Best Car Insurance for Full Coverage

Did you know that 76% of drivers opt for full coverage insurance? Full coverage protects your car from damage, including protection from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, among other factors. Full-coverage insurance is a must for every driver. We tell you why.
Best Car Insurance for Full Coverage
Full-coverage insurance is a must for every driver. If you want to explore the top contenders in the market, this article is for you. Let's help you decide on the best car insurance for full coverage.
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Did you know that 76% of drivers opt for full coverage insurance? Full coverage protects your car from damage, including protection from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, among other factors. Full-coverage insurance is a must for every driver. If you want to explore the top contenders in the market, this article is for you. Let’s help you decide on the best car insurance for full coverage.

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Top 10 Best Car Insurance for Full Coverage


If a high-risk driver is looking for the perfect car insurance, StateFarm is the right choice. Speed Ticketing affects your car insurance. But, This platform has one of the lowest driver rates, especially for those with speeding tickets and records.

State Farm is known to have reliable customer service. This car insurance service is available in all states except Massachusetts.


  • A++ rating (Superior) from AM Best.
  • Coverage options for high-risk drivers.
  • Best claim-handling features.
  • Car rental and travel expense coverage.
  • Programs for young drivers and to promote safe driving.


  • Agent for bind coverage required.
  • No gap insurance.


Geico is the nation’s third-largest car insurance company. They have ideal senior car insurance plans with lower-than-average rates. Senior discounts improve their customer loyalty. While this car insurance is one of the cheapest options available, the same may only sometimes be the case. If the driver has a DUI or record, the rates go more than average when compared to other services. 


  • It offers a website and mobile application for better access.
  • Multiple coverage options.
  • Sample rates are lower than the country’s average.


  • No GAP insurance.
  • If finding an agent is a choice, drivers face difficulty finding one nearby.
  • Comparatively lower customer satisfaction.


Customers can find agents and buy multiple products from a single provider with Travelers. Drivers get accident forgiveness plans as well. Travelers offers coverage options, too. 


  • Low customer complaints.
  • Coverage options for car insurance.
  • Affordable pricing plans for young, adult, and senior drivers.


  • Drivers with bad credit may suffer with rates.
  • No rideshare insurance is available.
  • Low customer satisfaction rates.


Low-cost insurance for all driver types is available with Erie. This service offers average car insurance rates for drivers who caused property or other accidents in the past. Erie has a low complaint level and a top score of A- from repair professionals. 


  • Good plans for drivers with speeding tickets and DUIs.
  • Affordable for teen and young drivers.
  • Offers the same rate every year unless policy changes are applicable.


  • Available in only 12 states.
  • Drivers with bad credit scores can face higher car insurance rates.


This car insurance service has the cheapest cost for military and veteran families. Only active members are eligible to receive insurance benefits. Customer satisfaction for this service has been high over the years. Drivers can get investment and banking services as an additional benefit with USAA.


  • Best rates for drivers, even those with a speeding ticket or record.
  • Complete coverage for drivers with low credit scores.
  • Available in all states and Washington, D.C.


  • Only limited to military and veteran families
  • Received a low grade (C-) from repair professionals.


For drivers who do not qualify for USAA and want cheap car insurance rates, Nationwide is the best option. Complaint levels for this service are low. Customers can receive multiple insurance, financial products, and car insurance services. 


  • Low complaint rate.
  • Variety in insurance options and products.
  • Accident forgiveness, pet injury coverage, and car key replacement benefits for loyal customers.


  • Only available in some states.
  • No rideshare insurance.
  • DUI costs are higher than average.


Progressive is one of the most widely used auto insurance companies. It offers insurance and related services for multiple vehicle types. Drivers can get commendable discounts, high coverage, and multiple other benefits with this car insurance service. 


  • Rideshare and gap insurance are available.
  • Small accident forgiveness.
  • Pet injured in a car accident forgiveness.


  • Comparatively lower customer satisfaction.


With Allstate, customers can customize their policies. Moreover, this car insurance service provides better premium-saving options. This platform lets customers find options for other insurance types like home, life, and renters insurance.


  • Multiple coverage options like accident, pet, and others are available.
  • Rideshare insurance for various states.
  • Website and app for better access.


  • Low customer ratings.


This car insurance company is listed as the seventh largest in the U.S. Customers can get standard insurance coverage with Farmers. Drivers get discount options and extra features while using their service. They offer financial products and other insurance options to customers. 


  • Above-average customer satisfaction rates.
  • Discounts and offers are available through the service usage time.
  • Low complaint level.


  • Unavailability in all states.

American Family

American Family expects low complaint levels and has been known to make their customers content with optimal service. This car insurer is your one-stop shop for multiple insurance services. 


  • Maximum coverage options for drivers.
  • An accident forgiveness feature is available.
  • Discounts and programs.


  • Not available nationwide.


A driver needs to select the right car insurance for full coverage. This decision is not a choice but a long-lasting commitment to ensuring one’s safety. To ensure your peace of mind, Beem comes in as a hero. The AI-powered Super App lets you personalize car insurance quotes and choose among industry experts. You can compare insurance rates and choose the coverage that best suits your needs. Beem brings you the choice of creating the best car for you, as it deserves.


What exactly is considered “full coverage” for car insurance?

Full car coverage includes protection against theft, accidents, natural disasters, etc. 

Does law require full coverage car insurance?

The law does not impose full coverage. But, liability insurance is compulsory in most states to cover damages caused in general. 

How much more expensive is full coverage compared to liability-only insurance?

Full coverage can be costlier than liability-only insurance. However, full coverage offers more protection and has justifiability at higher rates. 

Are there any situations where full coverage might not be necessary?

Low-value and old vehicles may not require full coverage in some cases. This happens when the insurance cost surpasses potential payouts for the vehicle. 

I’m a good driver with a clean record. Can I save money on full coverage?

Good drivers can save money on full coverage through discounts and available offers. Go to Beem and find the perfect personalized deal for your car insurance!

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