GAP Insurance vs New Car Replacement – What’s the Difference?

GAP insurance and new car replacement insurance–often less considered–become vital in certain conditions. But what are they and what makes them different? Let’s discuss their pros and cons.
GAP Insurance vs New Car Replacement – What’s the Difference?
Guaranteed asset protection insurance, or GAP insurance, is meant to "bridge the gap" between what a vehicle costs and the loan amount that has been taken on that car. Beem gives you a lowdown on you need to consider it and its alternatives.
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Buying protection for your new car is vital as it ensures financial backup during an accident. Most car insurance quotes include paying for harm to others and property damage. They also cover fixing or replacing your car after an accident, theft, harm by others, or natural disaster. However, such insurance schemes are only partially effective during a complete loss, theft, or significant accident.

That’s why GAP insurance and new car replacement insurance–often less considered–become vital. What makes them different? Let’s discuss their pros and cons.

Differences Between GAP Insurance and New Car Replacement Coverage

FeatureGAP InsuranceNew Car Replacement Coverage
PurposeIt covers the “gap” between the car’s value and the remaining loan or lease if the car is totaled.To replace a totaled car, get a new one of the same make, model, and equipment. This is without considering depreciation.
CoverageCovers the financial gap.Covers the cost of a new vehicle.
EligibilityGenerally required for leased cars or cars bought with a loan.Available for new vehicles. Sometimes for new ones. Usually, it’s within a specific time frame after purchase.
Depreciation FactorDoes not cover the cost of a new car, just the gap due to depreciation.Specifically addresses depreciation by allowing for the purchase of a brand new car.
Benefit to the OwnerFinancial protection from owing more on the car loan than the car’s actual cash value.Provides a new car without the financial hit from depreciation in the event of a total loss.
Duration of CoverageOften required for the duration of the car loan or lease.Limited to the first few years of vehicle ownership, as defined by the policy terms.
Typical UsersDrivers finance their purchase with a big loan or lease. The loan might be more than the car’s value.Drivers buy new vehicles. They want to protect them from depreciation in the first few years.

Pros and Cons of GAP Insurance


  • No deductible is required.
  • It covers the insurance gap when you owe more than your vehicle is worth.


  • Extra cost involved.
  • If added to a car loan through a dealer, you might pay loan interest on the gap costs.

Pros and Cons of New Car Replacement Coverage


  • Eliminates worries about depreciation during the coverage period.
  • Ensures peace of mind for new car owners by offering a brand-new replacement if the car is totaled.


  • Limited to new cars and typically expires after the first year or two.
  • Premiums may be higher compared to standard coverage.

Cost Comparison

GAP insurance expenses vary depending on how you acquire the policy and your vehicle, among other factors.

Purchasing gap insurance through a dealer or lender might incur a flat rate ranging from $200 to over $500. Your specific costs hinge on claims history, location, and car type.

On the other hand, new car replacement coverage generally averages around $300 annually. However, the actual price is influenced by both your chosen vehicle and the insurance company you select.

GAP Insurance vs New Car Replacement: Which One to Choose?

Factors such as the car’s age, loan terms, and individual preferences must be considered when deciding between GAP insurance and new car replacement.

Both insurance policies might provide important protection if you purchase a new car with a large loan amount. Gap insurance, however, can be sufficient if you make a sizable down payment or if the automobile depreciates gradually.

How to Purchase GAP Insurance or New Car Replacement Coverage

Typically, GAP Insurance and Ne­w Car Replacement can be­ secured eithe­r during your loan period or after buying the car. It’s from e­ither the lende­r or the car insurance company.

Compare various quote­s and explore differe­nt options, and always read each insurance’s rule­s and conditions carefully before­ picking one.


In conclusion, gap and new car replacement insurance offer crucial defense against unanticipated car losses. Being aware of their advantages and drawbacks allows people to make wise choices.

However, total safety and flexibility are guaranteed if you put them in an overall financial plan with emergency savings and periodic policy reviews.

Also, check out Beem to get personalized auto insurance quotes from the industry’s leading insurance providers and get up to 40% off on your preferred coverage.


Is GAP insurance worth it on a new car?

Gap insurance makes sense for those who choose a long payback time and no down payment since they might owe more than the car’s current worth.

What does new car replacement mean in an insurance policy?

When your car is lost, new car replacement insurance offers financial support. It provides the cash equivalent of a brand-new car of the same type as your totaled vehicle. This payment is based on current market value, reduced by your deductible. As a result, you receive the value of a new car rather than the depreciated value of your old one.

Will GAP insurance pay off my loan?

Yes, gap insurance helps pay off your loan by paying the difference between the value of your car and the loan sum if it is totaled.

Is gap insurance pointless?

For some drivers, especially those with minimal loans or vehicles that depreciate slowly, gap insurance may not be necessary and could be considered unnecessary. However, it can provide crucial financial protection for others.

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