Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism

Wondering if car insurance covers vandalism. Find out what kinds of protection are available and what to do if your car is intentionally damaged.
Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism
Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism
Read "Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism?" as we delve into auto insurance coverage and the precautions to steer and shield your car from malicious harm.
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 As we embark on a trip through the intricacies of auto insurance, this article seeks to clarify one particular issue that each vehicle owner may encounter: vandalism. In this investigation, we want to address the crucial query: does car insurance cover vandalism? Join us as we explore the world of insurance plans and the subtleties of their coverage. You’ll obtain the information necessary to protect your car from intentional damage.

Will Comprehensive Insurance Cover Back You For Car Vandalism?

Yes! If you’ve got comprehensive coverage in your car insurance, it’s got your back for vandalism damages. While it’s usually part of total auto insurance, state laws might not make it necessary. Just a heads up, though—comprehensive coverage won’t pitch in for your stuff taken during vandalism; for that, you’d need renters’ or homeowners’ insurance. Take a peek at your policy details to know exactly what’s covered.

What is Auto Vandalism?

Auto vandalism is when someone intentionally messes with your car, from scratching it with keys to graffiti and other not-so-nice stuff. Good news if you have comprehensive auto insurance—it steps up to cover these damages, giving you a financial cushion against these nasty acts.

How Does Vandalism Insurance Coverage Work?

Vandalism insurance is essentially your vehicle’s extra layer of protection bundled within the comprehensive coverage of your auto insurance policy. While not mandatory, shielding your vehicle from damages beyond collisions, such as vandalism, is prudent. 

A careful review of your declaration page or a discussion with your insurance agent is recommended to ensure your coverage is solid. Comprehensive coverage acts as a safeguard, ensuring your vehicle is shielded from intentional damages.

Is Vandalism Covered Under Comprehensive Insurance?

Yes! Comprehensive insurance takes on the crucial role of a silent hero in protecting against vandalism. This coverage serves as the dedicated guardian for your vehicle, addressing incidents that extend beyond collisions, including deliberate acts like vandalism. 

Despite not being mandated by state laws, choosing comprehensive insurance is a strategic decision to fortify your vehicle against a spectrum of potential risks.

Do I Have to Pay a Deductible If My Car is Vandalized?

Yes, you do. If your vehicle falls victim to vandalism and you are protected by comprehensive insurance, there is a deductible specified in your policy that you will need to handle. Comprehensive coverage plays a crucial role in addressing the aftermath of vandalism.
Still, before activating insurance benefits, you must contribute a predetermined amount known as the deductible. With deductibles typically ranging from $0 to $2,500, thoroughly reviewing your policy details is strongly recommended for a comprehensive understanding of the terms involved.

How to File a Vandalism Claim

When dealing with car vandalism, swift action is essential in filing an insurance claim. Follow these key steps to ensure a smooth process:

Call the Police

Report the incident promptly by calling the police. Provide details, obtain a copy of the report, and share it with your insurance company for a seamless vandalism claim process.

File a Police Report

When filing a police report for vandalism, provide detailed information. If an on-site officer is unavailable, submit the report by phone. Ensure you obtain a copy, which is essential for processing your insurance claim.

Contact Your Auto Insurer

Promptly initiate the insurance claim process by contacting your auto insurer via phone, mobile app, or online tools. Prepare essential details, including the incident’s date, time, location, damage specifics, parking location, and the police report number for efficient processing.

Meet With the Claims Adjuster

Schedule a claims adjuster inspection for vandalism claims to assess and document the damage. This step is crucial for receiving guidance on the subsequent actions and ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the extent of the vandalism.

Have the Car Repaired

After claim approval, proceed with vehicle repair. Your insurer may recommend preferred repair facilities, but you can choose a preferred shop. Selecting a non-recommended shop might affect the process or repair costs.

Am I Required to Report Damage from Vandalism to My Insurance Company?

No. You are not legally obligated to report vandalism damage to your insurance company. The decision is personal and depends on contractual obligations, repair costs versus deductibles, and whether a claim aligns with your best financial interests.

Does Vandalism Raise Your Insurance Rates?

Yes. While filing a vandalism claim won’t result in a surcharge due to no fault assigned, there’s a chance of a slight increase in comprehensive coverage costs at renewal. The impact varies based on providers, states, and the policyholder’s claims history.

Which Kind of Car Insurance Includes Theft and Vandalism Coverage?

Coverage for vandalism and theft is provided by comprehensive insurance. While a deductible is typically involved, making self-payment more economical for minor damages, comprehensive insurance generally covers significant incidents. Some policies may even waive the deductible for specific repairs, underscoring the importance of swift attention to prevent further, more extensive damage.

When Does Automobile Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Comprehensive automobile insurance coverage will safeguard you against vandalism. It includes a range of incidents such as keying, spray painting, or damage to the windshield. 

However, it’s important to note that auto insurance does not extend coverage to personal belongings damaged or stolen during acts of vandalism. Coverage must be sought through renters’ or homeowners’ insurance policies for such items.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Car Vandalism?

No. Renters insurance does not cover car vandalism. It explicitly protects personal belongings within a rented space. Car vandalism falls under auto insurance, particularly comprehensive coverage, which covers damages to the vehicle but not individual items inside it.

Does Car Insurance Cover Vandalism Tires?

Yes. Car insurance, specifically comprehensive coverage, generally covers vandalism to tires. If your tires are deliberately damaged or slashed, you can file a claim under comprehensive insurance to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Cover Vandalism

Yes. If your vehicle is intentionally damaged, such as keying or spray painting, you can file a claim under comprehensive coverage for the necessary repairs or replacements, as full coverage car insurance typically includes comprehensive coverage that covers vandalism.

What will happen if Your Policy Does Not Have Comprehensive Coverage and Your Car Is Vandalized?

If your policy lacks comprehensive coverage, the damage is not covered when and if your car is vandalized. Comprehensive coverage cannot be added retroactively, and attempting to do so would be considered insurance fraud. Therefore, to protect against future risks, consider adding comprehensive coverage to your policy beforehand.

What are Some Tips to Help Prevent Car Vandalism?

To prevent Car vandalism:

  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Use secure parking facilities
  • Install security cameras
  • Consider an alarm system
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Lock your vehicle

Does Insurance Cover Broken Windows From A Break-In?

Yes. Insurance typically covers broken windows and lights resulting from a break-in. Insurance covers replacing these parts, whether a windshield, other car windows, or damaged headlights and side mirrors.


Comprehensive auto insurance is crucial for covering vandalism and offering protection against intentional damages. From reporting incidents to choosing preferred repair facilities, swift action ensures a smooth claims process. Remember, prevention measures and coverage are vital in safeguarding against auto vandalism.


Does vandalism get covered by my regular auto insurance policy?

It’s essential to comprehend the specifics of your insurance. Even though vandalism protection is usually included in comprehensive coverage, reviewing your exact conditions is crucial.

Which kinds of vandalism are protected against by auto insurance?

Vandalism in many forms, including intentional destruction, graffiti, and keying, is frequently covered by comprehensive coverage. Become familiar with the precise acts that your policy covers.

Does reporting vandalism to the police require a report to be filed?

Insurance companies frequently need a police record to handle a vandalism claim. If someone vandalizes your car, you should call the police as soon as possible.

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