Handle your money differently this 2022

Tired of trying the same old formula for your money goals? Why not think outside the box this year with your financial plans. Why not attempt something new with your money?
Handle your money differently this 2022
The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings. It's an opportunity to retrospect on what went wrong last year or in the previous years. Some of us may not make any resolutions after not keeping up with anything in the past. However, most experts ask you not to give up because nearly all of us usually set unrealistic targets and get frustrated by not reaching them in a short time.
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Why not try to handle your money differently in 2022? You can begin a new financial lifestyle to attain overall financial wellness without a specific short-term target or deadline. With that, you can enjoy any fruit you would be reaping at the end of 2022.

You will definitely not be in the same place as today if you start any financial discipline. That’s progress. And you have no chance to get frustrated when you set short-term unachievable targets. Let us begin with a fresh perspective on how to handle money differently in 2022. 


Pay off all the debt as soon as you can. If you can’t pay off the entire debt, try your best to minimize it. You can try various strategies you haven’t tried before, for example, debt consolidation.

You can try to increase your income by looking for a high-paying job, working part-time, or asking for a raise. And then, cut down unnecessary spending and more credit until you are financially stable. Always try to pay off the high-interest credit first. Paying off debt will take away your financial stress and help you make good New Year resolutions.


List down your financial goals. It could be a summer vacation, buying a house or a car, or paying for a college education. Once you list down, take a look at your 2021 statements and analyze your income and expenses. After you understand your financial situation, you can establish priorities for your new budget.

The new budget can, for example, reduce the amount spent on the “Wants” category, and you can transfer that amount to the new category, let’s say “New House”. Your entire year will focus on building the “New House” fund by adjusting your lifestyle, needs, and wants. You can open new high yield savings account for the “New House” fund and schedule automatic transfers from your main account.  

Emergency fund

Emergency funds not only help you avoid liquidation of portfolio assets when prices go down in a volatile market. They also help you face unexpected expenses or survive three to six months without a salary. Suppose you are quitting your current job and looking for new opportunities; in that case, you can search for jobs without having to worry about your next meal when you have a solid emergency fund. 

If you don’t have an emergency fund, this New Year is a great time to start handling your money differently this 2022. Once again, open a new high yield savings account and schedule automatic monthly transfers from your main account.  

Health and wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Surveys show that 41% of people feel that they have less control of their life. Another 40% say that they have lost hope in any sense of security.

This new year, take intentional efforts to protect your wellbeing. Make most of employer wellness resources provided for physical, mental, and financial health if you have never tried them in the previous years. Start a new healthy routine for reviving your physical and mental health.

Several companies provide resources and tools as good as the financial advice you might get from an expert financial advisor. Using these resources, you will not only become better at managing your finances but also understand how to make most of your workplace benefits like group insurance, retirement plan, or equity compensation.

Get back on track

Take a look at your existing and forgotten financial goals. Are the current plans for your New Year resolutions on the right track? Do some forgotten dreams need revival? You need not give up on these goals. Contact your financial advisor and work out a plan to revive, let’s say, retirement savings for example, which might have had a pause because of unexpected emergency expenses you might have got in 2020 and 2021. 


Today, many people prefer investing in companies having policies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some also want companies to have people from diverse backgrounds in leadership positions. Some may be interested in tackling climate change or alleviating poverty. So, the next time you invest, think about these aspects to make a global impact with every dollar you invest.

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