial security and boasts an attractive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 3.45%, applicable to balances up to $5 million. An attractive 5.46% APY awaits businesses surpassing this threshold.

Key Features:

Opening Deposit: Commence your financial journey with a modest $100 deposit.

Monthly Fee: Enjoy cost-effective banking, with a nominal $5 monthly fee waived upon maintaining an average daily balance of $4,000.

APY Range: A lucrative APY ranging from 3.45% to an impressive 5.46%, dependent on your daily balance.

Checks: Streamline your transactions without the hassle of checks.

ATM Card: Exclusive to sole proprietors, offering convenient access to your funds.

Transaction Limits: Execute up to six monthly transactions without incurring additional fees. Consider transitioning to a business checking account if your business requires more flexibility.

Capital One Business Savings

Businesses can cultivate their financial assets with Capital One Business Savings with an initial deposit as low as $250. This account boasts a baseline Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 0.20%, with the potential to qualify for a higher promotional rate during the first 12 months from the account’s inception.

Key Features:

Opening Deposit: Make a $250 minimum deposit to begin your financial journey.

Monthly Fee: Avoid the $3 monthly maintenance fee by keeping your balance above $300.

APY and Promotional Rate: Earn a base APY of 0.20%, with the potential for a higher promotional rate for the initial 12 months.

No Minimum Balance for Interest: Enjoy the benefit of earning interest without the obligation of maintaining a minimum balance.

Online Accessibility: Seamlessly manage your funds with the convenience of online account access.

ATM Network: Access your funds easily through an extensive network of over 70,000 fee-free ATMs across the United States.

Withdrawal Limit: Business Savings account holders can make up to six free withdrawals per monthly statement cycle.

Live Oak Bank Business Savings Account

The Live Oak Bank Business Savings Account offers a landscape for an exceptional 4.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) with unparalleled accessibility. This online-based account allows businesses to maximize their returns without the burden of monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements.

Key Features:

Opening Deposit: Experience the freedom of a $0 opening deposit, making the Live Oak Business Savings Account easily accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Monthly Fee: Enjoy the simplicity of fee-free banking, with no monthly maintenance fees to hinder your financial growth.

APY: Propel your earnings with an impressive 4.00% APY.

Minimum Balance: Start earning interest with a minimum of 1 cent, removing obstacles for businesses seeking lucrative returns.

FDIC Coverage: Safeguard your funds with up to $10 million in FDIC coverage through Live Oak’s Insured Cash Sweep service.

Fund Transfers: Seamlessly manage your funds using various transfer methods, including ACH payments, mobile check deposits, mailed checks, or wire deposits.

TAB Bank Business Money Market Account

The TAB Bank’s Business Money Savings Account is a straightforward and efficient financial solution tailored for businesses seeking simplicity and value. Originating as Transportation Alliance Bank, TAB Bank provides a no-frills business savings account that prioritizes earning interest without the burden of monthly fees.

Key Features:

Opening Deposit: You can start your banking journey with TAB Bank by opening a business savings account with a minimal deposit of $25. This low entry point ensures accessibility for businesses of varying sizes.

Monthly Fees: Experience the ease of a no-frills account with TAB Bank’s Business Savings Account, as it proudly carries no monthly fees.

Transaction Limit: You can use unlimited transactions, as TAB Bank Business Savings imposes no transaction limits. Conduct your business operations seamlessly without worrying about additional charges.

Online Account Access: Stay easily connected to your finances through online account access. TAB Bank recognizes the importance of digital convenience, providing you with the tools to manage your funds efficiently.

Minimum Balance Requirement: Maintain financial flexibility with a nominal minimum balance requirement of $1 for your business savings account. 

Axos Bank Business Premium Savings

Axos Bank’s Diverse Business Checking Accounts is a comprehensive suite that caters to varying business needs. With a focus on transparency, competitive interest rates, and direct FDIC insurance, Axos Bank stands out in the online banking sphere.

Key Features:

Monthly Fee: While this interest-earning account carries a $10 monthly fee, it can be waived by maintaining an average daily balance of at least $5,000.

Interest Rate: Benefit from a competitive APY of up to 1.01%, providing businesses with an opportunity for enhanced returns on their balances.

Direct FDIC Insurance: Axos Bank is an FDIC-insured institution, assuring businesses of the safety and security of their funds.

Cash Deposit Capability: As of March 2022, Axos Bank has enhanced its business checking lineup, introducing cash deposit capability to all accounts.

No Transaction Limits: Enjoy unlimited transactions on all business checking accounts, providing businesses with the flexibility needed for day-to-day operations.

APY: Elevate your savings strategy with a high APY of 4.01% and a competitive welcome offer for new customers.


Navigating the world of business savings accounts is a pivotal step for any enterprise striving for financial success. As we’ve explored the distinctive offerings from various financial institutions, it becomes evident that the best business savings account is more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. Each account presents unique features, from competitive interest rates and fee structures to accessibility and innovative services.


Which bank is best for a business savings account?

Determining the best bank for a business savings account depends on various factors, such as the business’s specific needs, interest rates offered, fees, and accessibility. Some well-regarded options include Beem, Live Oak Bank, Capital One, and Axos Bank. Businesses should compare features, rates, and account terms to choose the one that aligns most closely with their financial goals.

Which bank account is best for a business?

Selecting the best bank account for a business involves considering the type of account needed and the business’s specific requirements. Option options like Chase Business Complete Checking, Wells Fargo Business Choice Checking, and Azlo are popular for business checking accounts. Meanwhile, Live Oak Bank, Capital One, and Axos Bank often stand out for business savings.

Which is best for a business account?

Choosing the best business account depends on the nature of the business, its size, and its financial activities. Banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America offer comprehensive business banking services, including checking, savings, and business credit solutions. However, online banks like Azlo or Novo might be preferable for businesses looking for a streamlined digital experience with minimal fees.

Can a business account have a savings account?

Many banks offer business savings accounts as part of their business banking services. These accounts allow businesses to earn interest on their surplus funds while keeping them separate from their primary operating accounts. Beem, Live Oak Bank, Capital One, and Axos Bank are examples of institutions offering business savings accounts with competitive features such as attractive interest rates, minimal fees, and online accessibility.

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