9 Best Cash Advance Apps that Work with Cash App [2024]

Let’s learn about cash advance applications that work with Cash App and provide instant access to money. Examine characteristics to ensure smooth integration and wise financial choices.
Cash Advance Apps that Work with Cash App
9 Best Cash Advance Apps that Work with Cash App [2024]
Learn about 10 cash advance applications that work well with Cash App to provide quick access to funds. Explore the features of Dave, Albert, Klover, Beem, Brigit, Empower, MoneyLion, etc, to make wise borrowing decisions.
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If you use Cash App to send money quickly or the Cash App debit card, the good news is that numerous cash advance apps are compatible with Cash App. This means you can tap into these apps for an advance on your earnings and effortlessly transfer funds to your Cash App wallet. Are you excited to learn about cash advance apps that go with Cash App? Let’s begin!

Cash Advance Apps that Work with Cash App

We have a list of 9 cash advance apps that some of you might already know. They make it easy to borrow money for a short while without trouble. You don’t need a Cash App account, but having both can be useful.

Cash Advance AppFeatures
BeemVersatile instant transfers and withdrawals of $5-$1,000
BrigitUp to $250 borrowing, no credit checks
EmpowerImmediate $250 advances, $1,000 credit lines
MoneyLion$500 Instacash, diverse financial services
AlbertOverdraft-free $250 advances, focus on security
KloverTask incentives for larger advances
DaveSuited for small emergencies, up to $500
BranchFee-free $500 instant advances, no membership
DailyPayOn-demand pay, accurate tracking of wages
Table 1.0. Best cash advance apps that work with Cash App

1. Beem


Beem stands out with its seamless instant money transfers, irrespective of the recipient’s bank status or possession of the Beem app.


Beem ensures a versatile solution for money movement. Its Everdraft™ feature amplifies transaction capabilities, allowing diverse and extensive transfers. It provides instant cash advances of $5 to $1,000 during emergencies. Additionally, Beem offers multiple recipient options, including gift cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and instant debit card transfers, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

2. Brigit

brigit app logo

Brigit offers up to $250 borrowing without conducting credit checks, providing flexible repayment choices and a credit-enhancing attribute.


  • Flexibility in repayment schedules
  • Free extension for repayment
  • Credit-building feature


  • 1-3 days for standard delivery
  • Variations in maximum loan amounts
  • Subscription fees are notably steep.

3. Empower

empower logo

Empower, as an app, provides immediate paycheck cash advances of up to $250 and credit lines reaching $1,000. The cash advances come without fees or interest, whereas credit lines may carry a 35.99% APR.


  • Fee-free and interest-free cash advances
  • Flexible eligibility without credit checks


  • Cash advance capped at $250
  • $8 monthly subscription

4. MoneyLion

moneylion logo

MoneyLion, a comprehensive money borrowing app, combines banking, investment opportunities, and credit-building loans and provides cash advances up to $500, offering rapid Instacash access for eligible users.


  • Swift access to $500 through Instacash
  • Range of available financial services
  • No requirement for credit verification


  • Requires connected bank accounts
  • Monthly membership fee of $19.99

5. Albert

Albert App Logo

Like Cash App, Albert offers overdraft-free cash advances up to $250 with 2-3 days processing time, emphasizing data security and financial inclusivity.


  • Optional debit card availability
  • No requirement for credit verification
  • Absence of interest fees


  • Extended standard delivery duration
  • Limited availability of specific banking services

6. Klover

Klover App Logo

Klover includes spending insights, overdraft protection, and a points system to increase borrowing limits. The app incentivizes tasks like inviting friends, scanning receipts, or completing surveys to earn points for more significant advances or to offset instant deposit fees.


  • Absence of obligatory fees
  • Prevents overdrawing of accounts


  • Cap on advances at $200
  • Three-day wait for funds
  • Elevated fast-funding fees

7. Dave

dave logo

Dave allows advances from $25 to $500, featuring a low $1 subscription fee, catering to minor emergencies but requiring access to detailed income and expenditure information.


  • Well-suited for small advances
  • Maximum advance limit of $500
  • No penalties for late payments


  • Mandates access to income and spending records
  • Users have voiced concerns about fluctuations in maximum advance amounts

8. Branch

Branch Logo

The branch enables cash advances up to $500 through “Instant Pay” without membership or advance fees. Instead of interest, users can choose to leave a tip. For instant advances withdrawn on payday, they charge between $2.99 to $4.99.


  • No advance fee unless it’s an instant withdrawal
  • Absence of membership fees


  • Limits on advance amounts
  • Requires a supported debit card
  • Not suitable for remote employees

9. DailyPay

dailypay logo

DailyPay offers an on-demand pay solution granting employees access to earned wages before the standard payday. This platform serves diverse businesses, yet instant transfers can be costly despite accurately tracking hours and wages.


  • Accurate hours and wage tracking
  • Ability to add offers to your Cash App card


  • Instant transfers can be expensive
  • Delayed availability contradicts the name

Benefits of Using Cash App

Cash App provides numerous benefits compared to other financial institutions:

  • No monthly fees or overdraft charges.
  • Access your paycheck up to 48 hours in advance via direct deposit.
  • Exclusive in-app discounts on select retailer purchases.
  • Round off transactions to invest in stocks or bitcoin.
  • Account insured by FDIC.


Many options are available when you’re a Cash App user and want to send money to another cash advance app. Depending on your cash advance app, you’ll require a different method to connect your accounts if you need help to link directly to the Cash App.

Assessing their unique features and compatibilities enables users to navigate borrowing options that fit their needs, simplifying financial management and enhancing accessibility.

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