15 Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal [2024]

Discover how Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal’s seamless integration open a world of financial options. Examine each app’s characteristics to make the right choice in the digital banking market.
Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal
15 Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal [2024]
Let's explore Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal. Learn more about these applications' compatibility, uses, and limits.
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Looking for a cash advance app that works with PayPal? This guide delves into top apps compatible with PayPal, highlighting their features, pros, and cons to aid financial decisions.

In the present digital era, handling finances demands adaptability and ease of use. For many, PayPal stands as a trusted platform. However, turning to cash advance apps can be beneficial when unexpected expenses arise.

15 Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal


Navigating financial challenges during digital transfers often requires innovative solutions. Cash advance apps that sync with PayPal offer users quick access to funds, merging convenience with digital finance capabilities.

Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPalFeaturesProsCons
BeemEverdraft™ Instant Cash Advance, Comprehensive Financial Tools, Enhanced Security & AlertsAccess $5 to $1,000 without interest or credit checks, Unlock additional cash boosts, Free tax filing, Identity theft protection
CleoUp to $250 with zero interest and no credit checks, Genuine savings potential, Minimal details requiredLimited Advance Amount Up to $250 maximum, Additional cost for same-day access, Primarily focuses on US usersAdditional cost for same-day access. Additional cost for same-day access.
EmpowerAutoSave feature, No late fees, Reimbursement for overdraft feesNo monthly subscription fee, Free next-day advancesMandatory monthly subscription fee of $3 or $8, Longer wait times for non-premium users, App has been criticized for unclear fee structures
MoneyLionInterest-free cash advances up to $250, Credit Builder Plus membership, Mobile banking and investment functionalitiesNo fees and interest on cash advances, Flexible payment optionsMonthly fee of $19.99 for Credit Builder Plus, Interest charges on credit-builder loans, Some users report slow customer service response times
AlbertNo-fee, no-interest cash advance, Savings, investing, and cashback rewardsFee associated with instant transfers, Requirement for a Genius SubscriptionTransparent fee structure, Zero fees and interest on cash advances
KloverNo fees, Prevents overdrafts, Helpful budgeting toolsUp to $200 free from interest and chargesWaiting period to qualify for cash advances, Three-day post-payday wait for subsequent advances, Limited availability in certain regions
DaveUp to $500 with partial payments, $1 monthly subscription fee, No late feesLow monthly subscription fee of $1, Offers large advance amountsNeed a Dave Spending Account for the most favorable express payment fees, Elevated fees for express payments, Minimum two-day wait for free advances
BranchUp to 50% paycheck advances, Instant Pay option, Access to ATMsNo interest or membership costs, Flexibility and immediate access optionsFee applied for Instant Pay to external bank transfers, Advance limits based on individual factors, App may not be suitable for users with irregular income
VaroSwift paycheck access, Interest-free borrowing, Automated savings featuresInitial borrowing limit is low, Requirement of $800 in direct depositsPrimarily targeting US users, Limited mobile banking features compared to some competitors
BrigitUp to $250 advances, Financial insights, Avoid overdraft chargesQuick advances of up to $250, Deep insights into spending patternsMonthly cost of $9.99 for the service, Availability of features might vary, Frequent app updates may cause minor inconveniences

1. Beem

cash advance apps that work with paypal - beem

Beem is a premier Smart Wallet App tailored for the modern individual. Offering cash advance through Everdraft™, this app blends financial tools like budget planning, tax filing, and identity protection, ensuring users optimize their financial health.


  • Everdraft™ Instant Cash: Access $5 to $1,000 without interest or credit checks.
  • Beem Boost: Unlock additional cash boosts on your Everdraft™ amount.
  • Comprehensive Financial Tools: File taxes for free, utilize budget planners, and receive personalized money management insights.
  • Enhanced Security & Alerts: Benefit from identity theft protection and timely alerts to sidestep overdrafts and late fees.

2. Cleo

cash advance apps that work with paypal - cleo

Cleo emerges as a user-centric cash advance platform that offering up to $250 with zero interest and no credit checks. Beyond immediate funds, it champions genuine overdraft protection, ensuring financial security. Its freelancer-friendly approach and streamlined process prioritize user convenience and inclusivity.


  • Genuine savings potential of up to $180 annually.
  • Minimal details are required for inclusive accessibility.


  • Limited Advance Amount Up to $250 maximum.
  • Additional cost for same-day access.

3. Empower

Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal - empower

Empower Financial stands out with its robust budgeting tools, including the AutoSave feature that aids in building savings. It is one of the Financial apps integrating PayPal. While offering advances up to $250, users face a potential two-day wait for fee-free transactions, and weekend support limitations underscore its customer service nuances.


  • No late fees incurred.
  • Reimbursement for overdraft fees.


  • Mandatory monthly subscription fee.
  • Lack of free next-day advances.

4. MoneyLion

cash advance apps that work with paypal - moneylion

MoneyLion offers interest-free cash advances up to $250 and features a Credit Builder Plus membership to improve credit.

Although it reports to major credit agencies and provides various financial tools, there’s a $19.99 monthly fee for this credit-enhancing service. If you are looking for one of the top cash advance apps that work with paypal, then this is for you.


  • Receive interest-free cash advances of up to $250.
  • Utilize Credit Builder Plus for credit-building loan opportunities.
  • Benefit from integrated mobile banking and investment functionalities.


  • Monthly fee of $19.99 for Credit Builder Plus.
  • Interest charges on credit-builder loans.

5. Albert

cash advance apps that work with paypal - albert

Albert emerges as a cutting-edge financial app, offering users a no-fee, no-interest cash advance feature, seamlessly integrating savings, investing, and cashback rewards into one comprehensive platform.


  • No credit check is required.
  • Transparent fee structure.
  • Zero fees and interest on cash advances.
  • Flexible payment options.


  • Fee associated with instant transfers.
  • Requirement for a Genius Subscription.

6. Klover

cash advance apps that work with paypal - klover

Klover changes the game with cash advances, giving users up to $200 free from interest and charges. Their innovative approach with tailored ads and rewards ensures you get financial help while keeping things private and accessible.


  • No fees are charged.
  • Prevents overdrafts.
  • Offers helpful budgeting tools.


  • Waiting period to qualify for cash advances.
  • Three-day post-payday wait for subsequent advances.

7. Dave

cash advance apps that work with paypal - dave

Dave offers advances up to $500 with the unique flexibility of accepting partial payments if full coverage isn’t available. It has a minimal $1 monthly subscription fee and no late fees. However, expedited fund transfers outside of a Dave account can come with steep fees reaching up to $25.


  • Low monthly subscription fee of $1.
  • Offers large advance amounts.
  • Membership provides access to a side hustle job board.


  • Need a Dave Spending Account for the most favorable express payment fees.
  • Elevated fees for express payments.
  • Minimum two-day wait for free advances.

8. Branch

cash advance apps that work with paypal - branch

The branch offers up to 50% paycheck advances, emphasizing flexibility and immediate access options. With no interest or membership costs, users benefit from additional banking features and widespread ATM access.


  • Instant Pay option is available with a branch debit card.
  • Access to over 40,000 fee-free ATMs.


  • The fee is applied for Instant Pay to external bank transfers.
  • Advance limits are based on individual payment history and factors.

9. Varo

cash advance apps that work with paypal - varo

Varo redefines cash advances without interest, providing a Varo bank account for easy transfers, which can then link with PayPal.

It stands out for requiring no credit check for cash advance approvals and emphasizes financial health tools alongside a high-yield savings option.

Varo represents a modern banking approach, offering solutions for immediate expense coverage and aligning perfectly with the needs highlighted by the main keyword.


  • Swift paycheck access.
  • Interest-free borrowing.
  • Automated savings features.


  • The initial borrowing limit is low.
  • Requirement of $800 in direct deposits.

10. Brigit

cash advance apps that work with paypal - brigit

Brigit effortlessly blends quick paycheck advances of up to $250 with valuable financial insights, providing a comprehensive way to handle money matters and avoid overdraft charges.


  • Quick advances of up to $250.
  • Deep insights into your spending patterns and overall financial behaviors.


  • Comes with a Monthly cost of $9.99 for the service.
  • Availability of features might vary based on user needs.

11. payactiv

cash advance apps that work with paypal - payactiv

Payactiv is a financial wellness platform and one of the best cash advance apps that work with paypal. Its core offering is Earned Wage Access (EWA). This allows employees to access a portion of their already-earned wages between traditional paychecks, improving financial flexibility.


  • Financial Flexibility: Helps cover unexpected expenses, avoiding costly payday loans or overdraft fees.
  • Potential for Financial Stability: Using Payactiv with their budgeting tools could pave a path towards better financial wellness.
  • Employer Benefit: Companies can offer Payactiv as an attractive perk to help with employee retention and recruitment.
  • Ease of Use: Generally a user-friendly app with simple transactions.


  • Fees: While smaller than those of payday loans, fees for accessing your wages do add up.
  • Encourages a Borrowing Cycle: May encourage reliance on early wage access rather than addressing the root causes of financial strain.
  • Limited Savings Focus: Features can be relatively basic compared to dedicated budgeting and savings apps.
  • Employer Dependent: The service’s availability is tied to whether your employer partners with Payactiv.

12. Wealthfront

cash advance apps that work with paypal - wealthfront

Wealthfront is an established pioneer in the robo-advisor industry, consistently ranking among the best with its straightforward investing approach and expanding suite of financial tools.


  • Automated, Goal-Oriented Investing: Wealthfront excels at providing tailored investment portfolios based on your risk tolerance, financial objectives, and time horizon. The platform makes long-term, passive investing seamless.
  • Advanced Financial Planning Tools: Their “Path” financial planner goes beyond basic retirement projections. It incorporates features like homeownership planning, college savings simulations, and even the ability to model extended time off from work, letting you explore the impact of major life decisions.
  • Sophisticated Tax-Saving Strategies: Features like daily tax-loss harvesting help optimize your returns over time, especially as your portfolio grows.
  • High-Yield Cash Management Account: The integrated cash account boasts competitive interest rates and convenient features like bill pay and check depositing. It serves as a central hub for your finances.
  • Self-Driving Money™ Automation: This optional feature helps manage cash flow with sophistication. Set rules for when your paycheck deposits get allocated to savings goals, bill payments, and investing.


  • Potential For Higher Cash Holdings: Wealthfront’s risk-based allocation could hold a higher percentage of cash than some competitors, limiting potential long-term gains for more aggressive investors.
  • Lack of Extensive Human Advisor Access: The platform relies heavily on automation. While support is available, interaction with a live financial advisor can be limited, especially for free.
  • Limited Direct Indexing: For high-net-worth clients, competitors might offer more robust direct indexing options for additional tax customization.

13. FlexWage

cash advance apps that work with paypal - flexwage

FlexWage is a standout employer-based cash advance solution that allows employees instant wage access, helping to navigate the period between paychecks without resorting to high-interest financial options.

By offering a payroll debit card, FlexWage caters to workers lacking traditional bank accounts, emphasizing financial wellness solutions within an employee benefits package.

This app aligns with the main keyword by facilitating cash advances that, through a bank, can work with PayPal.

14. DailyPay

cash advance apps that work with paypal - dailypay

DailyPay offers on-demand wage access, allowing employees to transfer accrued wages directly to their bank accounts, making it a valuable tool for those seeking cash advance apps that work with PayPal.

As a bridge between paychecks, it integrates with companies to provide a streamlined financial management experience, emphasizing employee financial management and instant access to earnings, fitting neatly into the main keyword‘s scope.

15. Chime

cash advance apps that work with paypal - chime

Chime is not just a banking service; it’s a digital financial solution offering the SpotMe feature for overdrafts without fees, making it relevant for cash advance apps that work with PayPal.

With no monthly fees and a high-yield savings account, Chime is designed for the digital age, promoting seamless transfers to bank accounts for PayPal use. Its direct deposit transfers and digital banking solutions underscore its utility and innovation in the financial tech sphere.

Why Not All cash advance Apps compatible with PayPal

There are several reasons why not all cash advance apps are compatible with PayPal. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors:

1. Technical Integration Challenges:

  • Different Systems: Cash advance apps and PayPal have their own unique operating systems and financial infrastructure. Integrating the two seamlessly requires a significant investment in technology to bridge potential gaps.
  • API Differences: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow different systems to communicate. Cash advance apps and PayPal may not have readily compatible APIs, requiring substantial API development or customization.

2. Security and Risk Management:

  • Fraud Prevention: Financial institutions have strict security protocols to safeguard against fraud and cyber threats. Adding an external component like a cash advance app could introduce added risk potential that PayPal and the app have to carefully evaluate.
  • Data Protection: Sharing user financial data back and forth requires adherence to complex regulations and the highest security standards to protect both institutions and the user. Establishing appropriate sharing protocols takes time and careful planning.

3. Business Models and Priorities:

  • Target Audience: PayPal has a massive, global user base. Some cash advance apps might favor focusing on a more niche or specialized audience, leading to different integration priorities.
  • Partnership Models: The terms of a potential partnership, revenue-sharing agreements, and risk-sharing strategies might not always align well between parties of differing scale.

4. Evolving Regulations:

  • Financial Regulations: Both the cash advance app industry and online payment processing face continual regulatory updates. Changes could add complexity to integrations or make partnering more difficult.

5. Market Dynamics

  • Competition: Both the cash advance app market and the digital payments space are competitive with new players emerging. PayPal might select only those partners that complement its overall business strategy or bring a sizable added user base.

does cleo work with paypal?

Cleo, a cash advance app, does not work with PayPal. This means that Cleo isn’t compatible with PayPal for transactions or cash advance services.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is a global online payment system facilitating secure money transfers worldwide. Users can link bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards, maintaining a balance within their PayPal account. With no fees or minimums for secure transactions, it provides versatile financial management accessible via web browsers, tablets, or mobile apps.

Benefits of Using PayPal

  • Quick Access to Funds: Instantaneous availability for efficient financial management.
  • Secure Transactions: Utilizes PayPal’s trusted platform for enhanced safety.
  • Convenience: Direct fund access and easy transfers to and from PayPal accounts.
  • User-Friendly: Offers simplicity and intuitive features for seamless transactions.

What Are Cash Advance Apps that Work with PayPal?

Cash advance apps compatible with PayPal facilitate seamless fund transfers, allowing users to borrow money instantly and integrate with their PayPal accounts for efficient financial transactions.

AppTypeWorks with PayPal?
BranchCash AdvanceYes
Cash AppCash advanceYes
DaveCash advanceYes
EmpowerCash advanceYes
LendupConnection serviceYes
MoneyLionCash advanceYes
VaroCash advanceYes

Choosing a Cash Advance App that Works with PayPal

Evaluation Criteria: Pay advance apps compatible with ADP were assessed based on specific factors.

Loan Amounts: Consider varying loan amounts offered by different apps.

Turnaround Times: Evaluated the speed at which funds are disbursed.

Fees & Eligibility: Analyzed fee structures and eligibility requirements for each app.


The sync between PayPal and cash advance apps in digital finance offers unparalleled convenience. By understanding each app’s features and limitations, users can make informed decisions, ensuring financial stability amidst uncertainties. Explore the dynamic fusion of cutting-edge technology and financial empowerment with this transformative partnership.

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