Car Insurance in Decatur, Illinois

Factors like your car’s make and model, driving history, age, and credit can significantly impact rates for car insurance in Decatur, Illinois.
Car Insurance in Decatur
Car Insurance in Decatur, Illinois
The blog aims to help you zero in on the best options for car insurance in Decatur that align with your financial needs and future goals.
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When it comes to car Insurance in Decatur, IL, the best approach is often through a trusted agent. These professionals are crucial in helping individuals find the perfect coverage tailored to their unique needs. Their expertise ensures you receive optimal protection and value, considering your specific circumstances, whether it’s the type of vehicle you drive, your driving habits, or your budget.

A first conviction for driving without valid insurance in Illinois leads to a three-month license suspension, a minimum $500 fine (maximum $1,000), court costs, and a $100 reinstatement fee. Decatur, IL, residents can rely on insurance agents to navigate the complex world of auto insurance, ultimately securing peace of mind on the open road.

Trybeem – Affordable Car Insurance

Beem offers affordable car insurance, providing the best coverage for your needs. Their online comparison tool simplifies the process, allowing you to get personalized quotes from multiple major insurance providers within minutes. Beem helps you save money, potentially hundreds of dollars every year, by ensuring you have the right coverage.

Factors affecting car insurance rates include your car’s make and model, driving record, age, and credit history. Beem’s coverage includes damage to your vehicle, property, and injuries. Using their reliable tool, you can find the best policy to fit your budget, make it easy to compare quotes, and choose the right insurance for you.

Nationwide Auto Insurance

In Decatur, Illinois, auto insurance is more than a luxury; it’s necessary. While Decatur may avoid the heavy traffic of larger cities, responsible motorists understand the value of coverage. The agents at Nationwide provide essential guidance in tailoring auto insurance policies to individual needs.

From collision and comprehensive to liability and medical payments, they offer a range of standard and optional coverages. Nationwide also extends benefits like Accident Forgiveness and enticing discounts through programs like SmartRide and SmartMiles, making auto insurance cost-effective and protective. Beyond peace of mind, it’s about staying legal on the road.

Siegert-Lees Insurance Services, Llc

Siegert-Lees Insurance Services, LLC, in Pana, IL, has been a trusted auto insurance provider since 1921, serving Decatur and nearby areas. Their comprehensive auto insurance coverage extends to cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, and classic vehicles.

Led by Michael Lees, a seasoned professional with over 27 years of experience and a Certified Insurance Counselor designation, the company also offers business, farm, life insurance, and identity theft protection.

With a remarkable reputation, boasting an average rating of 4.9 on Google, 5.0 on Facebook, and 5.0 on Yelp, their commitment to professionalism, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction is evident.

Richland Insurance Services

Richland Insurance Services, located in Decatur, IL, specializes in providing auto insurance solutions since its establishment in 2014. They offer comprehensive coverage options for automobiles, boats, motorcycles, pets, and homeowners.

With a network of carriers, including Hagerty, Erie Insurance, and Travelers, they facilitate comparative insurance quotes. Their policies safeguard against vehicle damage, injury liability, and medical expenses.

Richland Insurance Services is known for its consultative approach, ensuring personalized insurance solutions for clients. The firm boasts an excellent reputation with a 5.0 rating on both Google and Facebook, highlighting its professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Chapman-Henricks Insurance Agency Inc.

Chapman-Henricks Insurance Agency Inc., an established Cerro Gordo, IL, insurance provider, has served Decatur and neighboring communities since 1897. With a strong focus on personal insurance, their services encompass life, health, disability, home, and auto coverage.

Additionally, the agency’s commercial division extends offerings in workers’ compensation, professional and property liability, commercial umbrella, and business auto insurance programs.

Operating as an independent agency, Chapman-Henricks collaborates closely with clients to evaluate and recommend insurance products, utilizing access to multiple insurance companies to ensure tailored solutions. The agency boasts a solid 5.0 rating on Facebook, reflecting their professionalism and customer satisfaction.

The Floyd Insurance Agency

The Floyd Insurance Agency, situated in Decatur, IL, has been an independent insurance provider since its establishment in 1970. Specializing in motorcycle and ATV insurance, this second-generation agency boasts a team of agents with 30 years of combined insurance experience. They diligently assess each client’s unique situation, analyze associated risks, and provide objective market assessments.

The agency offers a range of coverage options for single or multiple cars, ensuring clients have a selection of insurance coverages tailored to their needs. While their Google rating is 5.0, indicating a solid reputation, other professional factors require improvement.

Car Insurance in Decatur

Peterson Insurance Services

Peterson Insurance Services, located in Clinton, IL, has been a trusted independent insurance agency since 1966, serving Decatur and neighboring regions. With over 125 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, their professionals cater to diverse insurance needs, including auto, home, commercial properties, businesses, and farms.

Maintaining solid relationships with multiple insurance carriers, such as Travelers, Auto-Owners Insurance, Great American Insurance Group, and Progressive, ensures clients can access various coverage options. The agency enjoys an impeccable reputation with a 5.0 rating. It excels in professionalism, boasting top scores for responsiveness, friendliness, and helpfulness.

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, established in 1989, has provided exceptional auto insurance service to Decatur and surrounding areas for over 25 years. With a commitment to safeguarding your auto, home, business, and life insurance needs, this agency is dedicated to delivering dependable protection and service.

The business owner, Monte R., a lifelong resident of Macon County, prioritizes the community’s needs, ensuring trust and reliability. With local roots and a focus on customer welfare, American Family Insurance is a trusted choice for comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

New Horizons Insurance Marketing, Inc.

New Horizons Insurance Marketing, Inc., established in 1993, is a valuable resource for independent insurance agents specializing in senior insurance products, including Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, Annuities, and Long-Term Care insurance.

Operating from Decatur, Illinois, their mission is to equip agents and clients with the tools, technology, and support needed for long-term financial security.

Jeff S. and John H. lead the agency and have decades of experience serving Medicare, life insurance, long-term care, and annuity producers.

While auto insurance isn’t their primary focus, their expertise in the insurance industry makes them a trusted partner for comprehensive coverage needs.

Sams Hockaday & Associates

Sams Hockaday & Associates, operating since 1981, has been a central figure in providing insurance coverage for retirees and seniors.

While their specialties encompass a wide range of insurance offerings, such as Medicare Supplement insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, dental insurance, cancer insurance, annuities, and more, their primary focus isn’t on auto insurance.

Centrally located in downtown Decatur for over 30 years, they have built a solid reputation based on trust, delivering value to their customers.

However, not primarily an auto insurance provider, their expertise in the insurance industry positions them as a resource for comprehensive coverage needs.

Allstate Insurance: Michael Rudicil

Allstate Insurance, led by Michael Rudicil, is a valuable resource for personalized auto insurance quotes in central Illinois. With over ten years of collaboration with Allstate, they cater to home, auto, boat, renters insurance, motorcycle coverage, and more. While they also offer financial services, their primary focus isn’t just auto insurance.

Operating as a family-owned and operated agency, they emphasize a service-oriented approach that fosters a sense of family with their clients. With convenient hours during the week and flexibility for night and weekend appointments, they prioritize customer service backed by Allstate’s 80-year legacy of trust.

Melanie Schelling – State Farm Insurance Agent

Melanie Schelling, a State Farm Insurance Agent, offers essential car and truck insurance services to Macon County, Decatur, IL residents. While her services extend to home and life insurance, her primary focus is auto insurance.

Committed to taking care of State Farm customers, Melanie Schelling understands the unique auto insurance needs of the community. Her mission is to be a good neighbor by giving back to and supporting local organizations in Decatur, fostering a strong sense of community involvement and service.

Younker Mark Insurance

Melanie Schelling, a State Farm Insurance Agent, is a trusted resource for auto insurance in Macon County, Decatur, IL. With a focus on car and truck insurance, her mission is to understand and cater to the auto insurance needs of State Farm customers. While her agency offers various insurance services, including homeowner, property, and life insurance, the primary emphasis is auto insurance.

As a part of the community, Melanie and her team are dedicated to being good neighbors by giving back and supporting local organizations. Their commitment to serving Decatur and the surrounding areas ensures personalized and reliable auto insurance solutions.

Downs Insurance Agency

Established in 2013, the Downs Insurance Agency is a locally owned and operated Independent Insurance Agency with a strong focus on automobile insurance. Founded by Bethany and Tommy Downs, the agency is committed to providing the best possible service, pricing, and advice to protect families and assets. Their well-trained and educated insurance experts are dedicated to ensuring clients understand the intricacies of their coverage.

The agency offers personal appointments at their office or the client’s preferred location, fostering strong client relationships as the cornerstone of their service. With a core emphasis on automobile insurance, they prioritize helping clients make informed decisions to safeguard their vehicles and loved ones.


Auto insurance is a crucial aspect of responsible vehicle ownership. Whether you reside in a bustling city or a quieter town like Decatur, IL, the need for reliable coverage remains the same. Insurance agents are essential in helping individuals find the right insurance tailored to their unique needs, considering factors like their vehicle type, driving habits, and budget.

Shopping around and comparing quotes is vital to finding the best deal for car insurance in Decatur, Illinois. Factors like your car’s make and model, driving history, age, and credit can significantly impact insurance rates. By exploring various options, you can save hundreds of dollars annually while ensuring you have the appropriate coverage to protect yourself, your vehicle, and others on the road. So, don’t underestimate the importance of auto insurance, and make it a priority to secure the coverage that suits your needs and budget.

You can use Beem to find the best insurance quotes to help you make the right choice. Auto insurance with Beem covers damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property, and injuries to yourself or others. 


How Much Is The Average Car Insurance In Decatur, Illinois?

The average cost of a full-coverage car insurance policy in Illinois is about $128 per month or $1,541 per year.

Is Car Insurance High In Decatur, Illinois?

Car insurance rates in Decatur, Illinois, are about 22% cheaper than the national average, costing approximately $128 per month or $1,541 per year.

Do You Need Car Insurance In Decatur, Illinois?

Car insurance is mandatory in Decatur, Illinois, as it is in the entire state.

What Is Full Coverage In Decatur, Illinois?

Full coverage car insurance in Decatur, Illinois, typically includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, offering protection for various incidents.

How Does Car Insurance Work In Decatur, Illinois?

Car insurance in Decatur, Illinois, provides financial protection in the event of accidents, damage to your vehicle, injuries, or liability claims, allowing you to drive legally and with peace of mind. 

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