High Yield Savings Account Bonus

Today, let us explore the top 9 banks and credit unions that stand out in the domain of high-yield savings account bonuses. Unlock potential advantages and incentives for astute savers.
High Yield Savings Account Bonus
High Yield Savings Account Bonus
Unlock benefit of profitable chances by looking at the top 9 credit unions and banks providing high-yield savings accounts with alluring bonuses.
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We all hunt for an opportunity to save money with high-interest rates, and many banks or platforms are available to maximize the yield. In the ever-evolving landscape of personal finance, savvy investors seek opportunities to maximize returns. Let’s read more on High-yield savings accounts, which offer a lucrative avenue, and a strategic bonus can sweeten the deal.

Top 9 Banks & Unions for High Yield Savings Account Bonus

“Embarking on the journey of financial growth? Discover the top 9 banks and credit unions that stand out for high-yield savings account bonuses, ensuring your money earns more while you save.”


“Experience financial empowerment with Beem’s High Yield Savings Account, offering up to 5.00% APY. Navigate savings effortlessly with a user-friendly interface, and rest assured with FDIC insurance covering funds up to $5,000,000. Beem eliminates unnecessary fees, ensuring your money grows seamlessly. Open your account online, providing essential documents like ID and proof of address, and enjoy the benefits of high-interest rates, hassle-free banking, and unparalleled security.”

Features to consider while choosing Beem for a high-yield savings account.

Competitive APY: Beem’s High Yield Savings Account stands out with a competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of up to 5.00%, allowing your savings to grow acceleratedly.

Fee-Free Banking: Say goodbye to hidden fees. Beem ensures a cost-free savings experience, letting you focus on watching your money grow without worrying about unnecessary charges.

FDIC Insurance: Rest easy knowing that your funds, up to $5,000,000, are FDIC-insured, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your high-yield savings.

Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union is a beacon in the financial landscape, offering a compelling blend of superior interest rates and accessible membership criteria. With a robust online and mobile banking experience, Alliant provides the convenience of modern technology. Boasting a nationwide ATM network, members enjoy fee-free transactions. 

While lacking physical branches, Alliant’s High-Rate Savings and Ultimate Opportunity Savings Account, with an impressive 3.10% APY and a $100 minimum balance for APY, make it a prime choice for those seeking high-yield savings with minimal fees and maximum flexibility.

Bask Bank™

Bask Bank revolutionizes savings with its Interest Savings Account, delivering an impressive 5.00% APY and enticing all account holders with substantial returns. Travel enthusiasts can elevate their savings game by opting for the Mileage Savings Account, earning 2.5 American Airlines AAdvantage® miles for every $1 saved annually. 

Enjoy the flexibility of no minimum balance or monthly fees, but remember to fund your account promptly to avoid closure. As a division of Texas Capital Bank, Bask Bank seamlessly operates online, providing a hassle-free banking experience for savvy savers and jet-setters alike.

BMO Bank

BMO Saving Builder Account caters to those seeking simplicity and accessibility in their savings journey. With a low minimum balance requirement of $0.01 and no monthly fees or transaction limits, it’s an ideal choice for budget-conscious savers. 

While the APY stands at 0.01%, a notable bonus feature sweetens the deal – new account holders earn an extra $5 each month they save $200 or more, potentially accumulating up to $60 in bonuses during their first year. This account seamlessly integrates savings and checking, offering a comprehensive banking solution.

Discover® Bank

The Discover Online Savings Account sets itself apart with an impressive 4.30% APY, making it a standout choice for those seeking substantial returns on their savings. With no lowest balance needs or monthly fees, it provides a hassle-free savings experience. 

First-time account holders can earn a generous bonus of $150 or $200 by depositing $15,000 or $25,000 within 30 days of account opening, adding an extra incentive to maximize your savings. Discover’s comprehensive suite of banking products further enhances its appeal, offering a one-stop solution for diverse financial needs.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank’s Virtual Wallet® stands as a standout choice with its $400 cash bonus, attainable through a manageable $5,000 direct deposit requirement. Offering flexibility, various Virtual Wallet accounts cater to diverse needs, providing the opportunity to earn up to 4.00% APY on select Virtual Wallet Growth accounts with relationship rates. 

While minimum balances and monthly fees vary, PNC offers options to waive fees, ensuring a tailored and rewarding banking experience for users seeking bonuses and attractive interest rates.


SoFi’s versatile financial solution shines with a compelling annual yield (APY) of 4.60% on savings for members with direct deposits and 0.50% APY on checking balances. With no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees, SoFi’s checking and savings accounts seamlessly integrate, offering a comprehensive banking experience. 

Enjoy perks like 2-day-early-paycheck with direct deposit, Roundups for automated savings, and up to 15% cash back at local establishments. While requiring direct deposit for the highest APY, SoFi extends FDIC insurance to $2 million and welcomes new members with a generous bonus of up to $300.

TD Bank

TD Bank’s Personal Savings Accounts offer a tailored approach to savings, providing flexibility based on your balance. The Simple Savings account allows a fee waiver with a $300 minimum daily balance. In contrast, the Signature Savings account offers the potential for a higher interest rate with more extensive deposits. 

The Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) vary accordingly. With options to waive monthly fees, TD Bank caters to diverse financial needs, making it a versatile choice for those seeking personalized savings solutions.

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank’s Standard Savings account caters to those valuing traditional banking with a brick-and-mortar institution. While the APY is 0.01%, the account requires a minimum opening balance of $25. It carries a $4 monthly fee, with options to waive it, making it suitable for those maintaining more significant balances.

Let’s make it more compatible by taking some of the most common factors among all these banks. 

Common FactorsBeemAlliant Credit UnionBask Bank™
Competitive APYUp to 5.00%3.10% on High-Rate Savings and Ultimate Opportunity5.00%
Fee-Free BankingYesMinimal fees, fee-free transactions at nationwide ATMsNo minimum balance or monthly fees
FDIC InsuranceUp to $5,000,000YesYes

These three factors – Competitive APY, Fee-Free Banking, and FDIC Insurance – are essential considerations for individuals looking to maximize returns while ensuring the safety and accessibility of their funds. Each bank or credit union in the table offers varying degrees of competitive APY, fee-free banking, and FDIC insurance.


As financial environments change, taking advantage of possibilities like high-yield savings account incentives may be revolutionary. You open the door to financial success by coordinating your approach with financial institutions such as Beem, Alliant, and others. Make smart decisions, stay informed, and make your money work harder for you.


What are a high-yield savings account’s restrictions?

Only six withdrawals or funds transfers (including checks, wire transfers, and electronic transfers) are permitted from high-yield savings accounts each month without incurring penalties or risk of closing their account.

Does a high-yield savings account carry any risk?

Generally speaking, saving money is safest in a high-yield savings account. Your balance is protected from market volatility because it isn’t linked to the stock market.

Why would someone open a high-yield savings account?

With a high-yield savings account, Your money might increase even quicker in your account due to the greater interest rate it rewards you with. The annual percentage yield, or APY, is the interest rate on these accounts.

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