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Stop Payment – How to Cancel a Check & Stop Payment fees

There are many ways to request a stop payment, and the fee is different for each method. Most banks have the option to request a stop payment on the online banking website, computerized telephone banking, or customer service. A stop payment on a check is valid for six months.

How much of my income should I spend on Christmas?

Christmas shopping can drain your wallet before you know it. Understanding the percentage of income that most people spend on Christmas gifts can be helpful to plan for the season.

How Much will Houses Cost in 2030 – Housing Market 2030 & Beyond

By 2030, it’s believed that a single-family home might cost nearly $382,000 or more. Aspiring homebuyers can take some steps to be in a position to afford a home in the future.

Better money habits you need right now!

There are plenty of money habits out there. But which ones take the cake when you to deal with good money management.

How to manage money at every stage of life

Whatever your balance is, set up your strategy so that at any stage in life, you are financially secure. Boost the savings so that your money doesn’t let you down when you need it the most.

What you can do with $1000 dollars

If you have $1,000 and don’t know how to make the most of it, you’re in the right place.

Black-Owned Credit Unions: Your Guide to Inclusive Banking

A conventional white family has eight times the wealth of a typical Black family. A Black-owned bank is a regular banking institution where the board of directors comprises African American members. Netflix, Inc deposits 2% of its funds in Black-owned banks.

How millennials can plan for their aging parents

Saving is always a critical factor for millennials, more so when family and aging parents are involved. Don't know where to start planning your finances for them? We're here to help you get started. 

How to Mobile Deposit a Check ?

How often are you required to deposit a check? If you ever have to queue up in a line at the bank for a check deposit, remember, there is an easier option.

Prepaid Debit Card – Benefits

When you hear prepaid debit card, think of it as a gift card. It allows you to spend any amount of money is stored on the card. When you're low on balance, you can reload the card online or at an ATM.

How to Budget as a Single Mom: Financial Tips

With a little help from a budget tailored for single parents, anyone can not only pay the bills on time but also save up for the future.

Does Partial Payment Affect Credit Score? Explained

Partial payments will have a negative effect on your credit score. Even though the creditor might accept the payment, it will be reported as missed or delinquent when you don’t pay the minimum amount.

Can I Settle for a Fair Credit Score?

The Federal Trade Commission always advises everyone not to believe agencies that guarantee to increase your credit score or remove certain parts from your report. These are scams that would steal your money.

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