Best Side Hustles For 14-Year-Olds in 2024

You don’t have to wait until graduation to make your own money. There are so many side hustles for 14-year-olds that can help you earn money and learn new high-income skills at the same time. Let’s jump into the details.
Best Side Hustles For 14-Year-Olds
Best Side Hustles For 14-Year-Olds in 2024
Hanging out with friends or helping your parents with some of your income, having a side hustle at a young age teaches financial responsibilities. Let's learn more about the best side hustles for 14-year-old in the US to make some extra bucks.
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With the economy rising with the price of every little thing, it’s understandable for teens to have the responsibility of earning money and saving it for the future.

Hanging out with friends or helping your parents with some of your income, having a side hustle at a young age teaches financial responsibilities.

To make this easy for you, a young 14-year-old looking for a side hustle, we’ve come up with the best jobs you can apply for and earn good cash quickly to help you with your daily needs.    

Best Side Hustles For 14-Year-Olds

A part-time gig can be financially beneficial for a 14-year-old while being educational. It can help teens learn about how taxes work and what personal finance management means. Here are some of the most popular online side hustles for 14-year-olds in the United States:

Freelance Writing

Content writing is a vast platform easy for beginners to use for internships and side hustles. Freelance writing requires a good knowledge of world topics and writing skills. Anything about writing is possible if you’re willing to learn and earn. 

Content writing jobs are everywhere. Multiple platforms, such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, etc., offer jobs with starting salaries of $10 to $100 and much more. Content marketing agencies always seek excellent and knowledgeable writers, even if you need a different platform. You can always try your luck anywhere.

Social Media Management

We live in a digital era, and social media is a popular platform among GenZs and upcoming generations. Being a teen and having the opportunity to earn money with the habit you love the most is a win-win situation.

Social media management requires just a few basic skills in how the algorithm works, and that’s it. Earning money can be that easy.

The typical tasks in social media management require you to interact with your audience, create new content and posts, offer customer service, and get paid from $10 to $30 per hour.

Start A YouTube channel

YouTube has much potential to help you earn money in significantly less time. All it requires is for you to make exciting videos in any niche you like.

You can also make short shorts on YouTube for 15-30 seconds where you’re doing what you want. You can even start making videos on your smartphone, edit them, and sum them up, creating a long, entertaining video.

All it requires is your ability to produce engaging content that your audience loves, and that’s it—you’ll earn easy money.

For more details on how to earn on YouTube, you can check out the vlogs created by famous YouTubers sharing their story of their YouTube journey. The average YouTuber makes over $1,000 monthly, while famous people make millions.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are again an easy way for teenagers to make money by efficiently answering a few survey questions and putting their opinions and points of view.

This can result in winning gifts and cards from retailers like Amazon. Some sites even pay you in cash, ranging from $5-$10 per hour answering surveys.

14-year-olds can work for sites like Swagbucks, which provide part-time jobs by answering surveys whenever they want. The only requirement is an account on multiple online survey sites.


Tutoring is another fruitful side hustle where you can use your knowledge and skills to teach another student or your junior. If you need to improve at talking to people and interacting with them, you can tutor students online on sites such as

Subjects such as Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Biology, etc, are taught to other students in exchange for a fee. Students who are weak at school and are willing to get extra assistance are always looking for a tutoring class.


Graphic designers are in great demand from companies looking to market their businesses through online platforms. If you’re interested in graphic design as a teenager, you can sign up for freelancer platforms to do graphic design for individual clients and companies, too.

This side hustle can also be converted into a full-time job if your position increases and your portfolio is expanded. Graphic designing will help your portfolio grow, attracting leads and loyal clients for your skills.

Sell Photography

Stock photos are in great demand, and teenagers passionate about photography can earn money as a side hustle. 14-year-olds can use their skills by selling stock images that people can use in their profiles.

Stock photos can be as random and mundane as a coffee house or a beautiful tree, but they must be attractive and aesthetic enough that people are willing to pay for them.

Sites like Shutterstock are great for selling stock photos online. You can earn a few cents to over $100 per royalty-free sale.


Memories are all people look forward to in the future, and they’re willing to hire photographers who can help them capture their moments.

As a teenager, you might not be a professional at photography, but you can always practice and get training to learn more about photography. Once you’re skilled at clicking pictures from the right angle and view, you can earn easy cash with easy work.

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Earning money at a young age has been made easy and efficient. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle with your studies or a part-time job during summer vacation, you can earn money in multiple ways.

Every side hustle requires you to be knowledgeable and interactive, where communication is vital, and sound money is the result. Be consistent and determined about what you want to work on, and your path will be clear.

Furthermore, check out Beem to get deeper insights into your finances and get the best recommendations to protect, save and boost your money.


What side hustle can a 14-year-old do?

With some skill and knowledge, 14-year-olds can do many side hustles, such as content writing, photography, tutoring, social media management, etc.

How can a 14 make money fast?

To earn instant cash, 14-year-olds can do side hustles such as online surveys, YouTube channels, freelancing, etc., and pay money per hour and amount of work done.

Can a 13-year-old have a side hustle?

Yes, a 13-year-old can undoubtedly have a side hustle if they’re capable enough of managing their studies and side hustle simultaneously. With a little effort and knowledge, everything is possible.

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