How to cancel a money order

Ever had to go crazy worrying about a money order you sent but didn’t want it to go after you sent it? Worry not, you’re not alone. Here are the steps you need to follow to cancel a money order and make sure your cash is safe.
How to cancel a money order
If the money order is not cashed, you can cancel it. You would be needed to fill a request form to cancel the money order. This would include the purchase date of the money order, its location, amount and the tracking ID.
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Ever had to worry about a money order you didn’t want to go through? Wondering how to cancel a money order? It is a dreadful situation when you lose your money order, though, worry not as that’s not the end and you still stand the chance to get your money. Want to know how? Read on. 

Can you cancel a money order

This is a debatable question: can you cancel your money order? The answer is yes. If the money order is not cashed, you can cancel it. To know the status of your money order, you can call the customer care of the issuer; there are also tracking options available on most of the sites. However, it is always better to be cautious while depositing your money order.

Steps you need to cancel

Let us now understand how to cancel a money order. The first step is to call the issuer. You would be needed to fill a request form to cancel the money order. In the case where it is a money order by postal service, you should visit a post office on an urgent basis. 

The second step is to fill in the details needed on the form. This would include the purchase date of the money order, its location, amount, and the tracking ID. These details are printed on the receipt of the money order; if you don’t have it, just provide all the details you can recall. In addition to this, you may need to give details on whom you were sending the money order to and the details of how it got lost. 

The third step is to also attach the receipt copy if it is handy. The last step is to submit the request form and pay the fees. You can send this form via fax, email or can even mail it. Though this depends on the issuer and their terms and conditions. 

What are the fees to cancel a money order?

The below fees are typically charged in the US by the larger issuers. 

  1. Western Union – $30 (when you don’t have a receipt), $15 (when you have a receipt)
  2. MoneyGram – $18
  3. US Postal Service – $6.25

Your details will be verified with the details given by you once your payment is completed with the issuer. If things look good, your money order will be canceled and you will get a new money order. Though the procedure may take around 20 days to 30 days given that you did give a receipt. If you didn’t, it can take as long as 8 weeks. 

Can you get a refund?

This is an option you can avail where you can get a refund on the same form instead of getting a new money order. You will pay the same fees and this may take the same amount of time as canceling a money order. 

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Worst-case scenario: Your money order is cashed

This is the extreme case where if it’s already cashed, you may not get your money back or even a replacement of the money order. Though the least the issuer can do for you is give your the details and copies of the money order so you can know where it was cashed. You can inform the local authorities of this fraud and get the criminal arrested to get the money back. 


Prevention is always better than cure, thus to avoid chaos, always make sure that you add a name under the “payee” section once you get the money order in your hand. Also, hand it over to only trusted people. You should also cash your money order immediately to avoid the consequences of losing it. 

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