Car Insurance in Aurora, Illinois

Your driving record, age, vehicle type, credit score, and location all play crucial roles in determining the cost of car insurance in Aurora, IL. Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions to manage and lower insurance premiums.
car insurance in Aurora
Car Insurance in Aurora, Illinois
When looking for affordable car insurance in Aurora, obtain quotes from multiple insurers to compare prices. Read on to know more.
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Safeguarding your vehicle becomes a top priority in the lively hub of Aurora, IL, where daily life syncs seamlessly with the hum of passing cars. Just 41 miles west of Chicago, Aurora unfolds along the picturesque Fox River, offering a dynamic backdrop to its residents.

With a robust population of 177,866, Aurora claims the title of the second-largest city in Illinois. What sets it apart is the affordability of car insurance, coming in at about 5% less expensive than neighboring cities like Peoria and Rockford.

As an intriguing twist, Illinois drivers might notice their credit scores influencing insurance premiums, injecting complexity into the insurance landscape.

This blog aims to be your compass through the intricate landscape of car insurance in Aurora, offering insights into the top providers, coverage requirements, factors influencing rates, and practical tips to keep your insurance costs in check.

Overview of Car Insurance in Aurora, IL 

Car insurance in Aurora, IL, offers residents a cost-effective solution with rates consistently below the national average.

For minimum coverage, the average cost is $43 per month or $520 per year, presenting a 17% saving compared to the national average. At $123 per month or $1,481 per year, full-coverage insurance is an appealing 26% less expensive than the national average.

Good drivers can secure minimum coverage for as low as $24 per month and complete coverage for $53 per month. Pekin is the city’s most affordable option for minimum and full coverage.

Features of Car Insurance in Aurora, IL

Here are some of the features of car insurance in Aurora, Illinois.

  1. Cost Savings: Rates in Aurora are 17% and 26% lower than the national average for minimum and full coverage, respectively.
  2. Affordable Options: Good drivers can find minimum coverage for as low as $24 per month and complete coverage for $53 per month.
  3. Pekin’s Affordability: Pekin consistently offers the most affordable options for minimum and full-coverage policies.
  4. Financial Flexibility: Lower average costs allow residents to allocate funds for other financial priorities.
  5. Competitive Market: Aurora’s car insurance market offers a variety of choices, allowing residents to tailor policies to their specific needs.
  6. Potential for Savings on Full Coverage: Even with comprehensive protection, residents can enjoy significant savings compared to the national average.

Top 5 Car Insurance in Aurora

In the bustling streets of Aurora, IL, selecting the right car insurance is crucial. This explanation delves into the top 5 insurance providers in the city, offering insights into Beem, Geico, Erie Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, and Travelers. Discover how these insurers tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of Aurora residents, ensuring reliable coverage amidst the vibrant rhythm of life in this Illinois gem.


Beem App logo

Beem stands out on Aurora’s car insurance scene with a customer-centric approach. Known for reliability and competitive rates, Beem caters to the diverse needs of Aurora residents, offering comprehensive coverage that aligns seamlessly with the city’s dynamic lifestyle.

What is Beem?

Inaccessible and reliable car insurance, Beem stands as a beacon of affordability and personalized service. Facilitating quick and tailored car insurance quotes from industry-leading providers, Beem ensures a seamless experience for users in just 5 minutes. Trusted by over 5 million individuals for secure financial transactions, Beem extends its commitment to excellence in car insurance. Here, we explore why Beem is a standout choice for those seeking coverage that aligns with their needs and budget.

Why Beem Excels as a Car Insurance Company

  • Affordability for All: Beem focuses on providing car insurance that is financially accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals.
  • Effortless Comparison: The platform allows users to compare quotes from major insurance providers in one convenient location.
  • Speedy Personalization: With quotes generated in 5 minutes, Beem ensures users a swift and personalized experience.
  • Maximum Savings: Users can save up to $1000 annually by leveraging Beem’s platform to find the most cost-effective insurance options.
  • Safe Driving Rewards: Beem promotes safe driving habits by offering rewards and discounts for excellent driving behavior, collaborating with top providers like Progressive and GEICO.

In a world where car insurance is often complex and costly, Beem emerges as a beacon of simplicity, affordability, and personalized service, making it an ideal choice for those seeking optimal coverage without breaking the bank.



Aurora drivers find a trusted ally in GEICO, a national giant with a solid local presence. Geico combines user-friendly policies with technological innovation, making it a go-to choice for tech-savvy residents seeking comprehensive and accessible car insurance.

What is GEICO?

With an impressive 85 years of industry expertise, GEICO has become synonymous with trusted and innovative car insurance solutions. The allure of GEICO lies not only in its extensive experience but also in its commitment to customer satisfaction. GEICO has earned its reputation as a top-tier car insurance provider with an average annual savings of over $500 and an exceptional 97% customer satisfaction rating. Dive into the world of GEICO, where a seamless user experience, substantial savings, and cutting-edge technology redefine excellence in auto insurance.

Why GEICO Excels as a Car Insurance Company

  • Decades of Experience: GEICO brings 85 years of insurance expertise, instilling confidence in its ability to understand and meet customers’ evolving needs.
  • Substantial Savings: The average annual savings of over $500 positions GEICO as a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking quality coverage.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: GEICO boasts an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rating, a testament to its commitment to delivering outstanding service and meeting customer expectations.
  • Top-Rated Mobile App: The GEICO Mobile app is hailed as the #1 insurance app. It offers convenience with features like ID card access, roadside assistance, claims filing, and bill payment, providing policyholders peace of mind at their fingertips.
  • Comprehensive Online Services: From reporting and tracking claims to requesting roadside assistance, GEICO’s online portal empowers users with efficient and accessible tools, streamlining the insurance experience.

GEICO stands out as a beacon of reliability in a landscape of insurance options. It combines extensive experience with substantial savings, high customer satisfaction, and cutting-edge technology through its top-rated mobile app.

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance has carved a niche in Aurora’s insurance market by prioritizing personalized service. Residents appreciate their attention to detail, commitment to understanding individual needs, and the assurance of tailored coverage options in this vibrant Illinois city.

What is Erie?

With a century-long legacy, Erie Insurance emerges as a formidable force in the car insurance landscape. Founded in 1925 in Erie, Pennsylvania, the company has grown to serve customers in 12 states. Offering customizable coverage and competitive pricing, Erie stands out for its commitment to providing quality coverage at an affordable price. Beyond its rich history, Erie Insurance caters to commuters with benefits like a cost-effective $5 per month roadside assistance coverage. Discover why Erie is a trusted choice for those seeking reliable and customizable auto insurance solutions prioritizing quality coverage and customer convenience.

Why Erie Excels as a Car Insurance Company

  • Customizable Coverage: Erie Insurance offers coverage tailored to individual needs, providing flexibility and personalized protection.
  • Competitive Pricing: The company provides high-quality auto coverage at competitive prices, ensuring affordability without compromising on the level of protection.
  • Commuter-Friendly Benefits: Erie caters to commuters with a budget-friendly $5 monthly roadside assistance coverage, offering a lifeline in situations like lockouts, flat tires, dead batteries, or running out of gas.
  • Roadside and Rentals Bundle: Customers can choose the Roadside and Rentals Bundle, facilitating a quick return to the road after accidents necessitating repairs.
  • Community Support and Charitable Giving: Beyond insurance services, Erie Insurance is deeply rooted in community support, actively engaging in charitable giving to local organizations and causes, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility.

Erie Insurance is a reliable and customer-centric choice for those seeking comprehensive and affordable car insurance coverage with a strong foundation, competitive pricing, commuter-friendly benefits, and a commitment to community welfare.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance is a solid choice for Aurora residents, offering reliable coverage and excellent customer service. With a local presence, quick responses, and efficient claims processing, Auto-Owners Insurance ensures a seamless experience for drivers navigating the roads of Aurora.

What is Auto-Owners Insurance?

Auto-Owners Insurance is a beacon of affordability and quality in the car insurance realm, particularly in Aurora. It excels as the cheapest option for liability-only coverage in the city, meeting state requirements at low monthly premiums, and boasts a commendable 4.0 Insurify Quality Score. With over a century of experience, Auto-Owners combines financial stability, excellent customer reviews, and a wide array of coverage options. The average $60 per month policy underscores its commitment to affordable yet comprehensive coverage, making it a standout choice for drivers seeking reliability and customization.

Why Auto-Owners Excels as a Car Insurance Company

  • Affordable Liability-Only Coverage: Auto-Owners is the most economical choice for liability-only coverage in Aurora, offering low monthly premiums that satisfy state minimum requirements.
  • High-Quality Score: With a notable 4.0 Insurify Quality Score, Auto-Owners ensures that affordability doesn’t compromise the quality of service and coverage.
  • Over 100 Years of Expertise: With a history of over a century, Auto-Owners Insurance has been a trusted partner, providing drivers with the coverage they need at affordable prices.
  • Customizable Policies: Offering many coverage options and discounts, Auto-Owners empowers customers to customize their policies, ensuring they pay only for the coverage they need.
  • Bundling Options: Ideal for those seeking a one-stop insurance solution, Auto-Owners is suitable for drivers who bundle home and auto, life, or business insurance, promising convenience and potential cost savings.

As the go-to choice for drivers in search of affordability without compromising quality, Auto-Owners Insurance in Aurora delivers a winning combination of cost-effectiveness, comprehensive coverage options, and a century-long legacy of reliability.


Travelers fit the bill in Aurora for those seeking a national insurance provider with a local touch. Offering a diverse range of coverage options and innovative policy features, Travelers has become a trusted choice, providing comprehensive protection for the unique needs of Aurora residents.

What is Travelers?

Choosing Travelers for your auto insurance needs is a decision backed by unparalleled flexibility and tailored coverage. With a consultative approach during the quote process, Travelers ensures you select the coverage that precisely fits your requirements. Whether you prefer online ease or a discussion with a qualified representative, Travelers adapts to your preference. Notably, Travelers goes beyond the ordinary, offering up to 15 discounts, including those for safe drivers, hybrid vehicles, and multiple cars. This, coupled with a comprehensive range of coverage options, makes Travelers a go-to choice for drivers seeking personalized solutions and steadfast support throughout their insurance journey.

Why Travelers Excels as a Car Insurance Company

  • Consultative Approach: Travelers stands out by offering consultation throughout the quote process, ensuring customers make informed decisions that align with their needs.
  • Flexibility in Quote Process: Whether you prefer an online quote or a discussion with a representative, Travelers provides flexibility to cater to your convenience.
  • Discount Variety: With up to 15 discounts, Travelers rewards safe driving, hybrid vehicle ownership, new car purchases, and more, allowing customers to maximize savings.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Options: Travelers offer a range of coverage options, including protection against bodily injury, property damage, injuries caused by other motorists, medical payments, fire, theft, collision, Roadside Assistance, Loan/Lease Gap Coverage, and more.
  • Personalized Support: Travelers commit to being with you every step of the way, ensuring that their support extends beyond policy issuance to meet your evolving needs and circumstances.

In car insurance, Travelers distinguishes itself with a commitment to flexibility, personalized consultation, an array of discounts, and a comprehensive suite of coverage options. With Travelers, your auto insurance experience is not just a transaction; it’s a tailored solution crafted to meet your unique driving and coverage needs.

Car Insurance Requirements in Aurora, IL

Understanding the mandatory car insurance requirements is crucial before hitting the streets of Aurora, IL. Stay informed to ensure responsible and legal driving. Here are some of the points dictating the minimum car insurance required in Aurora, IL:

Mandatory Coverage

Car insurance is obligatory for all drivers in Illinois, following an “at-fault” coverage system. The at-fault party is responsible for injuries, property damage, or other losses in an accident.

Minimum Liability Coverage

The minimum liability coverage is further divided into two categories here.

Bodily Injury Liability

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident

Property Damage Liability

  • $20,000 per accident

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Required only if higher limits of Uninsured Motorist coverage are purchased.

Additional Optional Coverages Suggested by the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI)

  • Physical Damage: Includes collision and comprehensive coverage, covering repairs or replacement for car damage after an accident.
  • Accidental Death Benefit: Provides financial support to your loved ones in the event of your death due to a car accident.
  • Custom Equipment: Covers modifications and accessories like upgraded stereo systems or custom rims.
  • Gap Coverage: Pays the difference between your car’s actual cash value and the amount owed on your loan or lease if the vehicle is declared a total loss.
  • Medical Payments (MedPay): Covers medical and funeral costs for you and your passengers, regardless of fault.
  • Rental Reimbursement: Pays rental car costs during repairs after a covered accident.
  • Towing: Often part of a roadside assistance package, covering towing expenses in breakdowns or accidents.
  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD): Protects your vehicle in an accident caused by an uninsured driver.

These comprehensive coverage options ensure Aurora, IL, drivers can customize their policies to enjoy additional protection beyond the state’s minimum requirements.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage in Aurora, IL

In Aurora, IL, various types of car insurance coverage cater to diverse needs. From collision and comprehensive to liability and medical payments, explore your options for comprehensive protection.

Collision Coverage

Pays for damage to your vehicle in collisions with other vehicles or objects, regardless of fault, providing financial assistance for repairs or replacement.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Protects you in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, covering medical expenses and property damage they cannot pay.

Comprehensive Coverage

Shields your vehicle from non-collision events like theft, vandalism, or natural disasters, ensuring financial support for repairs or replacement.

Medical Payments

Covers medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident, regardless of fault, offering financial assistance for necessary healthcare costs.

Personal Accident Cover

Provides financial support for medical expenses and additional costs resulting from personal injuries sustained in a covered accident.

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers injuries caused by you in an at-fault accident, paying for medical expenses, legal fees, and damages up to the policy limits.

Gap Coverage

Closes the financial gap between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the amount owed on a loan or lease if your car is deemed a total loss.

Liability Insurance

Encompasses bodily injury and property damage liability, offering financial protection if you’re responsible for injuries or damages to others in an accident.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

An extensive policy combining collision and comprehensive coverage, providing broad protection against collision and non-collision-related incidents.

Rental Car Coverage

Reimburses the cost of renting a vehicle while yours is undergoing repairs following a covered accident, ensuring continued mobility.

Return to Invoice Cover

Guarantees reimbursement of the original invoice price of your car if it’s stolen or declared a total loss, helping you recover your initial investment.

Roadside Assistance

Offers support for breakdowns, flat tires, towing, and other roadside emergencies, providing peace of mind and timely assistance during unexpected events.

Car Insurance in Aurora

Factors Influencing Car Insurance Rates in Aurora, IL

Several factors influence car insurance rates in Aurora. Your driving record, age, vehicle type, credit score, and location all play a crucial role in determining the cost of insurance. Understanding these factors helps make informed decisions to manage and lower insurance premiums.

Driving Record

A clean driving history often lowers premiums, while accidents, tickets, or DUIs can increase rates.

Age and Gender

Young and inexperienced drivers typically face higher rates, with males often paying more than females due to statistical risk assessments.

Vehicle Type

Your vehicle’s make, model, and age affect insurance rates, with luxury cars and newer models often incurring higher premiums.

Coverage Limits

Higher coverage limits and additional policy features can increase premiums, offering more protection but influencing overall costs.

Credit Score

Insurers may use applicants’ credit scores to assess risk. A higher credit score often correlates with lower insurance rates.

Annual Mileage

The number of miles you drive annually impacts rates. More miles may increase the risk of accidents, leading to higher premiums.


Living in areas with higher crime rates or traffic congestion may result in higher premiums.

Deductible Amount

Choosing a higher deductible can lower premiums, but you’ll pay more out of pocket in case of a claim.

Marital Status

Married individuals enjoy lower rates than single drivers, as statistics show married couples are deemed lower risk.


Certain occupations may be associated with lower risk, impacting insurance rates positively.

Coverage History

A consistent history of maintaining car insurance coverage and avoiding lapses can contribute to lower premiums.

Safety Features

Vehicles with safety features like airbags and anti-theft devices may qualify for discounts, influencing insurance rates positively.

Finding the Right Car Insurance Provider in Aurora, IL

Choosing the ideal car insurance provider in Aurora, IL, is paramount. Navigate our guide to discover the top contenders offering optimal coverage and customer satisfaction.

Researching local insurance companies

In pursuing optimal car insurance in Aurora, we recommend exploring Pekin, Country Financial, Auto-Owners Insurance, Erie Insurance, and State Farm. These companies provide cost-effective options below Aurora’s average, boast superior products, and have a history of satisfied policyholders.

Car Insurance CompanyOverall RatingAverage Monthly Minimum-Coverage RateAverage Monthly Full-Coverage Rate
State Farm9.4$40$121
Erie Insurance9.4$39$119
Auto-Owners Insurance8.9$36$116
Country Financial8.9$29$100

Comparing Coverage

In Aurora, obtaining full-coverage car insurance, encompassing liability, comprehensive, and collision, can be costly. Pekin emerges as the most budget-friendly choice, offering average rates of $53 per month or $631 annually, providing comprehensive protection against various damages to your vehicle.

Car Insurance CompanyMonthly AverageAnnual Average
Country Financial$100$1,206
Auto-Owners Insurance$116$1,396
Erie Insurance$119$1,431
State Farm$121$1,458

Filing a Car Insurance Claim in Aurora, IL

The process involves prompt communication with your insurer when filing a car insurance claim in Aurora, IL. Provide accurate details about the incident, document thoroughly, and cooperate with your insurer’s procedures. Whether damage repairs or a total loss, a well-documented and timely claim submission ensures a smoother resolution.

Contact Your Insurer Promptly

Notify your insurance company immediately after an incident, providing essential information about the claim.

Provide Necessary Details

Furnish accurate details about the incident, including date, time, location, and the parties involved.

Document the Incident

Take photos and gather evidence to support your claim. Document damages, injuries, and any relevant circumstances.

Cooperate with Your Insurer

Work closely with your insurer, promptly providing requested documents and information to facilitate the claims process.

Follow Insurance Company Procedures

Adhere to the procedures outlined by your insurance company, whether it involves submitting paperwork, obtaining estimates, or meeting with adjusters.

Get Repair Estimates

Obtain repair estimates from reputable auto repair shops to assess the extent of damages.

Keep Records

Keep records of all interactions, including phone calls, emails, and paperwork exchanged with your insurance company.


Stay informed about the claim’s progress by following up with your insurer. Clarify any concerns or questions you may have.

Be Prepared for an Inspection

Your insurance company may inspect the damages. Ensure your vehicle is accessible for assessment.

Understand Your Coverage

Familiarize yourself with the terms of your policy to understand the extent of coverage and any deductible requirements.

Seek Legal Advice if Necessary

If disputes arise or you encounter challenges in the claims process, consider seeking legal advice for guidance.

Claim Resolution

Once the evaluation and documentation are complete, your insurer will provide a resolution, whether it’s repair reimbursement or a settlement for a totaled vehicle.

Tips for Lowering Car Insurance Costs in Aurora, IL

Here are some tips to help you secure low car insurance costs in Aurora, IL.

Shop Around for Quotes

Ensure you get quotes from multiple insurers to compare prices and coverage options.

Bundle Insurance Policies

Consider bundling auto, home, or other insurance policies with the same provider for potential discounts.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Safe driving habits contribute to lower premiums. Avoid traffic violations and accidents.

Choose a Higher Deductible

Opt for a higher deductible to lower monthly premiums, but ensure you can afford the deductible if a claim arises.

Maintain Good Credit

A higher credit score may result in lower rates. Monitor and improve your credit.

Drive Less

Lower annual mileage can lead to reduced insurance costs. Explore options like carpooling or public transportation.

Consider the Type of Car

Insurance rates vary by car model. Choose a vehicle that has a good safety rating and lower repair costs.

Inquire About Discounts

Ask your insurer about discounts, such as safe driver discounts, good student discounts, or military discounts.

Review and Adjust Coverage

Periodically review your coverage needs and adjust policies accordingly to avoid overpaying for unnecessary coverage.

Install Safety Features

Vehicles with safety features like anti-theft devices or airbags may qualify for discounts.

Attend Defensive Driving Courses

Completing defensive driving courses can lead to lower insurance rates. Check with your insurer for eligible courses.

Maintain Continuous Coverage

Avoid coverage gaps, as a consistent insurance history can lower premiums.

Implementing these tips can help Aurora, IL, residents explore cost-saving opportunities while maintaining adequate coverage.


In Aurora, IL, filing a car insurance claim is necessary but potentially intricate. If you need to file a claim, swift communication with your insurance provider is critical. Offering precise details about the incident, comprehensive documentation, and a cooperative approach within the insurer’s framework are crucial steps when looking for car insurance in Aurora. Whether it’s a case of damage repairs or addressing a total loss, a well-organized and timely claim submission not only expedites the resolution but also contributes to a more streamlined and efficient claims experience.


How can I find affordable car insurance in Aurora, IL?

Discovering affordable car insurance in Aurora involves a strategic approach. Begin by shopping around and obtaining quotes from multiple insurers to compare prices. With the same provider, bundling policies like auto and home insurance can often lead to additional discounts. Maintaining a clean driving record is pivotal, as safe driving habits contribute to lower premiums. Additionally, consider opting for higher deductibles, which can reduce monthly premiums.

What factors influence car insurance rates in Aurora, IL?

Various factors influence car insurance rates in Aurora. Your driving record is crucial; a clean history typically lowers premiums. Age and gender are also significant determinants, with young and inexperienced drivers often facing higher rates. The type of vehicle you drive, including its make, model, and age, impacts insurance costs. Credit score is another factor, with higher scores correlating to lower insurance rates. The location of your residence, especially in areas with higher crime rates, can also contribute to increased premiums.

How do I report a car insurance claim in Aurora, IL?

Reporting a car insurance claim in Aurora involves a systematic process. It begins with promptly contacting your insurer after an incident. Provide accurate details about the incident, including the date, time, and parties involved. Thoroughly document the incident by taking photos and gathering evidence to support your claim. It’s crucial to cooperate closely with your insurer, promptly providing any necessary documents and information. Following the insurer’s procedures and maintaining open communication will contribute to a smoother claims process.

How can I get a personalized car insurance quote in Aurora, IL?

Obtaining a customized car insurance quote in Aurora requires a few steps. Start by researching reputable insurers, such as Pekin, Country Financial, Auto-Owners Insurance, Erie Insurance, and State Farm. Visit the websites of these preferred insurers, where you’ll often find online quote tools. Provide accurate information about your vehicle, driving history, and coverage preferences. Once you’ve inputted the necessary details, review the quotes from different insurers to decide based on your unique needs and budget.

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