Does Car Insurance Cover Animal Damage?

Wondering if accidental collisions with animals are covered by car insurance. Typically, insurance policies include such coverage, safeguarding against damages resulting from these incidents.
Does Car Insurance Cover Animal Damage?
Does Car Insurance Cover Animal Damage?
Is hitting an animal covered by auto insurance? Explore our blog to learn more about this coverage and how to protect yourself against roadside harm.
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Does Car Insurance Cover Animal Damage?

Yes, car insurance covers animal damage if the policy includes comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive insurance, optional coverage, safeguards against events beyond one’s control, such as animal strikes or “acts of God” incidents. It protects various scenarios like weather-related damage, fire, theft, and vandalism. 

Importantly, comprehensive coverage is not automatically included in all policies, so individuals with liability-only insurance won’t be covered for animal-related damages. This coverage addresses external vehicle damage and can extend to interior harm. When considering comprehensive insurance, evaluating deductible options based on location and lifestyle is crucial.

Does my insurance provide comprehensive or collision coverage if I hit a deer?

Damage from hitting a deer with a vehicle is covered by comprehensive coverage in your car insurance policy. This type of coverage addresses damages caused by events beyond your control, such as collisions with animals like deer. Whether you collide with an animal on the road, the animal runs into your car, or there’s unusual damage like burrowing, comprehensive coverage may apply.

If you can avoid hitting a deer and subsequently have an accident with another vehicle or object, collision coverage would be needed for damage compensation. Notably, injuries sustained in a deer-related accident are not covered by comprehensive or collision insurance. Medical bills are addressed through separate coverage options like medical payments or personal injury protection, and it’s advisable to provide your health insurance details to cover potential gaps in coverage.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting a Dog?

Yes, car insurance can cover hitting a dog, primarily through comprehensive coverage. If you have comprehensive insurance, it will typically pay for the damage to your vehicle from hitting a dog or other animals. After filing a claim, you would be responsible for paying the car insurance deductible, and the insurance firm would cover the remaining repair costs. 

However, it’s important to note that comprehensive coverage is for vehicle damage and may not cover injuries to the dog. Depending on the circumstances, liability coverage might come into play for covering the dog’s vet bills and related expenses if you are deemed responsible for the accident. Sometimes, your insurance company may pursue reimbursement from the dog owner’s homeowners insurance if the owner is found negligent.

Which Kind of Car Insurance Allows for Animal Impacts?

Comprehensive car insurance is the type of coverage that addresses the costs associated with hitting an animal, enormous wild animal. While collisions with animals usually fall under collision policies, comprehensive coverage comes into play in such cases because it is designed to cover incidents that are beyond the driver’s control. This coverage extends to repair bills for vehicle damage and, in some cases, medical expenses for occupants.

However, if the animal involved is domestic, like a loose dog or horse, comprehensive coverage might not be the immediate payer. Instead, during the claims investigation, the insurance company could seek compensation from the animal’s owner through their homeowners’ insurance. It typically occurs when the insurer determines the owner’s negligence, even if unintentional, contributed to the animal getting loose. The resolution often occurs between the insurance companies, with the policyholder being informed if this approach is pursued.

Will Insurance Cover Vet Bills if I Accidently Hit a Pet?

Generally, suppose you hit a pet while driving, and the owner is responsible for losing the animal. In that case, their liability coverage may cover vet bills associated with the pet’s injuries. In the event of such an accident, it is crucial to take specific actions to limit liability, such as not carrying the injured pet unnecessarily, contacting the police, and promptly reaching out to the owner.

If you, as the driver, are deemed responsible for injuring a domestic animal, your liability coverage may come into play to cover vet bills. It’s essential to contact your insurance company to file a claim and discuss coverage options for costs associated with the pet’s injuries.

However, suppose you are driving responsibly, and the pet owner is found negligent for the loose animal. In that case, the owner is typically responsible for the damage to your vehicle and the pet’s care. Responsible driving and awareness in residential areas can help reduce the risk of such accidents. In most cases, drivers may not bear financial responsibility if they unintentionally harm a pet.


Car insurance covers animal damage through comprehensive insurance, addressing a range of incidents beyond the driver’s control. Comprehensive coverage is crucial in mitigating repair costs, whether hitting a deer or a dog or encountering large wild animals. 

While liability coverage may come into play for injuries or vet bills, it’s essential to recognize the importance of responsible driving and pet ownership in minimizing accidents. Being informed about insurance coverage options and taking appropriate actions after an incident ensures a smoother resolution for drivers and pet owners.

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