Does Walmart Do Car Inspections?

Popular retailer Walmart offers customers extensive vehicle needs, products, and services. But does Walmart do car inspections? Let’s find out.
Does Walmart do car inspections
Does Walmart Do Car Inspections?
Does Walmart do car inspections? The short answer is no. Read on to know why Walmart does not do car inspections and what else it offers instead.
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With over 2500 Auto Care Centres worldwide, Walmart is one of the largest retailers and the country’s biggest employer. Getting an oil change or tire balance at Walmart means you know your vehicle is in good hands. But does Walmart do car inspections?

If you are a frequent Walmart customer like many other Americans, you may wonder if you can also get your car’s next safety inspection there. In this article, you will learn more about car inspections and other automobile services Walmart offers. 

Does Walmart do car inspections?

No, Walmart doesn’t inspect cars, as many state governments do not recognize them. With its Auto Care Centers, Walmart offers extensive vehicle needs options, including spare parts, oils, and other automotive services.

Unlike Midas, Valvoline, Mr. Lube, and Jiffy Lube, Walmart does not perform car inspections at Auto Care Centers or Supercenters. Instead, you can get essential services such as oil changes and tire balancing.

Reasons Why Walmart Does Not Do Car Inspections

Walmart does not offer vehicle inspections since inspections are not required in most states. About 30% of states do require inspections. Due to Walmart’s training of its mechanics, most state governments need to recognize it as certified. So, Walmart mechanics will not be able to conduct inspections.

Do Car Registrations Require Inspection?

Yes, car registrations require full inspection from a registered source. If you pass the inspection exam, you can visit a local store that will inspect your vehicle correctly and provide you with a certification sticker. Even if you fail the inspection, they will guide you with the necessary measures to fulfill so you can pass the next inspection.

If you are looking for good car insurance, you can use Beem to find the best insurance quotes to help you make the right choice. 

Walmart Auto Care Services

Walmart Auto Care Centres offer several essential auto services; however, they focus more on car maintenance than fixing significant blowouts. Besides selling new car batteries and tires, the stores also sell various other parts for your car. However, whether they can replace these on your car is another question. Auto Care services at Walmart include:

  • Air Filter Installation
  • Battery Installation and Testing
  • Battery Recycling and Non-Corrosion Treatment
  • Coolant Exchange 
  • Coolant System Cleaning
  • Flat Tire Repairs
  • Fuel System Maintenance
  • Headlight Installation
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Lube Services
  • Miniature Bulb Installation
  • Oil Changes and Oil Filter Replacement
  • Refrigerant Recharge
  • Tire Road Hazard Warranty
  • Tire Balancing, Installation, Replacement, and Rotation
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange 
  • Wiper Blade Inspection
  • Wiper Blade Fluid Change

Where To Get Your Car Inspected Instead

Many places offer vehicle inspections, including:

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Les Schwab
  • Pep Boys
  • Firestone
  • Goodyear
  • Tires Plus
  • Valvoline

The other option to have your vehicle inspected is to contact your local mechanic. If your state requires vehicle inspections, your local mechanic is qualified to perform the task. 

What Happens If You Pass/Fail The Inspection?

You will most likely receive a windshield sticker after your vehicle passes inspection. The sticker will verify your vehicle’s inspection status. Your vehicle must be repaired and addressed if it fails to pass the safety inspection before being approved as road-safe. You will not be permitted to drive your vehicle on public roads if your car fails the inspection and you cannot do the repairs for any reason.

How Much Do Car Inspections Cost?

A car safety inspection can be classified into three categories based on its examination and price:

Basic Vehicle Inspections

For around $80, a basic check covers the car’s mechanics and will be the most budget-friendly.

Standard Vehicle Inspections

Most service centers charge $150 to $250 for a standard inspection covering the entire vehicle and all components.

Comprehensive/Advanced Vehicle Inspections

The most thorough inspection is helpful for vehicles dealing with hazardous situations and dangerous goods. Typically, it costs upwards of $300.


So, does Walmart do car inspections? No. While Walmart does not offer car inspections, they provide many other vehicle services, including tire service, oil changes, and engine maintenance. Other car shops offer safety inspections performed by highly trained and certified mechanics. Check out Jiffy Lube, Midas, Mr. Lube, Valvoline, or other local automotive repair shops if you need an annual or sale-proof inspection. Visiting these stores or other recognized dealers for vehicle inspection is better than getting approval stickers. 

Also, it helps to remember that auto insurance with Beem covers damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property, and injuries to yourself or others. 

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