How to Build Credit With No Credit History? Complete Guide

Lenders consider your credit history when you apply for a loan or credit to determine whether you are a trustworthy borrower. Let’s explore how to build credit with no credit history.
How to build credit with no credit history
How to Build Credit With No Credit History? Complete Guide
Everyone starts somewhere, and even if you have never borrowed money before, you can learn how to build credit with no credit history.

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A good credit history is essential for various financial transactions, like applying for loans, renting an apartment, or getting a credit card. According to a recent study, 36% of consumers use a physical or virtual credit card. In Q4 2022, credit card users reached 166 million, according to TransUnion, up from the prior three years. The good news is that even if you have no previous credit with no credit history, there are things you can do to establish credit. This article will define credit history, discuss its significance, and offer how to build credit with no credit history.

What is Credit History and Why it Matters

The term’ credit history’ describes a person’s borrowing and repayment patterns. It contains details about credit accounts, including credit cards, loans, and payment history. Lenders and other financial organizations utilize credit histories maintained by credit bureaus to determine a person’s creditworthiness and capacity to pay back loans. Hence, knowing how to build credit with no credit history is essential.

Here’s why credit history matters

Lenders consider your credit history when you apply for a loan or credit to determine whether you are a trustworthy borrower. Lenders are more likely to accept your applications and provide you with favorable terms and interest rates if you have a good credit history, which shows that you have been a responsible financial citizen.

  1. Access to Credit: A solid credit history boosts your likelihood of being granted credit for purchases like credit cards, loans, and other financial items. It enables you to get money when needed, whether for a car or a house or for unforeseen costs.
  2. Lower Interest Rates: You can get loans with lower interest rates if you have a solid credit history. People with a track record of on-time payments and prudent borrowing are seen as less risky by lenders, which results in more favorable borrowing terms and possible long-term savings.
  3. Applications for Rental Housing: When assessing applications for rental housing, many landlords and property management firms take credit history into account. 
  4. Employment Possibilities: Particularly for jobs requiring financial responsibility, certain companies may check a candidate’s credit history as part of the recruiting process. A solid credit history can help them form a favorable opinion of your dependability and honesty.
  5. Utility and service providers: When you join up for their services, utility companies, phone companies, and other service providers could do a credit check. You can open accounts more quickly and avoid the need for large deposits or prepayment restrictions if you have a good credit history.
  6. Financial stability: A key component of how to build credit with no credit history is establishing a solid credit history. It allows you the freedom to manage unforeseen bills or capture opportunities that could call for recourse to credit, and it lays the groundwork for your future financial objectives.

Is it Possible to Build Credit with No Credit History?

Yes, it is possible to build credit with no credit history. Everyone starts somewhere, and options are available to establish credit even if you have never borrowed money. 

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How to Build Credit with No Credit History?

Open a Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card requires a cash deposit as collateral. You can gradually build a positive credit history by using a secured credit card responsibly and making timely payments. Ensure that the card issuer reports your payment activity to the credit bureaus to make it count towards building your credit.

Become an Authorized User

Ask a family member or close friend with good credit to add you as an authorized user on their credit card. This will help you to benefit from their positive credit history. However, ensure the primary cardholder has a good payment history and uses the card responsibly.

Apply for a Credit Builder Loan

Credit builder loans are designed specifically for individuals with no credit history. These loans typically require small monthly payments over a set period. The lender periodically reports your payment activity to credit bureaus. This helps you establish a positive credit history.

Get a Student or Store Credit Card

Some credit cards are specifically tailored for students or individuals with limited credit history. Such cards often have lower credit limits and higher interest rates, but they provide an opportunity to build credit.

Pay Your Bills on Time

While not all bills contribute to your credit history, paying your rent, utilities, and other recurring expenses on time demonstrates responsible financial behavior. Some credit bureaus consider alternative data, such as rent payments, when calculating your credit score.

Perks of Building Credit and Credit History

Building credit and establishing a positive credit history can bring numerous benefits to your financial life. Here are some of the perks of building credit:

  1. Better Chances of Getting Loans: A solid credit history improves your chances of getting loan applications accepted. People with a good credit history are low-risk customers, making financing for large purchases like a car or a home simpler. Better interest rates and a greater selection of lending options will be available to you.
  2. Lower Interest Rates: If your credit history is solid, you may be eligible for credit cards and loans with lower interest rates. 
  3. Greater Credit Limits: As your credit score improves, creditors can be more receptive to increasing the credit limits on your credit cards. Your ability to manage your money more freely is enhanced by having a bigger credit limit, which can also help your credit utilization ratio, which is a significant determinant of your credit score.
  4. Easy Rental Applications: Landlords frequently check your credit history as part of the screening process when you apply for rental accommodation. Your chances of finding an excellent rental home can go up if you have a solid credit history that makes you stand out as a dependable tenant. Additionally, it can enable you to rent without a cosigner or additional security deposits.
  5. Better Insurance Rates: When calculating insurance prices, certain insurance firms consider credit history. 


Building credit with no credit history may seem challenging but achievable. By following the tips mentioned above, including getting a secured credit card, becoming an authorized user, or applying for credit builder loans, and maintaining a positive payment history, you can learn how to build credit with no credit history. Building credit takes time and consistency, so be patient and responsible in managing your financial obligations. With determination and intelligent financial habits, you can pave the way to a strong credit history and open up more opportunities for your financial future.

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