Does Car Insurance Cover Pothole Damage? 

At least 1 out of 10 car drivers incur severe enough damage to need fixing after hitting a pothole. In such a scenario, you may wonder if your car insurance covers pothole damage. Read on to know the relevant details!
does car insurance cover pothole damage
Does Car Insurance Cover Pothole Damage? 
Potholes may sound trivial, but they are capable of severe damage. In the event of an accident, you may ask: does car insurance cover pothole damage? Let's read to know the details!
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Potholes may sound trivial, but they are capable of severe damage. A study by AAA reported that 1 out of 10 drivers incur severe enough damage to need fixing after hitting a pothole. Even scarier is that it can cost around $600 for a single-time repair after a pothole damage to a car. This brings us to the question: does car insurance cover pothole damage? Let’s read to know the details! Check and compare the best auto insurance policies with Beem for your car needs and get impressive discounts on your coverage.

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Potholes?

It depends on the coverage you have included while purchasing your policy. Suppose you want the insurance company to pay for damages incurred by potholes, guard rails, lamp posts, collisions, flipping over, and more. You will need to include those coverages while buying the policy.

Other Types of Car Insurance Coverage That Can Cover Pothole Damage

Toronto-based drivers in 2020 made over 1700 pothole damage claims, and the city reimbursed about 25 percent of their repair charge. 

Additionally, some jurisdictions, including Chicago and New York state, commonly pay for pothole damages. However, a driver who incurred pothole damage needs to determine the state responsible for the road and inquire about the reimbursement for the damage by pothole. Then, the driver can file the claim.

Physical Damage Insurance Coverage

Physical damage coverage does not act like an umbrella insurance. Us ally, it only consists of collision insurance and comprehensive insurance policies. Hence, physical damage insurance can only cover you for damages caused by fire and theft. Let’s say someone broke into your vehicle; the said insurance will help you pay for the repairs. In addition to physical damage, it also covers the following losses:

  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects
  • Rollovers
  • Collisions with another vehicle
  • Fire
  • Hitting an animal
  • Earthquakes

All Perils Coverage

Most car insurance policies will pay for the damage caused by a pothole, given you have the right coverage. The collision and all-perils coverage would cover any damage to your vehicle. The catch is that you have to buy this insurance as an add-on. So, if you opted for the add-ons mentioned above with your policy, you would not have to pay for the damage.

Liability Coverage

Additionally, if you clash with another vehicle or a pedestrian because of a pothole, you can cover for their damages using your liability coverages.

Types of Damages as a Result of Potholes

  • The sensation of being pulled in one direction
  • You have dented your tires or rims 
  • Deflation of tires
  • And more

How Does Collision Coverage Work for Pothole Damage?

Collision coverage with your insurance policy could classify any damage from a pothole as a “single-car accident.” For the damage to qualify for collision coverage, your damages’ repair must cost more than the deductible to file a claim. Adding a claim to your claim history may result in higher rates at renewal if you file a claim.

Collision coverage helps cover damage fixing charges for your car. In the event, you collided with another vehicle/person, etc. 

Making a Claim for Damages by Potholes to the City 

  • Ensure you take pictures when you encounter damage with potholes. Also, note down the location of the pothole.
  • Document the damage, the pothole itself, the weather conditions, etc.

How To Check For Pothole Damage

In case you encounter a pothole, you should be looking for signs like loss of car control, low tire pressure, bulges in your sidewalls or uneven wear on your tires. Visit a mechanic to dig deeper into the problem.

What Causes Potholes?

Potholes are caused by free-thaw temperatures, snow melting, and more, which lead to cracks. These cracks usually turn a smooth and plain surface into one bumpy road. It is also sometimes due to the degrading infrastructure, weather conditions, and poor maintenance. Like everything, it wears and tears with time, and so does the road.

How Can You Protect Against Potholes?

  • Take roads you are familiar with
  • Travel on well-lit roads at night so the surface is visible.
  • Drive slowly, and take time to spot potholes.
  • Continue driving if it is too late to spot a pothole; braking abruptly can do more damage than a pothole.

When Potholes Become Costly

If you forgot to get the additional coverage for potholes, you do not pay for your damage. This is when it becomes costly if you still need to document the pothole damage and end up with no evidence of damage caused by it. It can wreck the tire, wheels, and suspension components.

How Do I Know if I Am Insured for Pothole Damage?

By contacting your insurance policy broker, you can enquire about the coverage you have in your policy. Also, it would help if you visited a mechanic after encountering pothole damage to determine whether it is covered.

What Should You Do if a Pothole Damages Your Vehicle?

  • You can fill out a form online and report it.
  • Call 311, and provide the exact location.
  • Take a picture of the damages.
  • Visit a mechanic to get an estimate of the repair.

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While it may seem unimportant, pothole damage coverage can prevent you from losing much money on repair. Potholes become more common during harsh weather.


Is filing a claim for pothole damage always necessary?

Yes, if you have the coverage in your policy, you will need to file for the coverage.

What should you do if your car insurance company denies your claim?

Check if the jurisdiction the pothole was in covers for pothole damage charges.

Does a tire warranty cover hitting a pothole?

They might, but with limitations.

How do I get reimbursed for pothole damage in Texas?

You can either opt for the state to pay for the damage or your insurance company if you have the coverage included in your policy.

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