Does Car Insurance Cover Lost Keys?

Do missing keys get covered by car insurance policies? Car insurance sometimes does not cover the expense of replacing misplaced keys, so drivers must look into alternative possibilities for coverage.
Does Car Insurance Cover Lost Keys?
Does Car Insurance Cover Lost Keys?
Car insurance might not automatically replace misplaced keys. Our article delves into the many possibilities for critical replacement coverage, clarifying the intricacies of insurance plans and offering advice on securing your misplaced or stolen automobile keys.
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Does Car Insurance Cover Lost Keys?

No, car insurance typically does not cover lost or stolen keys. While roadside assistance can assist with lost keys, the replacement cost is usually the policyholder’s responsibility. Comprehensive coverage covers stolen cars, including keys, but not for lost ones. 

Homeowner’s insurance may be a good option in such situations as it might cover stolen car keys. However, given the potential costs, filing a claim should be considered carefully.

Does Another Type of Insurance Cover Lost or Stolen Keys?

Yes, property insurance, such as homeowners or renters insurance, may cover lost or stolen car keys. If personal property coverage is included, a claim can be made for stolen keys, but check policy details and potential deductibles before filing. Comprehensive car insurance may cover key replacement if the vehicle is recovered without the key.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Smart Key?

Replacing a smart key for a luxury car typically costs $200 to $400, with additional programming expenses averaging $100 per hour. Newer models often have laser-cut keys with transponder chips requiring dealer or locksmith programming. Losing all keys may lead to lock replacement, costing around $1,000.

Does it Matter if The Car Keys Are Lost or Stolen?

No, car insurance generally does not cover lost car keys. Some policies may provide limited coverage for stolen or damaged keys, but this is typically tied to specific covered losses, such as a vehicle fire. Comprehensive coverage, which covers theft or damage to the vehicle itself, does not extend to covering the keys directly. Reviewing policy documents or contacting the insurance provider for clarity on critical coverage is crucial.

Should I File an Insurance Claim for Stolen Car Keys?

Filing an insurance claim for stolen car keys is usually not worthwhile due to time and deductible considerations. Paying out of pocket is often simpler for low-cost replacements like mechanical keys or key fobs. However, for high-tech intelligent keys, which can be expensive, it’s essential to weigh the replacement cost against the insurance deductible and consider the potential impact on premiums and the claims process.

Does Insurance Coverage for Lost Car Keys Have a Deductible?

Yes, if your insurance coverage includes a deductible, you must pay it before receiving reimbursement. For example, with a $10,000 car and a $500 deductible, you would receive $9,500 and are responsible for the $500 deductible when replacing your vehicle.

How Much Damage is Covered if My Car is Stolen With Keys Inside?

Comprehensive insurance covers the expense of a stolen vehicle, including cases where keys are left inside. The payout, influenced by the deductible and insurance limit, is based on the actual cash value, considering depreciation. Deductible payment is required before receiving reimbursement.

What to Do if You Lock Your Keys in Your Car?

If you lock your keys in your car, roadside assistance coverage can send a locksmith to help. The locksmith may make a copy, with your insurance covering the dispatch cost. If not, towing to a service shop is covered, but you’ll bear the expense of the new key. If no spare key is available, a locksmith or dealer can create one using the key code or VIN, but it might be costlier than copying.

How to Replace Stolen Car Keys?

Losing your car keys can be a stressful situation, but the process of replacement varies depending on the type of keys your vehicle uses:

Smart Keys

If your car utilizes electronic smart keys, aftermarket options may need to be more reliable. The re-keying process often requires the car’s physical presence, leading to potential towing costs to the dealership for a new electronic key.

Mechanical Keys

Replacement is typically more straightforward for older vehicles equipped with traditional mechanical keys. Most hardware stores can cut a new key at a minimal cost if you have a spare to serve as a reference.

Mechanical Keys And Remote

Some older cars feature a combination of a remote for keyless entry and a mechanical key for ignition. Aftermarket blanks for both components may be available, with locksmiths or car repair shops offering programming services. Some models even allow self-programming if you possess two original keys. In cases of lockouts, automotive locksmiths, often provided by roadside assistance, can duplicate keys on-site, eliminating the need for costly towing.

Can You Purchase Insurance for Car Key Replacement?

Specialized critical replacement insurance, covering essential fob costs, door key replacement, and locksmith charges, is offered by some companies, often through the dealership at the time of car purchase. Inquire about this coverage option during the car-buying process.

If I replace my keys, will my insurance increase?

If your car keys are stolen, immediately contact the police to report the theft and prevent potential vehicle theft. This action strengthens your insurance claim. Consider buying new keys and keeping receipts for potential reimbursement through your insurance claim.

Will My Insurance Go Up if I Have My Keys Replaced?

If you file a claim to replace your car keys, your insurance rates may increase. Paying for key replacement without filing a claim typically avoids rate hikes, as insurers often raise rates for those who have filed claims.

What Will Cover a Stolen Car If Basic Auto Insurance Doesn’t?

To cover the theft of your car, you need comprehensive insurance, not liability coverage. Comprehensive insurance safeguards against theft, natural disasters, animal collisions, and vandalism. Consult an independent insurance agent to facilitate the process and explore discounts.


Understanding your insurance options for lost or stolen car keys is essential. Comprehensive coverage and specialized critical replacement insurance offer solutions. Consult an agent to make informed decisions and ensure comprehensive protection.

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